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Should Cowboys Address QB2 Via Trade?

Kevin Brady



Cowboys en Español: Cooper Rush
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If one thing has become abundantly clear during the preseason thus far, it's that if Dak Prescott goes down, the Dallas Cowboys are in big trouble at the quarterback position.

Of course, this is true of virtually every team in the league, as the game's most important position is also the most barren in talent. But for the Cowboys, they have looked a special kind of dreadful on offense when Prescott exits the game.

Yes, Ezekiel Elliott and much of the offensive line have also been out, causing the team's running game to be weaker than usual. But the fact of the matter is if the Cowboys have to give Cooper Rush or Mike White any real playing time, they'll be out of contention rather quickly.

So now the question becomes, should the Cowboys address the backup quarterback position via trade?

Well before looking for trade options around the league we first have to evaluate the Cowboys QB room internally. Obviously there is a lack of reliability behind Dak Prescott, but some fans and writers would argue that the lack of reliability actually begins with Dak Prescott.

While I certainly see him as their quarterback for the long haul, this is a prove-it-year for Prescott. And if he is unable to prove it, and looks more like the November 2017 version of himself than the 2016 version, having a reliable backup quarterback would be a necessary luxury.

Still, Prescott is the unquestioned leader in the locker room. The players seem to really respect him, and the coaches all sing his praises constantly. Prescott is the "guy" in Dallas for however long as his play dictates, and bringing in an outsider wouldn't change that. Even if that outsider is a veteran quarterback type.Cowboys 2018 Roster Projection: Preseason Week 3

The problem with trading, though, is that you don't want to give away assets which could aid Prescott in a championship chase. These assets should be used to build around Prescott, giving him any and all the firepower he needs to win games, and trading them away for a backup quarterback probably doesn't help accomplish that goal.

With all that being said it's still fun to shop around the league, right?

The obvious quarterback everyone seems to be looking for in a trade is current Jets QB Teddy Bridgewater. Coming off what looked to be a career ending injury, Bridgewater has played some of his best football during this year's preseason. There's an argument to be made that he's best quarterback the Jets have, but they have placed their future on the shoulders of rookie Sam Darnold. Darnold is the guy for the Jets moving forward, meaning that Bridgewater could be on his way out via trade.

A second, and potentially cheaper, option for the Cowboys is Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin. Though plagued by injuries throughout his career, Griffin can now serve as an above average backup, giving the Cowboys some more depth behind Prescott.

Like the Jets, the Ravens could be looking to deal Griffin because of a first round rookie quarterback. Lamar Jackson has been relatively impressive during the preseason, though he does need some work before taking over the QB1 role. Still, Jackson is a solid backup option for 2018, meaning that Griffin could be available via trade.

All in all it's hard for me to imagine the Cowboys making any trades for a quarterback. I think the most realistic option is that they bring in someone after final cuts, like they did in 2016 when they signed Mark Sanchez prior to the start of the regular season.

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and am currently a college student. Lets get going.

  • Paul Marino

    Funny how when Prescott plays bad last year everyone rushes to defend him by pointing out that he had to play some games without Elliot or T Smith.
    Now when Rush has one bad game playing without any starters practically the same people that didn’t have the heart to criticize Prescott are telling us Rush is no good and we are in big trouble if he has to play. What a joke!

    • Ervinlang318

      People forgot Dak was the QB of a 13-3 #1 Seed Team in 2016 and was ready to throw him out like garbage last year. Rush has no skins on the wall and no other teams are trying to trade for him.

  • Ethan Chazin

    the team has made a conscious choice to approach roster building at the QB position by NOT going after proven pros with prior experience. They wanna roll with the young guns regardless of what Rush or White have/haven’t done in OTAs, training camp and pre-season. So be it! Hind sight will prove 20-20

  • Mark

    Should they go get Bridgewater? Yes, OF COURSE they should. Getting ANY kind of deal on such an incredible talent is a complete no-brainer.

    If not Bridgewater, should they go get RGIII? Yes, OF COURSE, they should. Highly competent, mobile QB with renowned accuracy on deep throws…and for a low price? Total no-brainer.

    Will they? OF COURSE NOT. They just keep making the very same dumb decisions over and over. Who needs a good backup QB?! Who needs a good nose tackle?! Does size, speed, and giant glue-like hands matter at TE?! Naaah…Go with the slow, weak, butt-kissers.

    I’d love to believe that Stephen or Will McClay would be able to convince JJ and JG to not be stupid. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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How The Seattle Seahawks Have Increased Importance In Cowboys’ Lore

Kevin Brady



Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys At Seattle Seahawks: 5 Bold Predictions
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

You can't talk about this decade's Dallas Cowboys without discussing the Seattle Seahawks.

In 2012, when Golden Tate took out Sean Lee on a crack-back block and the Seahawks embarrassed a Cowboys team who had just defeated the defending champion New York Giants, we saw which of the two teams was truly ready for the big stage.

In 2014, as Rolando McClain intercepted Russell Wilson and the Cowboys clinched a critical road victory, we knew that Dallas was a legit contender.

In 2015, when Seattle finally came to Dallas and rendered the return of Pro Bowl receiver Dez Bryant meaningless in a 13-12 win, the then 2-5 Cowboys were sent further into a Romo-less abyss.

And, in 2017, Dez Bryant's key drops and Dan Bailey's missed field goals during a horrendous home loss to the Seahawks on Christmas Eve might have sealed each of their fates for the following offseason.

The most important moment in this Cowboys/Seahawks history, however, occurred during a preseason game. A meaningless preseason game which turned out to be the most meaningful day in recent Cowboys history.

Cliff Avril dragging Tony Romo down from behind, effectively ending his career, and kicking off the roster massive turnover we have seen the last two offseasons. From Dak Prescott, to a brand new secondary, to the retirement of Jason Witten, and the cutting of Dez Bryant. All of this change, which put an end to the Romo era rosters in Dallas, began with that hit in Seattle.

Since 2012 the Cowboys, and the rest of the NFC really, have been judged by how they play against two teams: the Packers and the Seahawks.

They have been the class of the NFC, and while we like to think that if the "Dez Caught It" game went how it should have Dallas would've handled Seattle, that will forever be an unknown.

Sunday's game is not expected to carry the franchise-changing implications that some of these other match ups have had. The Seahawks are 0-2 and reeling, with a shaky offensive line and reported distrust throughout the organization.The Cowboys, however, can jump-start their season with a big road win over a winless team that they should beat in the minds of many.

But knowing how things between these teams tend to go, Sunday afternoon may end up having major implications on the rest of the Cowboys' season.

Where this could be the case is in a potential Earl Thomas trade. It's been speculated that Seattle has been hesitant to deal Thomas to Dallas before their week 3 match up, but could be more willing to do so after the game.

Especially if that game is a loss which sends them to 0-3. The Cowboys have been actively pursuing Earl Thomas, and Thomas has certainly made it clear that he wants to be in Dallas. The only party not willing to make it happen thus far, are the Seahawks.

So, this weekend, there is a chance another chapter is added to those franchise-changing moments in Cowboys/Seahawks lore.

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A Look Around The NFC East: Week 3

Kevin Brady



Tyrone Crawford, Carson Wentz, Eagles

Week two didn't go as planned for much of the NFC East, with only the Dallas Cowboys reigning victorious last Sunday.

Now, three teams are locked in a tie for first place at 1-1, with the New York Giants lagging behind with a winless record. Week 3 is shaping up to be a potential early turning point, however, with Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz returning and each team facing a very beatable opponent.

Let's take a look around the division and see what the Cowboys' foes will be facing this week.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles fell victim to one of the more surprising upsets of the weekend last Sunday, as Ryan Fitzpatrick led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Eagles 27-21. While their defense got off to a shaky start in the loss, it was the offense which proved too little too late in their push down the stretch.

Carson Wentz is expected to not only return but to start on Sunday in the Eagles' match up against the Colts. Indianapolis upset the Washington Redskins last week, but will be 6 point underdogs when the game kicks off in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Wentz should give the defending champs an extra boost, and while they haven't looked as dominant as many expected through the first two games, this could be the game to spring them the rest of the way.

Washington Redskins

As mentioned earlier, the Redskins fell in Indianapolis last week, and are now tied for first place in the division with a 1-1 record. As dominant and impressive as Washington looked in their opener against Arizona, Washington's week two loss featured lethargic offensive play for four quarters.

This week the Redskins are three point home underdogs as Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers come to town. Green Bay tied Minnesota a week ago, but behind Rodgers and their potent offense, they have the chance to take advantage of Washington's suspect secondary down the field.

Sunday will be a tough test for the Redskins as they look to get back above .500 against a tough conference opponent.

New York Giants

The Giants' season is on the brink this week, and that really isn't a dramatic statement at all. Now at 0-2 with a division loss to the Cowboys last week, the Giants have to beat the 0-2 Texans on Sunday to get some confidence and keep pace within the conference.

Lucky for them, the Texans haven't looked impressive whatsoever through two games. Unlucky for them, the Texans have strong pass rushers like JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney ready to abuse their weak offensive line.

Houston is a six point home favorite over the Giants, proving it will be an uphill battle for New York to save their season.

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Cowboys en Español: La Defensiva de Dallas es Muy Real

Mauricio Rodriguez



Are Dallas Cowboys Building A Championship Defense? 3

Después de dos semanas de acción de los Dallas Cowboys, una cosa ha quedado más que clara. La defensiva del coordinador defensivo Rod Marinelli ha demostrado que es realmente buena. No como en otros años, que nos conformábamos con que la defensiva dejará avanzar y cediera tres puntos hasta que se rompía en el último cuarto.

No, ahora es diferente. Este año, los Dallas Cowboys tienen presión al QB opuesto. No sólo DeMarcus Lawrence, sino Taco Charlton, Randy Gregory y recientemente, los linebackers. Hemos visto a Jaylon Smith y Damien Wilson brindar presión y sobre todo, llegar a sus objetivos.

Los linebackers no han brillado sólo en esto, sino en otros ámbitos defensivos, como cobertura aérea y más. Incluso Joe Thomas ha logrado mantener su nivel que vimos en pretemporada cuando se le ha pedido entrar al campo.

Y en cuanto a la secundaria, no podríamos estar más agradecidos con la actuación de nuestros cornerbacks. Byron Jones está jugando a un nivel increíble. La semana pasada, Eli Manning sólo se atrevió a lanzar el balón en su dirección en cinco ocasiones. En esas cinco, consiguió sólo un pase completo para cero yardas. Chidobe Awuzie también ha tenido un gran inicio al 2018, manteniendo un nivel de juego consistente y efectivo. Estamos hablando de que el domingo pasado, estos dos cornerbacks se enfrentaron a uno de los mejores WR en la NFL, Odell Beckham Jr.

Finalmente, la posición de safety se ha visto como la unidad más débil en la defensiva. Jeff Heath es un titular promedio y Kavon Frazier tiene mucho camino por recorrer. Afortunadamente, hay esperanza de que Xavier Woods regrese de lesión este domingo.

A pesar de que en el 2016 todos veíamos a la ofensiva como nuestro futuro, es sorprendente el nivel que ha mostrado la defensiva. Es más agresiva, más efectiva y más confiable que en otros años. No podemos subestimar la llegada del coach Kris Richard al equipo.

Sobre todo después de que en el partido contra los New York Giants y los Carolina Panthers se demostró que Richard está involucrado directamente con las decisiones de las jugadas que se ejecutarán en el campo. Incluso Marinelli no tuvo problemas admitiendo que efectivamente, Richard estaba ganándose un rol en este aspecto.

Esto es muy relevante para los Dallas Cowboys, pues una de las cosas más destacadas que hemos visto las últimas semanas es el usaje de cargas o "blitzes" especiales en varias oportunidades. Incluyendo tercer down y largo.

Es algo que no habíamos visto nunca con el conservador Marinelli y que claramente es producto de Richard. Este personaje que viene de los Seattle Seahawks continua emergiendo como un candidato real al puesto de coordinador defensivo en el 2019 o quien sabe, quizá sea nombrado head coach si las cosas comienzan a ir mal para este equipo.

Sin duda alguna, la defensiva ha demostrado que es muy confiable y real. Es tiempo de que la ofensiva de Dallas responda a esto y comience a mover más las cadenas y sobre todo, aprovechar las oportunidades que tengan de anotar touchdowns. Empezar a depender de goles de campo nunca sale bien.

Linehan: "Butler Has Had a Good Camp", But Will He Stay?

Dallas Cowboys WR Brice Butler (Matthew Emmons / USA TODAY Sports)

Sobre la llegada de Brice Butler

Increíblemente, Brice Butler regresó a los Dallas Cowboys, incluso después de todos los comentarios que hizo en ciertos programas de televisión. La primera reacción al respecto fue de confusión; ¿por qué regresar con un receptor que nunca fue tan especial y que habló tanto de Dallas?

La respuesta a esta pregunta se esclareció un poco este jueves por la noche cuando surgieron los rumores de que Terrance Williams, quien fue arrestado en el offseason por intoxicación pública, podría ser suspendido pronto por la NFL.

Esto probablemente no sucederá antes del partido de la semana 3, pero de todas maneras explica mucho sobre el último movimiento de los Cowboys.

Predicción #DALvsSEA

En un partido bastante cerrado, creo que la defensiva de los Dallas Cowboys hará lo suficiente para llevarse la victoria. Es de suma importancia derribar a Russell Wilson y sobre todo, que la ofensiva tenga su mejor actuación de la campaña. La defensiva de Seahawks es bastante efectiva y no será sencillo vencerlos.

Marcador: Dallas Cowboys 21 - Seattle Seahawks 17

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