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Should Cowboys try to Re-Sign Free Agent DE Michael Bennett?

Despite only playing in nine games for the last year, veteran still made an impact. Even though Bennett turns 35 in November, would the Cowboys be wise to re-sign the this ?

Bennett was acquired via from the Patriots last October. The move came after Dallas lost to and allowed Michael to occupy the same space on the roster as a versatile , and also the locker room as a veteran leader.

While some were hesitant to see any member of the Bennett family back in Dallas but Michael proved to be a good addition. His four tied him for third on the entire in 2019, even though he only played for about half the season and in a reserve role.

Bennett was just as valuable off the field, too. With none of the Cowboys' star players ever even playing in the Championship game, Michael could speak with Super Bowl credibility and was a voice who wasn't beholden to .

Garrett is of course gone in 2020, and along with new came almost a complete overhaul of the staff. Many chances could also be coming on the roster as Dallas has around 30 this offseason.

Michael Bennett is among them, and the has more than its fair share with him, , , , and all unrestricted.

Given that he turns 35 this season Bennett probably won't find any lucrative deals in . But with how he performed last year for Dallas, and if the new sees value in him, Michael might be able to stick around on a modest contract.

Bennett counted $2.6 million against the 2019 . The number would probably have to stay around that range, no more than $4-$5 million, for the relationship to continue.

The Cowboys may not even be interested. After all, picking up Michael last year was a band-aid move to replace Crawford, and it sounds like Tyrone may be returning in 2020 if he agrees to a reduced salary.

But if Dallas wants some additional depth on the defensive line then they could do worse than Michael Bennett. He proved last year that he can still bring it on the field despite his age, and he brings some rare championship experience to this roster.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Jon Young

Yes, I would bring Michael Bennett back. Hopefully to a team friendly deal. Also bring back R. Quinn, and CUT Tyrone Crawford saving 8 million against the cap.

Jim C

Bring back Quinn and Bennett and cut Crawford, need pass rushers.

John Williams

I’d absolutely be interested in bringing him back. Brought a much needed leadership presence toward the end of last season. Sadly, it didn’t seem to make an impact with the guys on the defensive side of the ball.

Brice E Clark

I would try and resign Quinn first and if that fails maybe Bud Dupree..Dante
Fowler, someone like that if the price is right and then resign Bennett if he
will sign a “cap friendly” deal and let Crawford walk!!

Dave D.

He’s a ticking time bomb


Use his “$4-$5 million” and try to get Quinn. He did have four sacks but he also seemed to have a problem with lining up offside which negates the good he did.

Emmanuel Mark Crabtree

Bennett has more upside as a pass rusher than Crawford. If both signed team friendly deals they might be able to keep Quinn and Collins, add in Woods and a healthy Vanderesch and Smith makes a pretty good front seven, with Dlaw as the anchor.

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