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Matt Eberflus Exposed Cowboys Biggest Weakness for Playoff Run

The are coming off their worst loss of the season as they look to clinch the East on Sunday, the duality of this causing a panic in this week. Often times the source of these frustrations is misguided after a loss, but with the Cowboys being shut out for the first time in over a decade, it's impossible for to escape the criticism this time.

The Cowboys have worked admirably hard to dispel the narrative that their lacks creativity and their receiving corps is underwhelming (before the acquisition of ), and with just two promised games remaining are nearly back where they started.

Linehan no longer roams the Cowboys sideline on game days, but if he did on Sunday he'd see a familiar face in . In 2011, Eberflus took over as the Cowboys Linebackers Coach, promoted to the Coordinator position last season.

A title currently held by trending candidate , Eberflus was more than ready for Linehan's offense as the Colts . The Cowboys offense showed some flashes in the first half, but failed to finish a single drive before rolling over in the second half.

The Colts were allowing 102.9 rushing yards per game coming into their match up with the Cowboys, who were held to 112 empty yards. Prescott's 180 yards was well below the Colts average of 242.3 yielded each week through the air, before sparking a win streak of their own by beating the Texans and Cowboys in their last two games.

As mentioned, the Cowboys issues with Linehan are nothing new, including during a recent five game win streak. This streak is deserving of scrutiny after the Cowboys looked uninterested in clinching the division on the road in .

They'll get the same opportunity at home this week against the Buccaneers, as well as at the Giants the following week if needed.

Relying on individual talent and skill to win on offense, where other teams routinely make things easy on their and scheme much more yardage than Dallas, is worrisome for a Cowboys team that's played worthy of playoff success.

The talk of the league outside of “what happened to Dallas?” this week seems to be a much more global “what is going to happen in the ”? The Cowboys, Linehan included, would love to have something to say about both questions, yet have more than a large enough sample size of inept offense to see how things could go horribly wrong.

Saving the day in the Cowboys most recent win was Cooper, who admitted he changed his route with Quarterback on a key fourth quarter touchdown. The week before that, in the Cowboys most impressive win of the year, they managed just 13 points against the .

With the remaining Cowboys opponents boasting a combined ten wins this season, the outlook is certainly favorable that Garrett will lead this team to the for the third time – doing so once with Linehan as his OC in 2016.

To say the Cowboys win streak was all bad is the worst of overreactions to a loss the team's been working to put behind them for three days already. Whether or not their flashes of brilliance during it will be wasted because of their play calling on offense is to be determined.

First up is how they recover from being dragged by a former Cowboys coach that showed no remorse for preparing his to totally dominate the Cowboys offense.

Dealing with heart-break, especially in the postseason, is nothing new for . So too is the emerging truth that Scott Linehan is holding the Cowboys back to a fault that could become more than last week's shutout at the hands of Eberflus.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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I didn’t really feel the entire offense got exposed. They moved the ball at will in the first half. Until they got to the red zone. And that’s a huge problem. Then between dropped passes and penalties, that stopped us a lot too. I don’t even know why I’m arguing. I hate everybody.


Fire Garrett and Linehan before it’s to late! We can’t continue this mediocrity with the young talented core we have this time around!


I’m getting tired of having to explain this because I don’t particularly care for Li hean or think he’s great. I think he is at best pretty good. Forget about Linehan and quit blaming him. The offense would have been fine if not for 2 key mistakes by the players, not coaches. 1. Early in the game when Dak threw an off target duck our of bounds to a wide open Allen Hurns on a go route, thas 6 likely 7 poi ts right off the bat. Next, the goon fullback dropped a catchable TD (also A wide open TE in the endzone same play) that’s two routine plays that should have easily been 14 points. 2 plays. Also, Dak missi g a wide open Gallup and his maddening love of dump off on 3rd and long and it’s hardly the fault of the OC.Throw in a blocked field goal and a couple failed 4th down conversions and hell, add a non existant return game in for just good measure and it’s clear that there is much blame to go around than simply playcalling. Execution is by far a bigger problem for us than the plays being called. Linehan is just an easy scapegoat for the Dak-offs or mentally lazy. If you review the film and look at the Passing”spray chart” and see only one Pass attempt over 25 wards and 90% in the 15yard or less range you see q problem that’s more than the Playcalling. failed 3rd downs and 3rd down check downs are not designed b the OC.


great points across the board! i would argue on the pass to 49, if the ball is zipped in there then i think he catches it. mr. lob floats it to him which makes him reach back and come to a stop on a route he is supposed to be running full speed on. and yes if dak understood and could read the defense he would have waited for 89 to clear in the open corner of the EZ.

the problem with the RZ and this OC is he calls plays that take time to develop, we got there by banging 21 downhill and he decides to go RPO or jet sweep motion toss / pitch some crazy plays we rarely run. and why is dak not running anymore? on RPO’s he never keeps down there, 9/10 times it’s wide open for a QB run.

execution, penalties, and missed tackles that’s what hurt this team.

Chuck Wright

Sorry, if you don’t see the problems with Scotty L and an offense that does not fit the talent, simply cannot help you. I have to chuckle at your need to insult anyone who disagrees with you. or the failed logic of your assumption that the problems are solely due to execution. Scotty L sucks, this scheme doesn’t fit our talent and Dak is not being coached up as a QB. Simple facts


Nothing to expose! Dak is a back up QB and Garrett is a OC not a HEAD COACH!

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