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Optimistic Reports Emerge Around Randy Gregory

Good news are coming to Dallas just in time. Less than a week from now, the will be held in the Cowboys' home, the . But the team may count with a defensive talent many in have tried to forget for a while now. 's comeback may just happen.

There's a lot of positions in the roster that need more help than the one, but after finding the “War Daddy” has always wanted in , finding a RDE this would be a dream scenario.

Sure, there's a lot of young talent in this football team and they'll be coming off a season that put a chip on their shoulders. Even so, they'll need all the help they can get.

Fortunately for the Cowboys, some help could come in form of a very talented pass rusher. Randy Gregory is reportedly applying for very soon and according to and , there are positive reports around the situation.

Cowboys Nation last saw the pick back in 2016, but his potential shouldn't be forgotten. Of course, the Cowboys shouldn't be considering Gregory for their 2018 plans, simply because there's risk of him not being available.

Even still, Dallas may get lucky at defensive end. After DeMarcus Lawrence has a breakout season in 2017, imagine the with Randy Gregory reinstated and rehabilitated to exploit his talent in the NFL.

Despite some TMZ “reports”, it looks like Gregory has been clean for a while. It sure should make Cowboys' fans happy and not only form a football perspective. A comeback would definitely be something amazing. He has a chance to write a unique story for himself.

Everyone likes second-chance stories. Gregory is a guy who had his share of problems. By coming back to the NFL, he's showing players and fans that change is possible. This wouldn't just be epic for Dallas but NFL fans in general.

If Dallas is fortunate enough to see Gregory reinstated by the NFL, their fight in the trenches might see a big upgrade next season. Randy still has a lot to work on and he might not even be a starter right away, but the potential is right there.

The Cowboys could become a team capable of dominating the line of scrimmage both on and on .

Hopefully, Gregory is able to come back and shine as a professional player. He, and NFL fans deserve a story like that.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Mr. Jaguar

Imho, by mid season , Mr. Gregory, with boulder size chip on his shoulder, will began to wreck chaos, on the opponents quarterbacks, with Lawrence, and Irving, tasting some quarterback 2.

Mauricio Rodriguez

Let’s go! Thanks for reading, sir

Chuck Wright

Assume he is re-admitted to the league, what is his status? Is he a 2nd year player (did the clock stop when he was suspended) or will be be in his 4th season in terms of being a FA?


There is some debate. If Randy had played his contract out,then he would be a FA at the end of 2018 season. It gets tricky because he missed 2017 completely and in 2016 he didn’t accrue enough games to call it a qualifying season. The closest example of where Randy is with his contract is David Irving. Still, it can break a couple of ways, depending on which rules are applied. Gregory could be here, w/o a new contract until 2020 or a FA in 2021. It all depends on how the NFL counts his time.


Free Kool-aid on the Cowboys. I’ll have one…

There is little for fans to lose except too much definite expectation. This team has needed a legit RDE since Ware left, and Gregory is a legit RDE.

The first issue is the rehab. We’ll see. It would be an unprecedented comeback by NFL standards / gone for 2 years – except the last 2 games of 2016. It would be groundbreaking both personally for Gregory, and for the team if he turns into a regular player. A model about not giving up on a great talent with personal problems.

Won’t be in football shape as a starter, but that’s fine. You would bring him in on long downs and tell him to crash the backfield. If he still has that awesome first step, and Lawrence and Irving are healthy, this DL could take over games and make life hell when offenses don’t get a good gain on 1st down. Give me 12 or 14 games of that, and I’ll show you a division title.


Agreed. That is the way I’d see them using Randy. That is just scary good. Since we are sipping Cowboy Kool-Aid, imagine Vita getting drafted. A guy can dream, pass that pitcher, please. I need a refill.


Most misery in life doesn’t come from others, but from our own poor decisions. Hope Randy has learned from those tough lessons. Hope his priorities have taken a 180. Mr. Gregory has a family, so his time is now their time. Truly, I hope he understands it’s time to man up for them. Above all, I hope he has his mind right. All the best Randy. Come back hungry, young man.

Turri Smith

Hope his potential can be realized. Too bad they trip on the bud. Hopefully everything else is squared away. He still has I believe 2-3 years left on contract.


The guy smokes pot… he didn’t kill, molest,rape,maim or injure another human… at any other company, in California at least….you get popped for dirty tests you tell them you have a problem and “need help” you get treatment and by law your job is secured for a period of time after treatment has finished…
Drug addiction is now classified as a disease by physicians and therapists these days…

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