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Should the Cowboys Sign James Bradberry?

After the Giants released veteran on Monday, should the Cowboys bring in the former Pro Bowler?

Bradberry will be entering his seventh NFL season in 2022 and is coming off a down year in 2021. While he did record a career-high four interceptions and 17 pass breakups, the former Giant allowed 848 yards in coverage, according to Pro Football Reference. It’s the most yards he’s given up in his career after allowing a career-low 587 yards in 2020. Bradberry also allowed eight touchdowns and led all cornerbacks with a 21.7 missed- percentage.

Still, he could return to his 2020-self on a new team. It was a special year for Bradberry, allowing a of 81.2 when targeted and earning a 79.9 coverage grade from . His three interceptions and career-high 18 pass breakups earned Bradberry his first selection. He experienced regression in 2021, but Bradberry is still a talented cornerback.

His experience in covering East receivers would be helpful. Bradberry has spent the last two seasons covering players like and DeVonta Smith. Having been New York's No. 1 cornerback during his short tenure there, he has experience covering several top receivers. Added depth at the cornerback position wouldn’t hurt either, especially given the uncertainty surrounding ’s legal situation.

The major drawback to Bradberry would be his price tag. He made around $15 million per year with the Giants and will likely command a similar fee from any team interested in signing him. This, combined with the fact that cornerback isn’t a huge need for Dallas, is a good argument against signing Bradberry.

However, taking advantage of a division rival’s potential mistake should always be considered. Bradberry could be on the verge of a decline, but he wouldn’t have to be the Cowboys’ No. 1 cornerback. In Dallas, he could prove his 2021 regression was a fluke.

Bradberry’s regression was significant, but he can still contribute and play at a high level. He’s a quality player and can bring experience to a very young cornerback room.

Nick Coppola
Nick Coppola
Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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Stephen Gregory Abel

No! Do not sign overpriced, declining players.

While I’m at it, the Cowboys Front Office needs to grow a pair and cut Joseph now! Sticking by a player that was in any way connected to a drive by shooting is sickening to even consider. And, for any who might have forgot, sticking by that crumb bum Gregory — the same guy who missed 50 games — how well did that work out? Good riddance to Gregory and I hope that the FO comes to their senses and cuts Joseph. The questions were there at LSU and they still drafted him. There are enough talented players out there to get out of this debacle now. The Cowboys do not need to continue to degrade the proud history of this organization by having thugs, addicts and others on this team that, even so, can’t deliver a Super Bowl title much less even a single playoff win.

My desire for this FO is to bring dignity back to the Dallas Cowboys. And, if you want to win in the playoffs, lose the country club mentality that is being reported by too many serious pundits.

Stephen Gregory Abel

Just to clarify my comment about Gregory. The Cowboys stood by him for five years while, for one reason or another (mostly suspensions), he was not available to suit up. When the Cowboys rightfully tried to insert the void clause to his contract for further suspensions, he showed his true colors and disloyalty to the Cowboys. If not for Jerry Jones, Gregory would have been bounced out of the league years ago instead of being set up for generational type wealth.

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