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Should Cowboys be Content at TE, or Should They Draft for More?

Unless something really crazy happens in 2021, the Era appears to be at its true end in Dallas. The Cowboys have made a couple of moves in to stock up at , but should they also be looking to the for more talent options?

should finally get his chance to be the true number one. Dallas just gave him a four-year, $22 million contract, and that $5.5 million average is middle of the road for starting tight ends in the NFL. As might say, the Cowboys applied some “anointing oil” with that contract.

wasn't so lucky. Instead of moving up the unopposed, the third-year TE saw Dallas sign veteran Blake Bell during the second wave of free agency.

Bell worked as TE2 in the Kansas City last year, playing about 38% of the offensive snaps for the reigning Champions. He is a blocking TE and should get plenty of utilization given the Cowboys desire to run the ball.

That doesn't mean Schultz has been forgotten. A 4th-round pick in 2018, Dalton still has two years left on his rookie deal and was only signed for 2020. The Cowboys have incentive to continue Schultz' development.

This early work tells us a lot. Given the contract handed to Blake Jarwin and the move to add Bell, it doesn't appear that Dallas will be adding a rookie TE using any premium draft pick.

And that's probably a good thing, because this 2020 class is very weak at tight end.

None of the 2020 tight ends are considered 1st-round talents. Top prospects like Notre Dame's Cole Kmet and Dayton's Adam Trautman likely won't go until sometime Friday night.

Cole Kmet
Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet (Matt Cashore- Sports)

In a loaded or even average TE class, Kmet or Trautman might not hear their name called until the . But I would bet good money that someone will use a 2nd-round pick because of their need level at the position.

One of the dangers of the in any year is seeing a weak group get over-drafted. It's just human nature. If you go to the grocery store for some fruit and it's a bad selection, do you walk away or just find the best one of the bunch?

Teams that really need a TE will still take these guys, and perhaps higher than they really want to, because they don't want to be stuck with even worse options in later rounds.

The Cowboys have the luxury of leaning on their current options. No, Blake Jarwin probably isn't a future TE. He may not ever make the . But he can start right now and probably do fine for the next several seasons.

Dallas just made one of the richest receivers in football. They made the highest-paid RB a year ago. And they're probably about to give a record-breaking contract to . Throw in their high-priced offensive linemen and, at some point, all of these expensive stars have to elevate a few of the other guys on offense.

So no, the Cowboys really don't need to worry about the TE position in the 2020 Draft. They have their starter and two backups; the most they might consider is drafting some late-round prospect that intrigues the coaches.

But thankfully, even with Jason Witten's departure, Dallas isn't desperate. They have the luxury of letting a TE talent fall to them in this draft rather than having to reach to fill a need.

And in the end, if the Cowboys don't draft any tight ends, they'll be okay for the .

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Chuck Wright

Letting a TE fall to them would be wise. Several who could/should be there in the 4th or with one of the 5ths. Need to find someone to grow into the roll.

Kid from Mizzu is raw but very athletic.

Victor A Gardner

I agree th needs at other positions are greater right now CB, Edge, Slot WR. If one of the more all around TEs falls to rounds 5-7 then maybe consider it.


No TE’s this year unless UDFAs… they have too many other needs and plenty of TEs on their squad and ability to sign low cost TEs off other rosters or FAs …


The one guy that intrigues me is Chase Claypool, who can likely play WR or TE. With that speed and size he could be a major weapon, one like you’re seeing by many of the high powered offenses now (KC).

Claypool might not fill a position of need, But he sure might fill an area of need: The Redzone.


Enough with TEs already. Cowboys seem to have an addiction with drafting TEs. All the years of having Witten, they still kept drafting TEs.

We have 3 TEs now, with the good addition of Blake Bell. That is enough! Concentrate on the real needs, CB, DE, C, Slot WR, LB. Maybe even a real QB, who can give greedy Prescott some competition..

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