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Latest ESPN Mock Draft Predicts Derek Stingley Jr. to The Cowboys

While it's typical to see any Cowboys-related selecting either or for the 24th pick, ESPN Reporter Mike Tannenbaum surprised fans on Wednesday when he selected LSU at Pick 24 in his latest .

According to Tannenbaum, Stingley Jr., a projected Top 10-15 player, slid to the Cowboys in this mock because of his and inconsistent play but said the franchise could get a steal if he can play anywhere near his ceiling.

Now before fans go into a frenzy because of Tannenbaum's pick, if the Cowboys were to land Stingley Jr., he could help solve their cornerback woes and elevate their DB Room significantly.

Why Cowboys should pull the trigger on Stingley Jr.

In Tannenbaum's scenario, I feel like it makes sense for the Cowboys to pull the trigger on this pick because you're taking a chance on a player who has shown shades to be an elite, lock-down corner.

If you're able to pair Stingley Jr. with , it would give the franchise a dynamic Cornerback duo that could lock down the backend for years, but also be one of the most athletically gifted in the league.

I understand fans that feel the Cowboy's room isn't a need to address early in the draft, but I feel like it would be too hard to pass up the potential of snagging a cornerback who has drawn comparisons of and .

With that in mind, Cowboys Owner has already alluded that the franchise is likely selecting an offensive line prospect early but added that if a Lamb or Parsons is there, you could see them going after the best player available.

The Cowboys have shown to take risks on players who have had red flags around them in the past, so I wouldn't knock them if they wanted to make a splash with the selection of Stingley Jr.

Yes, the franchise may have drafted Cornerbacks and last year, but you can never have too many talented on your roster. He will only push those guys ahead of him to elevate their game and based on his potential, he could come in and take starting Cornerback 's job away from him.

For those who don't remember, Brown was a rumored cap causality during this , so the selection of Stingley Jr. could make things easier for the franchise to move on from him.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Chuck Wright

He’d be a great player, certainly fits in the BPA mode. Not a big need but not sold on last year’s 2nd rounder yet either.


I can’t see making this pick. This essentially is giving up on your second round pick from last year without even giving him a chance due to the injury he had early in the year. I want to see what Joseph can do this year. Nahshon was a reach last year and did not show much, but Joseph never got much of a chance. The top three picks need to be used for plugging major holes.

gary b

That’s what we drafted Joseph for. Give him a chance to shine next year. Too many other positions of need. If an stud edge or WR falls to us maybe, but still think we need to focus on IOL and IDL.


No. no. no! Boys must fix the o-line in the draft, twice!

Cowboys fan

There’s no way I’d pick him over Zion Johnson!! Our need at LG is way too big to pass on a LG!! And I’ve seen this mock draft, and that’s exactly what he did!! He also passed on Treylon Burks and Jameson Williams, and he passed on Jordan Davis!! Even if we didn’t take a LG in round 1, and the draft fell like this there’s no way I’d pass on any of the players above to draft a corner like Stingley!! He hasn’t been good since his freshman year, and he’s been injured more than not since then!! Not to mention the fact that he’s from LSU…. And we all know how things turned out the last time we drafted a corner in the 1st round from LSU!! Morris Claiborne wasn’t terrible, but he definitely wasn’t worth trading up for, and he really wasn’t worth a first round pick!! If for some reason we do want a corner in the 1st round, the only way I’d take one is if Andrew Booth or Sauce Gardner fell to us…. Maybe even Trent McDuffie!! Those are the only corners I’d take in the 1st round!! But if it’s not them, I’m taking Kenyon Green or Zion Johnson!! And I’m betting that at least one of them are gonna be there for us at pick 24!!

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