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REPORT: Dallas Cowboys Cut Safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

The have released veteran as the team continues to make cuts to hand in their on Saturday. The Cowboys signed the former Geen Bay Packer early in in search of a starting safety to replace .

Clinton-Dix struggled in as him not earning the starting job was one of the main storylines surrounding the Cowboys. seems to be the favorite to play alongside , but and even Reggie Robinson, who was drafted as a , got reps ahead of the 2020 regular season.

The Cowboys haven't had a strong starting duo at safety in a long time, thanks in part to the seemingly not considering the position as a very valuable one. In the last few years, the team has passed promising prospects over the first two days of the , particularly in 2019 when and other safeties were on the board when they opted for .

Now, the Cowboys have a delicate situation a week away from the NFL Kickoff.

is still a after being cut by the . Jane Slater has reported that Clinton-Dix's release doesn't mean they'll pursue Thomas, but at this point, how can we be certain?

All we know is despite 's comments on feeling confident about the safety room, the Cowboys have a problem at the position. Although Thompson, Wilson, and Robinson are interesting prospects, clearly no one has won the starting gig. They shouldn't be confident about the position. Not to mention, the Cowboys have a ton of question marks at cornerback as well.

The regular season is one week away. The Cowboys are contenders, but they don't have a starting safety playing opposite of Xavier Woods.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Not at all a shock considering Clinton -Dix underwhelmed in camp. I still think a 1 year flier on Earl Thomas might be coming. But if not, if Thompson really impressed then its Woods and Thompson

gary b

Still somewhat of a disappointment with Dix though, who most expected to come in and start at safety. Not sure if Dix underwhelmed or they saw enuf in Thompson (with 2 yrs left on contract) to give him a shot. Though I was always skeptical of Dix/Woods starting together, as both of them are basically free safeties types. The injuries to Lewis, Awuzie and Woods have robbed us of valuable time to evaluate and establish some continuity at our weakest position group. But every team has their own concerns/issues not just the cowboys. The Eagles have already lost 2 starting O Linemen including all world B Brooks to season ending injuries, as well as projected starting WR phenom J Reagor who may miss the first couple wks of season. If Cowboys can avoid another serious injury before the reg season, I’ll consider us lucky.


“Earl Thomas is still a free agent after being cut by the Baltimore Ravens. Jane Slater has reported that Clinton-Dix’s release doesn’t mean they’ll pursue Thomas, but at this point, how can we be certain?”

If the coaches are being truthful about having “DB’s” instead of dedicated Safeties and CB’s, I think that eliminates ETIII as an option. Everything that has come out about him over the last couple of years screams “declining egomaniac”. Does anyone honestly think he’s going to come in here and let a couple of first-year coaches in Linguist and Harris tell him to play anything other than FS, much less how to do it?

He’d end up as not just a headache in the locker room, but also a headache on the field.


As I have commented previously, I see upside with Thompson. Last year, he made 2 or 3 really nice solo stops on run plays near our goal line. We all know our run defense last year left a lot to be desired. And, if Hill doesn’t step up this year, then that pass in Rapp, at el, was a major debacle. It seems the Safety position has been a sore spot for a number of years. Hoping if given the starting position, Thompson blossoms and fills this void nicely.


I agree with assessment of Thompson and feel he could be a pleasant surprise. Also agree (it’s foolhardy not to) that we’ve lacked the All-Pro safety for quite some time. But in all that time, and after all those seasons ended, I’ve never once told myself that “if we only had a safety things would be different”. I can’t think of a lost season or lost game that is to blame on the safety position. It was Bryon Jones who lost the GB tight end on 3rd and 31! I’m not saying a high quality safety doesn’t make the team better, I’m just saying I don’t believe it’s been “the” missing piece here … and I feel that is still true for this team. The secondary is clearly our weak link but if we end up with quality CB play, we have the safeties to get it done. We might need some depth there though…

Craig Steward

I like Earl Thomas a lot, but if the Cowboys have doubts there is still another caliber starting safety in Eric Reid He is a free agent also. I believe the Cowboys were thinking about drafting him but Fredrick was still on the board and they took him that year. Reid is a ball hawk and tackles well. His issues weren’t the same as Earls.

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