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REPORT: Update on Dak Prescott’s Injury and Surgery Status

We finally have the official diagnosis of the that took out of today's game and perhaps ended his season. Prescott was carted off the field in the 3rd Quarter of the ' victory over the .

Dak's injury has been reported as a compound fracture and dislocation of the right ankle. He is undergoing surgery tonight.

According to one source, this type of injury can take several months to heal. A basic ankle fracture might have had Prescott returning by December, but this more severe version could easily mean he won't be back at all in 2020.

How Dak's surgery goes and evaluations at that point will tell the true story. One thing we know for certain is Prescott is one of the toughest quarterbacks in the game; he should be back on the earlier side of whatever timetable he's given.

Our best wishes go to Dak Prescott for a good surgery and speedy recovery.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Gabe Garcia

God bless , our prayers are with you. Stay strong!

Howard stevens

He won’t be back this year. Let’s just hope he makes it back healthy next year.

Daniel F

Thanks for the update, hope he has a quick recovery!


Love u Dak we as cowboy fans looking forward to your return

Mr. Football

Praying for Dak to have a full recovery. Andy Dalton will get the Cowboys to the playoffs. Take it to the bank

Mr. Bambosaul

For all you Dak haters, be careful what you wish for. Dak was having a pro bowl season, Yet, the Dak haters cherry picked every move Dak made to move the Cowboys despite the swiss cheese defense. Dak should have been sign long term 2 years ago. Yet he was on a prove it deal. Hopefully, Dalton will keep the ship afloat to the playoffs. I truly believe that Dak will finally receive his long term deal with the Cowboys once he is healthy because of the overwhelming support and respect he received, that Romo never go, when he was out in 2015. That goes to show you how most of the players in the NFL thought about Romo outside of Dallas. Jerry pay the man, he deserved it.

Annette Villalobos

Thank you, sir for any update u can give us on Dak. My heart is heavy, and I can’t stop crying n I can’t sleep!

Lynn dunaway

Get better soon. dak I hope your surgery went well I can’t believe this happened to the best qb in football 1# dallascowboys fan

Jerry Levine

Hey is going to be the toughest point in your life. As a great hall of famer once said..” Look Up, Get up, but never give up.. Don’t focus on the team right now..The season will take care of itself.. get tunnel vision, with your focus being on next year’s season opener.. I know in my heart you will be a Hall Of Famer one day.. and you will get your ring.. Tunnel vision young man… Tunnel vision.. fight on, and God be with you.


Prayers For my quarterback 4️⃣….. We wish you a speedy recovery and can’t wait to get you back on the field. Love You DAK 4️⃣DC4L


Good morning cowboy fans.few seconds on Dax injury a compound fracture is a horrible injury bye it’s self but he also has a dislocation there can be some torn tendons.dax will need a lot of time to heal,rehab it’s early in this season as long as things move slow his recovery will put him on a schedule to be ready for the start of next season.I prey for him to stay positive. He’s a good man with a big for the game.i think Jason Garrett play calling was GREAT.our front 7 played good( got physical today)our DB’s did like a little better they play hard but on crossing routes they get confused and leave a WR wide open.truth is we’re not going to out score teams under Andy(dalton) he does things different than Dax,the coaches will this week design a game plan on the offense to his strengths.we will run the ball first throw off of I think it is even more important for Dallas to go find a safety and sign weddle or Thomas or a trade got to get help at that spot the defense is now got to be better. Jaylon smith played out of his mind today.LVE looks to be back next week so that will be jerry and company most go find what will sure up our safety struggles. Look at it this way you get a good, smart safety back there you can blitz more off the edge and not be exposing us to the big play. It was a good win today but at a huge cost.(DAX INJURY)

Cowboys fan

SPEARS…. His name is Dak, not Dax!!


I luv u Dak and my cowboys family- don’t count us out yet… keep hating because that is what gives us the fire to come out stronger .. DC4L….


Dak I have been a Cowboys fan for over fifty Five years and since day one of watching you on that field. I saw a special talent with a even greater sense of purpose. The team that was maligned for so long all of a sudden where given hope and starting making noise again. I don’t even have to tell you we are praying for you and I know you will be back stronger than ever. (Malcolm E Tyner US Army Retired)


my bad. I saw that after I sent it. It was early


Get well soon. My prayers are with you.that you come back strong next season.

Lana Wales

Dak ! Best guy yet.. Your Strong Dedicated player you’ll be back n stronger . Take Care of yourself.. We All love you..


We love you Dak!!’Continued prayers for a safe and speedy recovery and a strong comeback. #DCB4Life

Annette Villalobos

Dak. So many people are praying for you! U r loved and very much appreciated and u have given our Cowboy team new life. I know u were crying only because u wanted to keep playing. You r a true warrior, Rayne Dakota! God bless you and get well.

Angela Thorne

Dak my prayers goes out to you I. Wish you well love your biggest fan Angela

Lois Coleman

We love you Mr. Prescott. Stay strong and we will see you soon!! Thank God you have a good replacement until you come back. Stay in touch with each other and we will win this season. Some say the Cowboys season is over. But together you all can come back even stronger in the next game. Do let one setback cause you to lose your focus. Stay strong. The Holliways


My daughter dislocated and had a compound fracture of her ankle sliding in home. She had surgery in September and was back playing in November.


Prayers for Dak may god bless him and heal soon. We are with you ❤ ♥

Carolyn Cooper

Praying for speedy recovery.

vernon trexler

giants fan here.. sorry you lost dak for year. truth is nfc east stinks. inc giants..

Derrick Spencer

Prayers and wishes go out to you good luck do I need you back


Prayers for you Dak You will always be my Favorite Quaterback you have been threw so much losing your mom your brother you still remain strong Sending hugs positive Prayers for you as we all know every hater has hater but Nothing is Greater Than God ❤ #TeamDak

Lillian Williams

Dak you’re an amazing person. God is with you always and you will be just fine! Keep believing and smiling! I love you much!

Rhonda Jacobs

Praying for you Dak get well soon!! You Deserve nothing but the Best!! God got you Just keep trusting in him… And you are the 1# Quarter Back

Patricia Mahoney

DAK COWBOY FAN 53 YEARS. STAY IN THE POCKET. THATS WHY QB’S DONT RUN. BUT THE NEW YOUNG ONES HAVE BEEN RUNNING.. WHOS NEXT? I will put on my Dak game shirt and pray for good healing. Get back Dak asap.

Laura Johnson

You People that’s making All of these Negitave/Smart Remarks about Dak, I’m Praying: You complete your life spand free of Tragedies,Bad Luck, & Karma . Dak is going to be find.ING 4 U Dak / DC4L
‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️% ‍♀️


DAK is always going to be an excuses QB. He will fade away just like RGBIII. Check back in 3 years and reply then, with “you were right” just like I was with RGBIII.

John Williams

Bro what?

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