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NFLPA Report Cards: Cowboys rank near the top in all eight categories

With on the horizon, the are high that several players throughout the league will swap this upcoming season and have new homes.

While many fans will advocate for their teams to chase after every high-caliber player – at the end of the day – it comes down to what each respected player desires. 

Whether it's money, location, or opportunity, the factors are endless in what affects a player's decision. While the reality of their factors being “endless” sounds beneficial, it can also be conflicting as some players may feel overwhelmed trying to decide between several teams.

So, to resolve that issue, the NFL Players Association () released its first-ever player report card that grades team facilities, experiences, and amenities from a player's perspective. 

The survey had 1,300 players anonymously grade eight categories qualitatively and quantitatively. They included family treatment, nutrition, weight room, coaches, training room, locker room, the training staff, and team travel.

Once the survey finished, the player's union collected all the answers and released a card on each NFL club. Each category has grades ranging from A-F. 

Dallas cowboys report card

When you look at the Cowboys' overall grade compared to other teams, they ranked 5th overall. Their highest grade (A+) was a four-way tie between the treatment of facilities, weight room, strength coaches, and locker room.

Some comments included that they offer a family room and daycare (treatment of facilities); all players felt they have enough strength coaches (weight room); players felt their coaches went above and beyond (strength coaches); and lastly, the players said they had enough space in the locker room. 

Shifting to the negative part of their report, the club graded low in team travel (C-). The comments listed included only 78% of players felt they had enough room while traveling, and the team doesn't offer first-class seating to them. 

Although you never want negative feedback on your club, the report card showed that the Cowboys are a reputable free-agent destination. It just comes down to the opening their checkbooks to bring in high-caliber players.

rest of the NFC east report card

If some Cowboy fans aren't happy about the overall ranking – my message would be that they should be glad they beat out their foes. According to the survey, the ranked 8th, the ranked 14th, and the came in at 32nd.

While that's a dub in my book, I'm with the crowd that won't be satisfied until the team actually puts their resources to use and signs some notable names to upgrade at certain positions. 

It's always all talk – but no action. For now, at least we know the Cowboys aren't lacking behind in resources for their clubhouse. Plus, I'm thankful I'm not a Commanders fan because they ranked near the bottom in almost every category – and are a whole mess.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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