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Mike McCarthy Says He Hasn’t Spoken To QB Dak Prescott

Coming off a career year which many thought he wouldn't be capable of, is in the perfect position to cash in this .

The former fourth round pick's contract has expired, leaving him as a to potentially explore quarterback-ing situations elsewhere around the league.

Or, simply stick with the Cowboys as their franchise quarterback of the future. has made his intentions clear through the media throughout the season, consistently stating that Dak will get a new deal with Dallas and that it's simply a matter of hammering out the details. And while he's insisted this is the case, his lack of a contract at this point suggests a may be in Prescott's future.

Regardless, Jones reiterated his stance on Prescott's future in Dallas on Friday, simply saying that they need to “land the plane” and get the deal done.

And then Jane Slater tweeted this.

And hell broke loose on Twitter.

Mike McCarthy told Jane that he's yet to speak to Prescott since taking the Cowboys job, likely due to being busy building his staff and getting acclimated to the new position. Still, new Panthers Matt Rhule said he called prior to his introductory , and Newton's future in Carolina certainly feels more muddy than Prescott's in Dallas.

While this likely means nothing, it's still pretty weird that McCarthy didn't make Prescott one of his first phone calls. The relationship between head coach and quarterback is always important, but even more so when the head coach is the designer of the and likely the play caller.

We saw how stale the relationship got between McCarthy and in Green Bay, and while this is a different situation with a different quarterback, it's still vital these two can connect professionally.

In the end – this is likely nothing other than a meaningless quote during the offseason, where outlets are often starved for football content.

But McCarthy should get on the phone if he plans on making Dak Prescott apart of this five year future.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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As a lifelong boys fan I am very sorry they have gone this way. This coach is not gonna be the best for our team in my opinion. We will see………


One thing know don’t always trust what they say until it’s done. I hope that gonna be here. Not sure who would be worth bring on if they don’t sign him. Not big on San Diego Charger QB or any other free agent QB. Guess we have to wait in see. But either way I will be a huge Dak Prescott fan no matter where he play. If he end with good defensive line he could only even better.

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