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Signing Marcus Mariota Would Give Cowboys A True QB Battle

has been entrenched as the starting signal-caller for quite some time. Perhaps it's time that and the team's brass brought in a proven starter such as to get a quarterback battle, or controversy, going in Dallas.

Prescott is a lightning bolt for debate among NFL fans. Some feel he's overrated and pads his numbers with meaningless fourth-quarter stats accumulated in “garbage” time. Others see him as a two-time Pro Bowler, which is something that doesn't grow on trees.

On the other hand, it could be argued Prescott's status has never been challenged. The only time he wasn't the starter was due to injury. Mariota could certainly provide a spark in Dallas if Jones signs him with the opportunity to at least challenge Prescott. Would this create a media circus? Likely. However, as we all know, Jones is no stranger to controversy.

Marcus Mariota would bring another dimension to the Cowboys

Mariota spent the last two seasons with the as Derek Carr's backup. The former second overall pick of the 2015 could be a hot commodity this . A team looking for a stop-gap solution or those looking for an insurance policy will likely be suitors.

Not to make excuses for Mariota, but the quarterback has had daunting circumstances for most of his career. Mariota had two head coaches in his first three seasons as an NFL quarterback. In addition, he had four offensive coordinators in his first five years. Having found some stability in Vegas, Mariota could be looking for one more shot to be a starter or at least compete for the opportunity.

Prescott's detractors might be thrilled to see their team bring in a legitimate quarterback to light a fire under him. When healthy, Mariota can make things happen with his legs, especially in the . Mariota's worst-case scenario is that he doesn't win the starting job from Prescott, which is likely to happen. Instead, the “flying Hawaiian” can be used like the Raiders used him in short-yardage situations, giving defenses another option to prepare for.

Depending on how the Cowboys address the state of their finances, bringing in Mariota would cost anywhere from $4 to $8 million on a one-year deal.

The team could also take their chances and draft a quarterback this year, but their picks might be better used elsewhere considering how weak the quarterback class is. Would Jones drop this amount of coin for a backup? We'll see.

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Silly season is officially here.

Jermond Dukes

How are you even allowed to post this article you clearly are delusional and writing some mess like this should get you fired


Another stupid Dak Prescott hater

Dumb post

What a ridiculous post. They hire anyone nowadays

Larry Murray

Is this serious? Mariota is trash and Dak is a top 5 QB


Top 5 really? At best maybe top 15


Dak is clearly not a top 5 quarterback lol. Mahomes rodgers burrow Herbert Wilson Murray carr stafford Watson allen are all better



Charles Hall

Tom 5 qb wtf he would barely crack top 10 and idt he does there is more than five better quarterbacks in the aafc alone buddy


I Agee that Dak struggles to be a top 10 quarterback, but, Mariota is not a great answer…perhaps improves the back up situation.


Economics. There are 40 million reasons why there won’t be a qb controversy in Dallas. Unless history repeats itself and Dak gets hurt and the team gets on roll like in 2016 with the backup. Otherwise this suggestion is a pipedream.


I seriously thought this was gonna be an article about Mariota competing with Cooper Rush for the backup job. Bro we’re not paying Dak 40 Milly to compete for the job.

Big Cowboy

Sounds like the author is suggesting Dak just isn’t good enough to take us where we want to go. To say that Mariota could challenge Prescott in a QB battle to such an extent as to create a QB controversy is quite astounding. It tells more about what he thinks of Prescott than it does about Mariota. Helluva mess we’re in, wondering if a re-tread might be better than the $40 million dollar man.


why invest money there when there’s other holes to fix

Lorenzo Lopez

Really Murray he faded big time. Wilson is done as a top notch QB. Carr hasn’t been relevant since 2016. Herbert is equal to Prescott. Let’s see if Burrow repeats with another great season before I put him above Prescott. Mahomes and Rodgers had home field advantage they both stunk in the 2nd half of their game. I would still put them above Prescott though.


Using facts to write an article rather than your emotions would probably make people like it better.


Come on I know you cowboy fans like dak let’s be real dak is not good enough to win are get Dallas to super bowl wake up and quit fooling yourself jerry waste his money even he said he over paid for dak what the f that tell you idiots he can’t beat the good teams can’t read defenses jerry is and old fool


The fact of the matter is Dak is not an elite quarterback. He does not have the ability to be a difference maker. With quarterback ratings in games at 19% against the Cardinals and 9% against the 49ers proves the point. Not to mention in other games typically the same. He looks good against backups and 2nd stringers in 2021. All hype and Zero glory!


It will be interesting to see how Dak’s stats look after this next season. His receiving corp will look dramatically different this year. It is quite possible that Cooper, Gallup and Schultz could all be gone along with several of the next tier receivers as well. My guess is as the talent erodes around him he is going to look pretty pedestrian.


That worked so well the last time that they went out and traded a 1st rounder for Cooper. Dak needs perfection around him to survive, much less thrive. That’s why he’s not the top 5 QB so many fans seem to think he is. He’s barely top 10.

Sadly, bringing in Mariota wouldn’t move the needle much. Yeah, he’s probably better than Cooper Rush, but he’s no threat to Dak.


We see you don’t know football

Scotch Plains

Dak is not a top 5 QB. Against elite teams he is below .500 QB win /loss . Our $40M dollar QB didn’t have the football IQ to hand the ball to the referee on the QB draw. He was awful on that stage….. his throws were off the entire game. Love 4 – but we are stuck with a $40M cap hit for another 3 years. He is not worth the money; not even close. They’ll be one and done in the playoffs this upcoming season as well.


Want to bring him in, bring him in. AS a backup!
Like Dalton. Just signed Dak to mega deal. Forget already?


Wow, I know die hard Cowboys fans can be delusional but these comments take the cake. I was a huge Dak supporter until this season…. He lost a ton of respect in that he didn’t play 100% on the back half of the season, didn’t take any risks in the playoff game against sf in trying to get the ball out to Lamb or Cooper for a 50/50 ball, and after the loss took the low class and blamed the refs for putting them in their situation at the end…. Dak as much as I loved him as a QB, pretty much solidified himself as a Tier B Qb in the NFL… He’s decent but he’s not elite by any means. His leadership is lacking as well in the sense as he doesn’t command the offense to run thru a wall for him or hold them accountable.
Mariota would be pretty comparable to Dak and either push him to reach a higher level or even replace him..
People forget Mariotas first coach was the less than great Jeff Fisher, aka the coach that ruined Vince Young…. Mariota got a bad batch of coaches/coordinators in Tennessee and never got his footing back. He could definitely contribute if Dak has a bad game or can’t get the team out of a rut. The only reason he hasn’t replaced Carr is the contract situation….
Don’t be delusional, Dak could use some real competition, and even though Cooper Rush saved our asses in Minnesota, Mariota>Rush.

Shawn Michaels

Sorry Mario, but you are just looking for click baits. the difference between reporters that succeed and you is that they actually do some homework. this is the quickest path for you to become a non-legit sports writer. just for a few clicks….this was a very bad take and very bad article. I stopped reading after first paragraph and will probably not read your articles in the future….and no I am not a Dak fan….


Im not completely sold on Dak until he learns the art of the back shoulder throw

Juan Hermosillo

You are a Click Baiter!!!!!

Alex delarosa

Mariota played hurt when tannehill came in and bacame the starter. He’s 100% healthy n deserves a shot to start. Jones would be a fool not to take this opportunity . mariota will fot well in GB , SF or Hou. Anywhere he goes….. Mr. Monday Night will shine. … If i mmbr correctly. He beat the Cowboys 28-10 few years back. Js.

Rene A

I think Mario Tovar could use some competition, because this article is a piece of shit. I especially like how he went right to the excuses why ol’ Mariota hasn’t “really” gotten a fair shot. Different coaches, coordinators, team direction, blah blah blah. Mariota isn’t a starting qb. He went to Oregon, that should’ve told you enough.

Lawrence C. Baker

Dak Prescott may benefit from having a guy behind him that can actually play and has played in this league. Something gas to be done with this team and not just at the quarterback position. Leadership Bears most of the responsibility for failures in Dallas. Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Mike McCarthy, and Kellen Moore to be exact. These four who generally do not receive the scrutiny they should are at the heart of this team’s problems. Fix it at the top and the rest almost takes care of itself. The Jones Family are good business people obviously, but don’t know football at the NFL level. If they did, Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore wouldn’t still patrol the sidelines in Dallas. Imagine Jimmy Johnson as General Manager in Dallas! This team would not only compete for, but actually have a real chance to play for the Lombardi Trophy sooner rather than never. Jerry and Stephen need to look in the mirror and be honest with themselves.

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