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Philadelphia Eagles Request To Interview Cowboys OC Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore has become a popular man over the last 24 months.

The current Cowboys offensive coordinator was reportedly set to take the head job at Boise State before deciding to stick with Dallas, and now he's getting interest for the same position with a division rival.

According to David Moore of the , the Philadelphia Eagles have requested to Kellen Moore for their vacant heading coaching job. The Eagles fired winning coach last week, following a disastrous 4-11-1 season.

Kellen Moore just signed a three year to stay with the Cowboys, and many are considering him a “ in waiting” of sorts. That doesn't mean he isn't an attractive option to other teams around the league, though, who see a young play caller with a bright future.

Regardless, Kellen Moore is going to be a tough person keep around as just the offensive coordinator over the next few seasons, especially as opportunities like this one pop up more frequently.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Wooh ! Bruh Todd , did you put some ghost peppers in that saucy take ? Cuz that take was spicy but probably won’t happen , I don’t see Dougy P taking anything less than a head coaching job (he did win the super bowl like 3 years ago) if Jason Garrett had won a super bowl with us he would’ve been the head coach for another 10 years or till Jerry kicked the bucket which speaks to the dysfunction of that Eagles front office ,and now with Urban Meyer going to the Jags and Saleh going to the Jets , Dougy P becomes IMO clearly the best head coaching candidate left out there , and with the Chargers still looking for a coach , even if we could offer him the head coaching spot he wouldn’t take it ( even though i’d MUCH rather have him over Mike MC )

    hate to be crusher of your dreams Todd , and mine but that’s the truth

  2. Kellen Moore won’t go to the eagles…. If he don’t take the head coaching job at Boise state where he set all kinds of records and was one of the biggest stars at that school, he’s not gonna take a job to work with his current rivals!! And I think Jerry promised him something and that’s why he’s still with us!! But that’s just my opinion!!

  3. Pederson and Quinn on the staff could serve as mentors for Kellen. This would be a bold move by Jones. Bolder even than cleaning house when he hired Jimmy Johnson. You have to believe that Pederson would like to stick it to the Eagles.

  4. No way Jerry lets Kellen go. He does not want to see another Sean Payton situation develop. I would be happy to see him elevated to HC and let McCarthy go rather than lose him.

  5. The Eagles are trying to do what the Eagles do all the time , they try to stick it to the cowboys , they drafted Dallas Goedert (even though Ertz is still one of the best at TE) ahead of us just so we wouldn’t get him , just one example of the Eagles pathetic attempts to get under the cowboys skin

  6. You will see now if Jerry really wants to win obviously he thinks a lot of Moore if he doesn’t pay him to keep him from the Eagles because there is no salary cap on coaches so Dallas should have the best in the business RIGHT just asking

  7. Would this be a case that Philly is just trying to break havoc within the Cowboys organization ? Just think fora minute that he just signed a new 3 year contract. I am sure Kellen will decline the opportunity of an interview. Not the same receiving this request from any other team. But from the hated Eagles ? C’mon !!!!

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