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Should the Cowboys Chase After DT Ndamukong Suh?

After a poor- performance in the playoff loss to the last season, it was clear that the needed to make upgrades. In the Draft, you did see them address the with the pick of Arkansas DT , who's known for his ability to fill space and stop the run, but he alone won't be able to solve their problem. 

As of right now, the franchise will enter with the usual suspects from last year (, , , and ). But with Bleacher writer Ian Wharton suggesting Hill as a player the Cowboys could cut this , there could be an urgency to add bodies.

To help offset the possible cut, I wanted to discuss if DT could be an option. Although he's on the older side, Suh has shown every year he can be available health-wise and after last season also proved he still has juice left in the tank. 

Going off his stats last season with the , Suh collected six , 13 QB hits, 27 tackles, seven TFL (tackles for loss), and one fumble recovery. Comparing those stats to the Cowboys DTs, he would have ranked 1st in almost all categories except for total tackles, as he would have been 3rd. 

Adding Suh would finally give the club a true run-stopper that they have lacked for a few seasons. Additionally, he brings a -winning mentality and toughness that the Cowboys desperately need.

While I'm not claiming Suh to be the savior of the (since you likely would have sold your arm and leg to have him on your team during his prime Detroit Lion days), Suh garners respect from opposing offenses because of his respected resume that arguably no player on the Cowboys currently has.

Additionally, his presence would allow other players to flourish, and he could be the perfect short-term gap option for the franchise. If Suh is too expensive for the team to consider, they could look at other DTs such as , , or , who ITS Writer Jess Haynie wrote about in-depth last Sunday. 

Nonetheless, it's tiring seeing teams constantly pound the rock down the Cowboys throat, and if they want to make some serious noise this postseason, adding Suh would be the ideal option. Also, with writers suggesting the Cowboys add LB as well, we could finally see an elite defense this year.

Well, I hope.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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John Berry

YES!!!!YES!!!!!AND MORE YES !!!!!. He could and would definitely help with the run defense.

Stephen Gregory Abel

Agree. Do Not sign declining or injured players. Do not draft players with a significant injury making them unavailable for training camp and the first game of the season.


Who on our Dline is even close to Suh? For a year or two rental….absolutely! Obviously the accounting has to work, but how in the Hell do the Rams do what they do?? If you want SB’s you have to have players, the right kind of players. Remember Charles Haley? Once we grabbed him we made a huge jump. Prime Time? You have to have big time players and the Rams get that.
Suh would have helped us dramatically with that 49ers run game in last year’s playoffs.

Stephen Gregory Abel

Loved Charles Haley. The Cowboys couldn’t even get a sniff of a Super Bowl until they signed him. To this day, I have no idea why the Niners let him leave.

Stephen Gregory Abel

No. Do Not sign declining or injured players with hopes of striking Brady gold. Do Not Draft injured players that are not able to contribute immediately.

For whatever reason, the Cowboys do not value true run stopping defensive linemen or safeties. As a side note, I believe Safety Darren Woodson holds the all time tackles record for the team. Why the FO devalues that position is just mind boggling seeing how strongly it can affect a defense.

Back to run stopping, if the FO was serious about stopping the run, they wouldn’t have waited until the 178th pick in the fifth round to address it. Suh, once an overly dominating player is declining. This team needs to build for the future and not sign players that are injured or declining, period.

These one year “prove it deals” or signing players that are declining completely take continuity away from any team when there is a constant turnover of talent every year because of age, decline of play or injury.

I like Suh but would pass and not think twice about it.


With Brent Urban recently bolting and signing with the Ravens, FO may kick this one around, but in the end, they probably will not do it. Production is good, and would he be an upgrade for a year, yes, but price tag may kill any real shot.

William Bristol

Who said Hill is a likely cut? I saw the vid of him slapping a guys helmet off and then backing off. My feeling was if you want to start a fight then fight. I do realize the best fighters are not always the best football players but don’t start if you can’t finish.

victor p wiley

how did suh do with dolphins?? anyone?? anyone?? he needs to be motivated– can anyone assure this?????????????

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