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LT Tyron Smith Expected to Play vs Raiders

The Dallas Cowboys was in shambles against the , particularly on the left side. , who has started the last three games in Smith's absence, struggled mightily and didn't even get out of his stance when strip-sacked in the first quarter.

It was painful to watch as Prescott seemed to run for his life on every pass attempt that led to five by the Cheifs' . However, it appears that help is on the way. According to Cowboys Vice President , Tyron Smith is expected to play on Thursday against the barring any setback.

“We get Tyron [Smith] back this week,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan on Monday. “Feel really good about him playing this week and it's just a decision that we have to make, and it is a long year, and certainly we miss him. Be great to get him back.”

Smith has been dealing with bone spurs in his ankle for the last several weeks. The Cowboys were optimistic that he would play against the Chiefs after showing improvement in practice although he was a limited participant. Instead, they took the big picture approach and let Smith get some more time to fully get ready and have him back for against the Raiders.

The return of the elder statesman of the Cowboys offensive line comes right on time. Las Vegas has a better than the Chiefs. Their 24 sacks on the season rank 13th in the NFL so having Smith back for this challenge is vital not only to allow Prescott to throw the ball around but for and in the run game as well.

If Smith returns on Thursday it will be the first time that he will be in the starting lineup with and Right since 2019. The Cowboys need a momentum-building win against the Raiders to keep pace atop the , and having Smith back on the field increases those .


Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Jeff Tuggle

Hardly the big picture approach. That would be coming back the following week. Couldn’t go Sunday but ready 96 hours later? Big botch up was not leaving Steele at RT where he had played at Pro Bowl level.

Cowboys fan

I was thinking the same thing Matthew…. Apparently he don’t understand what “big picture” means!! And I agree, Collins is definitely the better RT!! I’ll admit that Steele has been playing pretty good at RT, but not at pro bowl level!! If he wants pro bowl level play from the RT position Collins is the guy to play there, not Steele!!

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