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Roger Staubach’s Advice Helped Jerry Jones Commit to Dak Prescott

has gotten better in his later years about listening to others when making football decisions. When it came to choosing Dak Prescott as his franchise quarterback, Jones took to heart advice from one of the best to ever do it; Dallas Cowboys legend .

As the Cowboys celebrated Prescott's new four-year contract with the team that was officially signed last Wednesday, Jerry shared something that Staubach told him which applied to Dak and the team's renewed commitment to him.

“Get somebody at quarterback that the players will follow. That's the biggest thing of all.”

There legitimate debates to be had about Prescott's skills as a quarterback. He may not have certain elite traits, or at least consistently show them, that fans covet after watching the likes of or Pat Mahomes.

But one of Dak's credentials as a starting QB where he is arguably unsurpassed, and only matched by a few, is his . Even since his rookie season, thrust unexpectedly into the job due to 's , Prescott has never failed to command the respect and loyalty of his teammates and fellow players from around the league.

Just a few days ago, another Cowboys legend proclaimed that Dak's leadership was on the same level as Tom Brady's.

Prescott has continued showing that leadership over the last five months despite his significant injury and rehabilitation, plus a major . Dak remained present at team functions and facilities, even during the pandemic, in the aftermath of his injury. Even in the months before last week, Prescott was doing rehab with the team as his contract was still being ironed out.

Staubach's advice about QB1 being a leader is valuable in multiple ways. During the season it's a source of motivation and direction for the other 52 guys on the roster, especially when faced with adversity.

During the offseason, and especially as we look ahead to the start of this Wednesday, it's a factor that could help pull players to the Cowboys.

There's no questioning that Dak Prescott still has a lot of work to do if ever wants to join Roger Staubach or on that top tier of Dallas quarterbacks. But at least in leadership, Dak is already as good as those legends ever were.

Hopefully, Prescott is going to be able to lead the Cowboys back to the championship glory that those same players enjoyed.

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Don Howard

Well I wish he hadn’t

Eric Smith

All that leadership hasn’t led to any wins over 500 teams. I would’ve taken the same L’s with a cheaper qb than paying Wak Prescott 160 m to lose the same amount of games..


“but at least in leadership Dak is already as good as those legends ever were” Really? Leadership has nothing to do with success? Because if it did (it does) then Dak would be a minimum of 2 Super Bowl wins behind those legends.


Dak’s defensive skills is his worse attribute as a QB! Sure, he’s led a Top5 Offense for the majority of his career… but, his inability to prevent opposing offenses from outscoring his “high-octane” offense is unacceptable!

There’s no way he can outperform PMahomes, TBrady and other QBs who have succeeded on both sides of the ball. Dak is just not in that class of QB!


There is no metric (not even “leadership”) where Dak comes close to Staubach or Aikman. String together a couple playoff games before we even start conversation about this guy.

James D Shanks

I totally agree to be paid like you’ve done something hasn’t won a playoff game

James D Shanks

How in the hell can you hold out on millions because you wanna be the highest paid you haven’t even won a playoff game I would not give anyone that type of contract until you win a superbowl

Frustrated cowboys fan

Jimmy Johnson said it all. Dak’s problem is his inaccuracies throwing behind his receivers and his pocket awareness which is why balls are knocked out of his hands. Would’ve love to have gotten Mac Jones from Alabama. He’s going to surprise the NFL…


It is bizarre that Dak’s skills at passing are under appreciated. Dak was the #1 deep passer in 2019. He has 2 pro bowls. And, how can these fans forget Dak does have a playoff victory. At this career stage, Aikman had not won anything abd Staubach was just beginning as a starter.
And, look up Aikman’s passing stats. They were never as good as Dak .
The teams Aikman had were some the most talented in Cowboy history where Dak has had only his rookie year with exceptional offense talent abd there has never been a defense better than average since he came in 2016.
And please, Elliott is no Emmitt. Elliott had one top year . Aikman mainly handed to Emmett for success. Dak hands to Elliott watches Elliott get stuffed and then has to pass to have success.
So, look up the stats and rewatch some Aikman, Elliott games..Aikman is no Dak.

Ruben Trevino

Dak cant even win a Division!Most less a damn Super Bowl!! How many more weapons does He need!! Romo had No big names!! On Offense or Defense!! He accomplished more with less! Lets see if Dak can produce something! With the 10th pick , The Cowboys should’ve selected a Quarterback!!

Sylvester Mcmanus

Dak has padded stats when he’s playing fron behind and the other team is in prevent defense anybody can throw for that many when your always playing fro behind and that on turn overs and third downs.

Armando Ramirez

Your the only one making sense.
All these other clowns don’t know crap!
Get him a good defense like Tampa & you’ll
see how good defense wins Super Bowls!


First of all have you guys probably never even played football before in your life secondly give this dude a chance man this what is this fifth year guy comes in as a rookie takes you to the f****** playoffs the only f****** reason you lost cuz Aaron Rodgers throw a absolute dime to his tight end. This year what happens the guy goes out through the first five games leading the league in every passing f****** category there is then it’s not his fault the f****** defense sucks it’s really remarkable if you guys don’t understand the game of football but you talk about it like you know what the f*** you’re talking about this guy’s a leader he works hard. and everybody talks about Tony Romo what the f*** did he win he didn’t win s*** how many playoff games did he win exactly that’s what I thought. But I do agree on one thing can’t pay this guy like it’s a f****** greatest of all time he doesn’t want s*** yet but look at Watson Aaron Rodgers only has one but at least he won something what happens last year in his own house and they give him the MVP really . In all actuality there’s only one f****** quarterback who understands what it takes to win consistently his name is Tom Brady he takes less so you can always have a competitive team around himyou don’t have to be the highest paid quarterback but you know he does have seven f****** super bowl championships point blank thank you

William Polovina

It’s easy to say anything to you decide is right when you aren’t a player of pro football

sal mazza 50 year cowboys fan.

Dak is a great qb. All they need is a defense.the offense puts points on the board, but the defense gives it back,!


idk how y’all “Cowboys Fans” are so afflicted by this decision, Dak is a top 10 qb when healthy, next season we’ll have our starters back and we’ll be back and ready to roll, all we need is a solid defense so we can make those stops, cause I know damn well Dak can lead us down the field and get us those points when the ball is in his hands.


Folks really do not appreciate Dak, first of all Garrett hog tied him playing too conservative, we have yet to see McCarthy invest some real trust in his QB! Now with all that fire power get ready, get your popcorn too! It is going to be epic, after his injury it will only galvanize his leadership role. I’m an athlete, and it is something amazing when guys come back from injuries, the sky is the limit. McCarthy has to believe in him and let him do his thing!

Richard Owens

When you understand what a leader does you understand that he is the face of that teams identity.he has to display all of his teams values he doesn’t have the ability to go Rogue .when you compare Dak to Patrick mahomes and Tom Brandy you must factor in the teams owner the other two quarterbacks have owners that allow the coaches to run the team I’ve been a fan since i was 7 and now I’m 52 .when Tom Landry was the coach and when Jimmy Johnson was the coach the team was at the top because the owner did not over shadow the coaches .no team has success if there is inner turmoil .Dak in a time when it was required of him to Represent the opinion of the owner he chose to put aside his personal feelings and toe the company line and keep the focus on football if as a leader he would have decided to do the opposite would he Be forgiven like Drew Brees?I digress getting back to the point Dak is a great leader and he deserve every cent of his contract


R. Trevino, first off Romo was a bum, if Dez didnt do what he did going up for hospital passes, and Witten bailing his bum @as out all the time. You forget Romo fumbled away a Superbowl, again kicking a field goal when you should’ve handed the ball off for the TD! If anyone was ever overrated it was that bum, he was smart though, he married Jerry’s grand daughter or whomever she is, only reason Jerry stuck with him, been a DC fan all of my life, And Romo was the worst!

Keith Mayes

Short and simple a bunch of freaking haters plain and simple

Todd Hall

I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan since the days of Craig Morton, and I remember as a kid when Roger Starbach took over for Craig Morton it broke my young heart. What did I know!!! lol Its about time we step it up and become that dynasty again us Cowboy fans want, and Dak Prescott is the QB to lead us and take us there. He is a leader and from what I see he is a great human being who us true blue Dallas Cowboy Nation fans need to get behind our QB 100% and let him know Dak it’s your time so lead us back to them glory days. True Cowboy fan

Michael Styles

Ruben Ruben for starters Dak has 2 division titles out of 4 years he has been in rhe NFL .2016 Dez caught that ball in GB in divisional round playoff game Dallas was 13-3 elite offensive line dak to zeke eat run run play action unstoppable. Even GB coach said duh everybody knows Dez caught it Supreme Court too the.rule was even changed .Dak should of joined big Ben with rookie sb ring.So Dak has more division titles ,playoff wins and TD’s than Staubach and Aikman.did in 1st 4 yrs. Just a little info so when talking fb with ya boys you won’t look like you are as smart as a box of hammers .How bout them mf cowboys.

Sidney Peterman

Really Romo had no weapons TO Witten and Murray lol

Tommy Pringle

All you Dak haters r idiots. The man can play. I can’t wait to see what you have to say when he brings the cowboys that 6th ring before this contract expires. Do me a favor and learn the game of football before you decide to comment. You just sound stupid

Charles Eplin

I am also a Cowboy fan for 46 years. You cannot expect to get paid like that. The goat Tom Brady, never demand ed that much money. He things of the other players he play with and how to win.I always thought it was the Patriots coaches.But Brady proved me wrong. With Dak, which I do like, thinks more about the money, not the Championship. If he doesn’t have the defense, and the right players around him, he will not be HOF material, it’s based on Performance, not how much you make. Some of these contacts, destroys teams.

Jerry Watson

Either you are going to stay a Cowboys fan or leave. You take away Mahomes receiver Hill away and he is mediocre. This is a team sport remember that. I bet everyone criticizing Dak never played Quarterback.

John Berry

All of you haters who claim to be Cowboys fans and then gripe because we have a top 10 quarterback. Most of you are probably eagles fans masquerading. Turn in your fan membership you don’t deserve to be cowboys fans. Dak is ahead of every previous cowboys quarterback at this stage in their careers and you still b*tch. Im sure all of you at your jobs would march into your bosses office tomorrow and sat “Hey boss dont pay me so much im not as good as that guy or hell i have never won employee of the month so i don’t deserve a raise. Give me a break, so Dak got paid, its not your money and Jerrah can sure as hell afford it. Dak is a leader, a top 10 if not top 5 quarterback and after what I saw last year without him I know he deserves it. Get the man a decent defense so he doesn’t feel as if he has to do everything. Last years problems were not Daks you dopes

Roberto Chang

To all you Dak Prescott hater if you are a Dallas Cowboy fan go elsewhere, we do not need your defeatist attitude. They should have paid Dak a year earlier. Dallas had a coaching issue in 2020- worst defense coach we have ever had. Not sold on Mccarthy yet. 2021 should be the truth teller. Remember Professional football is not only competitive but also a business. Sometime you have to invest in the future and hope your stock market becomes a bull market.

Semper Fi!

Roberto Chang


Dak is really good at hitting wide open receivers and buying the time to get them open. If he has a #1 defense and things go right, could win a Super Bowl. Is there $$ available for free agency or trade #1 receiver & #1 running back and load up on draft picks to build a #1 defense? Not likely. We will continue to watch cowboys get behind early to good teams and Dak build stats against prevent D and build stats against sub 500 teams, it gets so boring watching the star player on the team try to win big when you know he can’t do it as the star player, if Dak is the 2nd or 3rd best player on the team, you will win big but all the $$ are gone?

Boring football

Dak and Romo are similar in that they both had / have about a 5% chance of winning a Super Bowl if they are considered the most valuable player on the team, now, if either is surrounded by real talent and are the 3rd most valuable on the team then you could get to maybe 20%, until then we will see Dak build great stats against prevent D and against sub 500 teams and suck up all of the financial resources.

Boring football

Make the football field 20 yards long and surround Tom Brady with average players and watch him figure out how to put the ball in the end zone in all that traffic with big games on the line against top defenses, I’ll take Brady or Montana, or Roger Staubach, you take Dak? Good luck. Dak is a very good QB but, no, he can’t do that unless he is on the superior “team” with talent that costs money which is limited due to the salary cap.


As a Cowboys fan since the Herschel Walker days I’ve seen a lot of up and downs. I also have a knack for seeing certain qualities in people. Staubach’s right Dak has the ability to be the leader the team needs and the mechanics as well. We alao have to remember he is notthe whole team. Dallas also needs back him up with the right players, and I mean the whole team not just receivers and running backs.


Dak is a Damn good QB. If you don’t think leadership is the way then you don’t know sports. Dak will get us back to the Ship!!


Siempre made the first sensible argument in favor of Dak Prescott. I’m amazed at the one-sided commentary where so few are looking at the big picture, the exemplary stats, and the limited talent of the supporting cast of the Cowboys over the past several years. Wake up people!!!


Roger is one of my favorite all time Cowboys. GREAT QB IN EVERY RESPECT. So I respect his opinion. However, my opinion of DP is somewhat different.

Time, and only time, will tell the real story of DP. This next year will be the beginning of that story. So we will see soon enough.


My mistake, actually the beginning of the DP story has already started, five years ago, and it give a good background of where we are headed with him at QB.

Anyone can see the results – one playoff win.


Anybody who claims Dak hasn’t won a playoff game is simply retarded with no football IQ Dak is 1-2! In the playoffs beat Russel Wilson head to head
2018 then we had 2016 anytime we lost in the playoffs it wasn’t Daks fault it’s a team effort you sound silly too blame a man picked in the 4th round playing like a 1st rounder for anything lmao he’s exceeded expectations and he’s getting better yearly Lmaoo y’all just don’t like Dak Personally but football wise if your a fan of the sport yunno Dak is a franchise QB whose elite enough too be rank TOP 7 for the last 3 years stop this nonsense


Indeed VAM ,

next season , our division is our’s for the taking , no other QBs as of rn that are a threat to Dak (yeah no , Daniel Jones is not a threat) bar any crazy trades from the unnamed WFT , like a D Watson , Dak is clearly best QB in division ,we’ve got the weapons and if a player or 2 can turn out on D with a much better system with DQ at the helm , we are a team that should AT LEAST win division , anything short of that is complete failure not just on Jerry or the D , or the coaching like you Dak apologists did last year , no , Dak will have a huge part of the blame ,

no more excuses , it’s Dak puts the big boy pants on and show he’s worth what he got paid

John W. Hollis Sr.

Pessimism has nothing to do with knowledge. Unless you are getting paid to be one, you are wasting time.
A QB is just the engine, the most vital part of the automobile; however, unless the other components are functioning properly. The auto will be greatly challenged to successfully reach its destination.
Jerry Jones may not be the smartest owner/CEO in football, but he is a “billionaire,” self made.
If he can live with the decision, which was made between he and Dakota Prescott, who are we to sling mud.
One thing for sure, you won’t see condemning comments against Jerry Jones decision and Dakota Prescott’s demand, being criticized by other “billionaires!”
Let’s just wait this one out and save the pessimism until this season ends!

Gary b

John W Hollis- I like the car analogy for the role of the QB. Never heard it put that way, but it hits home. Nice job


John Berry, ” DP is ahead of every previous Cowboy QB at this stage”. REALLY! That is just blatantly NOT TRUE.

Aikman won two SUPER BOWLS in his first five years.

And please don’t attempt to put DP in Roger Staubach class. That would be just plain silly.

John Berry

in the first place VAM if you had a brain you wouldve understood i was talking stats so yeah ill put DP in with both when it comes to stats. Also Aikman and Staubach didn’t win those Super Bowls , the Dallas Cowboys did. Do you know why? Its because they had something DP or Romo for that matter have ever had – a great defense. When DP has a TEAM on the same level as they had then
come talk to me after DP wins that Super Bowl

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