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Jimmy Johnson Chooses Hall of Fame Presenters

The architect of the Dallas Cowboys dynasty of the 1990s has constructed the crew that will help induct him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame class in 2021. Jimmy Johnson, the head coach of two of the three Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl wins in the 90’s and a big reason why they went on to win a third after the 1995 season.

Troy Aikman will act as the presenter for Jimmy Johnson, the guy that selected Aikman first overall in the 1989 NFL Draft.

Broadcast Partner on the NFL on Fox studio show, Terry Bradshaw will put the gold jacket on Johnson during the ceremony that took should take place in the summer of 2021 in Canton, Ohio.

He’s also chose Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer, fellow members of the NFL on Fox broadcast team, to be alternate presenters.

Johnson’s induction was long anticipated as he was arguably the best head coach of the 1990s. Johnson was the architect of the trade that sent Herschel Walker, a third round pick in 1990, San Diego’s 5th round pick in 1990, Dallas’ 10th round pick in 1990 and their third round pick in 1991 to the Minnesota Vikings for four players, three first round picks, three second round picks, a third and a sixth round pick.

Though the trade was met with mixed reviews by local and national reporters, including The Dallas Morning News’ Randy Galloway. But it turned out to be foundational to building the Dallas Cowboys roster that helped them win their third, fourth, and fifth Super Bowls in the Dallas Cowboys’ history.

As the Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jimmy Johnson went 44-36 over five seasons, but was 36-12 over the final three years including two NFC East titles and the two Super Bowl Championships. His stint in Miami was less successful as he never finished better than second and his best record was 10-6.

Jimmy Johnson is still waiting on the Jones family to put him in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. It doesn’t sound like they’re in that big of hurry to right something that should have been done years ago.

The success of the Cowboys and their launch into the forefront of America’s sports conscious was pushed there by the Jimmy Johnson led Cowboys and their success with him at the helm. Nearly 30 years later, the Cowboys are looking for a coach that can have the same kind of impact that Jimmy Johnson provided during his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990’s.

When he’s presented by his franchise quarterback and the gold jacket is donned by his good friend from the broadcast booth, Jimmy Johnson will be forever enshrined as one of the best head coaches the game of football has ever seen.

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John Williams

Written by John Williams

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  1. Wish he’d come back..oh well just dreaming about the good old days when the Cowboys were competing at a high level..Jones is a joke and will con6to chase Johnson shadow..

  2. Best of the best as a coach, husband,father,and friend we love you coach Johnson you above all really deserve this and thank you so much for everything you really are the BEST!!!!?

  3. The COWBOYS downfall is when JERRY JONES ego intervened in the success of JIMMY JOHNSON’S expertise of head coaching the DALLAS COWBOYS.

  4. The only way that the Dallas Cowboys will ever win another Super Bowl is when Jerry Jones decides to allow his coaches the freedom to run the team like Jimmy Johnson did on the 90’s. Jerry…..atau on the suite,please.

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