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Opting to Go With an Unknown Over Dak Prescott is a Bad Plan

This week reports came out that the Dallas Cowboys have reconnected with representatives for Dak Prescott to further their contract discussions. As such, the conversation about Dak Prescott’s value has continued to run rampant through media and fans alike. This has led some to come up with some pretty interesting, albeit very unlikely scenarios for how this all should play out. Some have thrown out some pretty ridiculous hypotheticals that involve trading Dak Prescott for draft picks or just letting him walk altogether.

Yesterday, Spotrac, a site that offers insight into salaries and the NFL salary cap threw out a question for people to answer on Twitter that was pretty laughable.

Spotrac on Twitter

Would you rather? Dak Prescott 4 years, $140M, $106M GTD thru 2022 – or – Dak Prescott 1 year, $28M + Jalen Hurts 4 years, $14M w/ the #17 pick.

Would you rather have Dak Prescott for the next four years at $35 million a year or Dak Prescott in 2020 for $28 million a year and then use the 17th overall pick on Jalen Hurts and have him for the next four years at around $3.5 million a year. To me the answer is simple and it makes me shake my head that it’s even a question.

First of all, let me state that I am a University of Oklahoma Football fan. Since my wife and I started dating, I’ve been following the Sooners very closely. She’s an alumnus of OU and since my alma mater, the University of Texas at Arlington, hasn’t had a football program since the late 80s, I jumped on board the Sooner Schooner.

With that said, I’ll also add this. I think Jalen Hurts has a chance to be a good NFL quarterback. His ability to make the throws, athleticism and mobility make him a very intriguing prospect. However, I don’t think anyone is looking at him as a first-round quarterback at this point. He has a lot of tools and a lot of intangibles that could make him a very successful NFL quarterback. The things he needs to work on though are ball security and being a more decisive decision-maker.

He held the ball too long at times last year at OU and sometimes that led to some questionable throws. There were several times that he showed really poor ball security, especially in the red zone when they used him to run quite a bit. When he’s got J.J. Watt coming around the edge, he’s going to need to have a better handle on the football if he’s going to take a hit.

Jalen Hurts was an excellent player for the Sooners last year and has the work ethic and leadership capabilities that you want in your starting quarterback.

In all of the hypotheticals that have been explored this offseason, pretty much all of them have the Dallas Cowboys downgrading at the quarterback position. Whether it’s Tom Brady, trading Prescott for draft picks then drafting a quarterback, or adding any of the other veteran free agents that are available, each of them has the Cowboys getting worse at the quarterback position.

The only reason this is getting explored is that Cowboys fans and media analysts alike are getting sticker shock when they see the numbers being discussed in connection with Dak Prescott’s negotiations. We overrate cap space when it comes to good players.

Jalen Hurts might be a good quarterback in the NFL. We already know that Dak Prescott is a good quarterback in the NFL. Good quarterbacks get paid. And whether it’s this week or next month or by July, Dak Prescott is going to get his big-money contract that has the potential to be the richest quarterback contract in the NFL.

All of this is ludicrous.

Dak Prescott is, and will be for a long time, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

What do you think?

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Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. Although I totally agree that the safer bet is to keep Dak, if the Cowboys were insistent on going this route, I would much prefer they take Jordan Love over Jalen Hurts

  2. Last year, going in, the Cowboys were seen as a sure thing
    SB contender. They had the line, the defense, the wideouts,
    RB, QB, everything but a top TE. Having lost Jones, Quinn,
    Frederick, the defense fell apart, now you’re in rebuilding
    mode with a QB who thinks he’s all that. and is gonna cost
    you the cap space to rebuild. I say give Dak the same option
    Carolina gave Newton, take your Hollywood agent and go
    find somebody willing to take you and your contract
    demands on and give me starting QB compensation in

    If the Cowboys can trade Dak for one of those top first
    rounders to get Burrows, Herst, Tagliavoua or any of
    half a dozen genuine franchise QBs out there, I say
    take it. Use the Cowboys’ own first rounder to get top
    flight OL, a second or third on a tight end and one of
    those many WRs. McCarthy is known for developing
    QBs. Give him an OL and a raw talent at QB and dump
    what has become the problem child of the Cowboys.
    Maybe after being shopped around the league
    and finding no takers, Dak comes back to reality

    I love Dak but he just ain’t All That.

    • Agree 100% Trade the PROBLEM CHILD NOW!!! GET AS MANY PICKS AS YOU CAN. Then move up in the draft to get a top tier QB, if one does not fall to us. Top tier would NOT include Jalen Hurts, IMHO. Prescott is just GREEDY! Advice to Cowboy front office; DO NOT CAVE to this guy. Enough is enough already. He is turning poeple off.

    • Man some of you never satisfied cowboys fan are crazy or just plain stupid!! Stop listening to all these so called expert on these sports shows and networks!! Defense sucked last year. Zeke was a disappointment. Yet everyone thinks Dak is the problem. Bet you didn’t have a problem in year one when he won 13 games. Check the records, we only win that number of games ever so often. We never win when we do. Find another team because Dsk is going to get paid , deserves to get paid. SO, GET OVER IT.

      • that’s only if you agree Dak Prescott is a franchise QB. Watching his inability to read a defense and inability to process information quickly show he probably isn’t. He was gifted into a top OL and running game and couldn’t get it done. The excuse was a top WR so we had to give away 1st round pick. Still can’t beat the Eagles’ practice squad. Time to take another risk to at least get the team built. If he won’t take $28 mil on the tag to prove it, get on the phones and trade him off. Any vet will look a lot better with this OL.

    • Get bent Dak knows wat hes worth he needs to sign themp35 mil 5yr deal who cares its a yr more than the 4yr deal ur seeking they are giving u the highest paid qb contrat sign it show these doubters no that u have not only superbowl talent you guys have DYNASTY type talent all around the team…..”LETS GO BOYS”#SUPERBOWL#CHAMPS#AMERICA’S TEAM#KING OF THE DRAFT#2020

  3. Hey John, Let me preface my comments by saying I have been a Cowboy fan for FIVE+ DECADES, NOT YEARS OR MONTHS. I liked Dak to a point, but now, IMHO, the point is crossed.

    Maybe you are isolated from the real world. In the real world RIGHT NOW, Americans are losing their jobs by the MILLIONS. EVEN WORSE, they are DYING BY THE HUNDREDS, MAYBE THOUSANDS because of the VIRUS.

    Now you are trying to make a case for a GREEDY, SPOILED MAN, WHO CAN THROW A FOOTBALL 60 YARDS. AND THIS MAN IS TURNING DOWN HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, because he thinks he is the best QB in the NFL. WELL HE IS NOT! EVEN IF HE WAS, these salaries are out of control. BTW, HE MAKES MILLIONS MORE ON ENDORSEMENTS.

    The average American worker makes around $50 thousand a year. This means the average HARD working American would have to work about 700 YEARS to match what GREEDY DAK would make in one year. I have been commenting about this for some time now, and now even Skip Bayless, a very staunch supporter of Dak’s in the past, is saying he looks bad and GREEDY.

    HE is NOT a team player. Amari Cooper took less money to remain a COWBOY!!! Paul O’Neill, great left fielder, took less money to remain a YANKEE. These are the type of men you want on your team. Dak is not.

    Yes, NOW I would try to TRADE, TRADE, TRADE PRESCOTT for PICKS. The Cowboy front office made a huge mistake by NOT having a viable backup QB to compete with Dak in any way. Dak has ALL THE LEVERAGE. A little surprised the JONES would let this happen.

    Now is the time draft a high quality QB. Let him compete with Dak, if they cant trade Dak, gain experience and then I would let Dak walk if necessary. It might sound crazy, but this guy is TURNING PEOPLE OFF. WHEN DAK LOVER, Skip Bayless is saying Dak is GREEDY, you know it’s a problem.

    • When a man has played for 4 years and thd lowest paid QB in the league but wants to get paid like the rest of the QB’s he has beaten on a regular basis. Now the man is greedy. All pro Athletes are greedy then. None of these quarterbacks are worth that kind of money. But he should get paix like all the rest!!!

  4. I agree with you Vam, Dak thinks he is this great quarterback well to me he was a 8 an 8 quarterback last year and only played good against bad teams and when I hear people like Steven A Smith say the Cowboys are disrespecting him it makes me sick these over hyped over payed players.

    For myself I would let Dak walk or trade him and take my chances with a younger quarterback instead of letting this guy trash my cap, I would love to see what other teams would offer him and how good he would play on another team let others teams over pay him.

    What really made me dislike this guy was when he said I don’t play for the money, that was all bs and lip service he is just another greedy athlete and with the way things are going on in this country right now with people losing there jobs I am more concerned about those kind of people then greedy people like Dak who is more worried about being the highest payed quarterback what a joke.

  5. No, it is ludicrous for Jerry to make an average QB like Dak the highest paid QB in the NFL, wreck his cap and end his chances to ever win another Super Bowl. The Cowboys went 8-8 with Dak making $2 million. How ill they make a Super Bowl with him making $35+ million??? No team has won a Super Bowl with their QB consuming the lions share of their cap space.

    Dak REGRESSED in 2019 and he was the biggest reason they failed to make the playoffs. He is not an elite QB who puts his team on his shoulders in the clutch and lifts them to wins and championships. On 6 occasions in 2019, Dak had the ball late in the game with a chance to win and he went 0-6. The Saints, Patriots, Eagles, Buffalo, Jets and Vikings losses were all on Dak and the offense.

    You win championships by finding great QB and other value in the draft. The Cowboys would be much better off trading Dak, signing Jameis Winston to a one year prove it deal and drafting a great QB prospect, possibly Hurts.

    But Jerry falls in love with his guys and over pays them and that is the reason he has not made an NFC championship game for 25 years.If he over pays Dak, he will never make another Super Bowl.

    • Dak isn’t average.

      Dak didn’t regress.

      Jameis is a worse quarterback. That doesn’t make you a better team.

      Jalen isn’t better than Dak.

      The reason they’re going to pay Dak isn’t that Jerry “loves his guys,” it’s because Dak Prescott is one of the 5-10 best quarterbacks in the NFL.

      • Then he should be paid that way. $33mil puts him in 1-5 in QB pay so he should accept it. It takes 2 to make the contract and people need to stop saying the Cowboys “need to pay him”. They’re trying and he won’t accept.

    • Early round drafted Quarterback doesn’t make you a guarantee. Where is lynch and some of the other Quarterbacks picked ahead of Dak. What are they doing right now. J. Winston just lost his job. #1 overall pick in the draft. How much winning has he done in Tampa? Yet you fools want to get rid of a guy who has won two division titles for a 30 interception Quarterback. Man yall go TV to be smoking something.

    • Perhaps, but again, Dak Prescott wasn’t brought in to be the starter his rookie year. He was forced in and showed tremendous improvement from his college tape to his rookie year.

      Jalen Hurts may be good, but we already know Dak Prescott is good and he continues to improve every single year.

  6. Other than blaming #4 for the contract demands my preference is to assume that his agent has been doing a Jerry McGuire in his earpiece. irregardless I would go with a Vet (cam newton,andy dalton) short term, deal #4 for draft picks plus IOL, or CB and draft jordan love at 17….

  7. There’s only two Qbs in this draft with good enough odds or Skill to become good franchise QBs. Borrow and Tua. Maybe 3 but more than likely just the two. Burrow they have 0 chance of getting. If they could somehow move into the top 5 by trading Dak to Miami then you do that all day and take Tua. If not you could trade him for maybe a middle to late first round pick and possibly a second or third. Draft the best available players at any other position and sign Newton or Winston and find another Qb on down the line some other time. If you can get a healthy Cam with those weapons he might turn back into the mvp Cam. He’s not had close to the offensive line talent and weapons Dallas has.

    • And to be honest, with the rate of misses on first round quarterbacks, I’d still rather have Dak Prescott than any player you could draft. Because like I say all the time, you’re hoping you can get a player in the draft that’s at least as good as Dak Prescott.

  8. I wouldn’t used the non exclusive tag on him so other teams could have a chance to get him!! And if some other team was crazy enough to give him more money than us we’d automatically get 2 1st round picks for him!! And if that happened that would give us 3 1st round picks to work with!! Chances are that with those picks we could draft Tua or at the very least draft Jordan Love…. Either of these guys are just as good if not better than Dak!! I think Hurts is out of the question in the 1st round, I don’t think he’ll be drafted till closer to the 3rd round!! So since we didn’t use the non exclusive tag on Dak, I say we just keep the tag on him this season and draft Love at 17 if possible or Hurts in round 2 if we have to or in the 3rd if possible so that can get Dak a little more ready to sign whatever contract we offer him, and if it don’t work then we have Love or Hurts learning behind him for that 1 season and next season we can put the non exclusive tag on Dak so we can at least get a couple 1st round picks out of him if another team wants to take him!! That would be better than just straight up letting him walk and not getting anything out of it!! But that’s just my opinion!!

    • Not me.

      He’s your franchise quarterback. You go from a known top 5-10 quarterback in the NFL to a rookie and hope that you get at least as good of a player as you had in Dak Prescott. That makes zero sense.

      • One of the 5-10 best quarterbacks in the league don’t make 35 mil per season. It doesn’t make zero sense. It makes plenty of sense. Dak was 8-8 with this team. Is he any better than that at 35 million? Hell no. Dak has made great strides from when he was a rookie and he is still not on par with the other 5 best qb’s in the game. Maybe he is in the 10 best but that ain’t 35 mil/ season worth of good. I would have offered the non exclusive tag and let him get his price or receive 2 first round picks, I would have done that in a heart beat. Hopefully, McCarthy can help him become a better qb because if he plays like last yr, we are doomed and there won’t be enough money in the cupboard to add anybody to help him become better. We will be hamstrung by another stupidly large contract.

  9. Claro que al canjearlo se trataría de obtener alguien por lo menos igual a Dak, lo cual es muy probable, solo que varios con gastando 30 millones menos en la posición, que servirían para mejorar y mucho al equipo.

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