Stephen Jones: “We’re Not Nervous To Sign Dak”

    Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows that despite the dreadful 3-9 record this season that the biggest elephant in the room is the contract situation with . Unfortunately for the former , he suffered a season-ending ankle in Week 5 and effectively ended the Cowboy's chances of making the postseason.

    Cowboys COO appeared on 105.3 The Fan on Wednesday to discuss Prescott's contract. Jones said he believes that Prescott is made of the right stuff and that the organization isn't worried about getting him inked to a long-term deal.

    “Our issues are in our negotiations with Dak have been we're wanting to be more committed in terms of the term,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We're not nervous to sign Dak. I think his makeup is all the right things. He's an amazing man off the field, he's a great leader in our locker room, a great player and that's why we've wanted to sign him long term. … When you sign a player long-term you've got more flexibility in how you work the with a player who's gonna eat up a big percentage of your cap when you're talking about a .”

    The hold up with Prescott's contract wasn't the amount but rather the length of the deal. The Cowboys wanted a five-year marriage but Prescott opted for the four-year deal which would put him in a position to cash in again when the salary cap explodes with new television revenue. When asked if he's disappointed that Prescott wants a shorter deal, Jones had this to say.

    “No. I’m not disappointed, I understand where he’s coming from. I have respect for it. He’s on himself. He’s done a great job of that, he certainly believes in himself.”

    That statement couldn't have been more true. After the first three games of the , owner said a deal was “imminent” after Prescott accumulated over 900 yards and nine touchdowns. Even though that never materialized, Prescott was one-yard shy (4,902) of 's single-season record for passing yards and threw 30 touchdowns (4th in the NFL).

    2020 was no different. In the five games he played in, Prescott led the league with an unreal 1,856 passing yards which included becoming the first quarterback in league to have three consecutive games with over 450 yards passing.

    Prescott played under a in 2020 that paid him $31.4 million, and that number will balloon to around $38 million if another tag is applied in 2021. The Cowboys and Prescott have been adamant that they want a long-term deal to be reached. Now, it's about playing the waiting game and seeing where the chips fall.

    Matthew Lenix
    Matthew Lenix
    I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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    Don Howard

    Stephen if you have good sense you should be tied up in knots if you’re going to give this average player a big contract but as often as you do it I guess one more screw up isn’t that big a deal

    John Hindle

    Dont sign him..too e pensive for roi….9-11 in his last 20 games


    John Hindle, agree with you, return on investment just not there. BTW, in those 9 wins in last 20 games, that’s giving him credit for the Giant game that Dalton finished and put them in position to win, and the pathetic Falcon onside kick debacle. He is still living off his rookie season, when ZEKE ran for 1631, 15 TDs, 109 y/g, 1994 total yards. Gee, I wish THAT ZEKE was still on the team.

    According to Skip Bayless, who knows the Cowboys inside and out, during that 2019 season when Prescott beat up on those first three slug teams, HE BALKED on the “IMMINENT” deal that was already in the works. Guess he got a big head after getting 900 yards even on slugs and upped his demands. Bayless claims Jones was not to happy about that breach, and rightfully so

    The rest of that season he, as usual, loses to good teams and beats the slugs. IMO, he beats just ONE good team all year, Rams. Check the stats for yourself. His overall record is skewed because of this weak division he is lucky to play in.

    Time to cut bait on this guy and save all that cap money? Not even sure he wants to be a Cowboy.

    Chuck Wright

    Ouch. . .9-11 in his last 20 games???? Use your Top 5 pick, draft the BYU kid, focus on the D side of the ball. The big money contracts cannot be moved off the books easily until after 2021/22. . . face it Jerry, you bet wrong yet again. Oh yeah, #1 should be firing Nolan who is clearly incompetent

    Gary b

    I got the same question to all that wanna move on from Dak and mind you I’m not saying we shouldn’t. If not him as our QB then who ? I hear alot of complaining about Dak, but rarely do I hear a reasonable alternative. It’s just bad business to move on without a feasible back up plan.

    And please please don’t say Dalton. If he is our starter next yr we automatically have one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL. He’s a dink and dunk game manager QB and u can’t win with those guys in this modern day NFL. But if u expect to then you better have a great defense and running game, both of which are weak spots for Dallas and likely will be for the foreseeable future. Look at the contenders in the league they all have really good QBs and NONE have game manager QBs.

    Our strongest position group (WR) is being wasted because AD doesn’t have the mobility or arm talent to make explosive plays downfield, which leads to not FGs but TDs. Yea the OL is beat up, but it was for Dak as well.

    The draft is always a crapshoot (especially with QBs) and we’ll miss out on the top two. So what do we do reach for a 2nd tier QB? I won’t go into our FA QB options and likely that is a big reach too.

    But I’m always interested in all options that are presented, as long as they aren’t far fetched and involved some thoughtful research. Despite my post I am not in favor of signing Dak no matter what. I just need to hear some reasonable options that actually have a chance of happening.

    Luis Lopez

    I say resign Dak, his overall record might not been as good the last 20 games but he has improved his play every year! Doesn’t turn the ball over much, as we all seen what he did in the 4 or 5 games played this year, which he was the only reason they were in any of the games because of the defense and or defensive coordinator who I question till this day why he even has the job? I could think of a handful of way better coordinators then him! Plus an offensive line that has struggled in stability and consistency over the past 2 or 3 years! Really never liked Garret but if I had him there almost ten years then why get rid of him, those players played hard for him! Back to Dak….no question signing him is the obvious answer and drafting and developing a young Qb behind him in case! Daks been the only consistent player for the Cowboys since his rookie campaign, pay the man!


    Hi Luis, DP has NOT improved every year. His 1st year, we went 13-3. Since then our record has been worse. Second, the team has tried REPEATEDLY to “PAY THE MAN” with a GENEROUS long term contract. IMO, him NOT getting a LT contract is mainly on him. BTW, he IS being paid HANDSOMELY RIGHT NOW.

    HI Gary b, let me preface this by saying I am NOT TOTALLY OPPOSED to signing DP. He is a good QB. NOT as good as some think, however, especially factoring in his lofty contract demands. My partial criticism stems from the fact that his contract demands are/have hurt our team insofar as we are losing very good players from FA departures, who I mentioned previously, ETC.

    IMO, he is NOT a true team player, or he would have been signed by now!

    Now let me address your options question. One option would be to trade DP to a QB hungry team and with those extra picks (on top of what we have already), we would, hopefully, be able to rebuild our DEFENSE back to respectability. The rebuilding of our horrible defense, especially our run defense, is priority one, IMO. The added ATTRACTION is the additional cap money we would save to use, hopefully, wisely. In this scenario, the QB from BYU would probably be available, who I don’t have a problem with. Of course there is risk there, but there is risk in keeping an injured DP and him not evolving as some think he will. The top two would probably be off the board, if not, all the better for us. I just do not feel that DP, and only DP, can lead us. He is not a Mahomes, or a Rodgers, or a Brady, or a Wilson.

    Another scenario would involve a trade with Jets, trading DP AND our 1st round pick, which would be maybe a number 5 overall, for Lawrence. Of course, wrinkles would have to be ironed out in this case.

    Just a couple of options, Of course the option of keeping DP is very real.

    Gary b

    VAM- I disagree with you that Dak hasn’t improved every year ( i know what a surprise ) and record isn’t always a reflection of one player’s contribution or worth to a team. I agree he isn’t in the top tier of QBs but that tier only includes maybe 5-7 QBs but he’s arguably as good as anyone besides those.

    I have always been in agreement regarding his contract demands. Never thought he would be the guy to hold out for every dollar. Let me ask u this VAM would u be amenable to him being our QB if his contract demands were more reasonable? Is it more that he’s isn’t worth his asking price or more u don’t think we can win with him.

    The only way we can trade him is if we tag him as a non exclusive him then trade him. It’s my understanding that the only scenario that could happen would involve the trading partner compensating us with two 1st rd picks and having the cap space to sign Dak. Could happen but not likely. That’s why u rarely see trades of that magnitude happening.. So that limits the options there.

    I’m not sure Wilson is worthy of a top five pick. Much more of a reach to me then the other two. We can’t afford to miss on that pick, and could likely get the best defensive player in the draft if we used it on that side of the ball.

    But I’m really not necessarily in disagreement with u on many of ur as usual good points, aside from maybe I think Dak is a little better than u think. And maybe the options are a bit riskier.


    Hey Gary b, the answer is, I don’t think he is worth the asking price AND if you mean winning the BIG GAME, no, not sold on him being able to accomplish that one. He will win a good amount of games, partly because of the weak division we are in. I commented about that previously, no need to rehash.

    Now, to be frank, there have been times when he has been very impressive to me. Love his grit and toughness. He does give his all, and has a good arm and pretty good wheels. On the other hand, there have been times when I don’t see that KILLER CLUTCH GENE I have seen in other big game winners. He just seems to not be able to get over that last hurdle. That being said, I would be pretty ecstatic if he proves me wrong and wins us SUPER BOWL. I would happily eat crow in that case.

    I guess what I can’t get out of my mind, is that just one playoff win in now basically five years now. In horse racing, you look at past performance to evaluate the participants. Don’t know if that a fair comparison, but may be somewhat. Maybe more applicable, when you think about the draft, we look at and scrutinize the past performance of these college guys, right. I guess he should be scrutinized very carefully before giving him a mega deal. I wonder a bit if the Jones are not totally sold on him because they haven’t sign him yet??? Something to think about.

    Gary b

    VAM- So let me ask you and mind you I’m not being combative. So u want a QB that can “win the big one”. So ur answer to that would be a Wilson type prospect that could HOPEFULLY evolve into a better QB then DP right? I think we can agree that teams don’t contend without really good QBs right? Unless they have a an elite defense.and running game. The cowboys have a historically bad defense and an ineffective running game (partly due to OL) partly due to the deterioration of Zeke. The OL may or may not be improved next year depending on the health of Smith/Collins and Zeke will likely decline more into next year.

    Do u think Signing a few defensive players in free agency will boost this historically bad defense enuf to compensate for an unproven Wilson type QB? This defense will need to be excellent to elite to compensate for the big drop in QB production. Start Andy Dalton and the same applies IMHO. Take a QB with that top five pick and u miss the opportunity to draft the best defensive player in the draft.

    I would suggest that the best version of DP is good enuf and can generate enuf offense with his skill set to allow the cowboys not to need an elite D but maybe only an above average to good one to have success. The truth of the matter is we are light yrs away from having an elite defense. Maybe best bet is we draft the best defensive player in the draft, this talented rookie class continues to develop and we go heavy D on the rest of what will NINE picks most of which will be top five of each rd

    Now I understand that much of this is predicated on DP playing at a high level, our rookie class continuing to evolve and nailing this next draft. But I always felt that the draft is how teams are built and free agency is a bit overrated (especially in Jerry’s hands). U want the big name FAs and ur bidding against other teams and way overpaying for them.

    With all that said I know there are valid arguments for going the OPPOSITE direction then what I’m suggesting. Truth be known i could argue the other position just as well. Lol

    Gary b

    I agree that the front office has never appeared to be totally sold on DP and I think that plays into both sides in regards to contract negotiations. But that works both ways. Maybe Dak isn’t sold on the cowboys? Maybe he wants to explore his options and move on from this dysfunctional franchise. He could play out next season then have his pick of suitors and decide for himself where he lives and plays.

    Not everyone dreams of playing for the cowboys, though i thought that Dak was one of them.


    Gary b, of course I want the Cowboys to win another SB, what fan doesn’t. But maybe the real question in this whole equation is the difference, in Jerry’s mind, between paying DP mega dollars with a LT contract and possibly not winning the big one. And drafting a good promising rookie QB on a rookie deal and saving all that cap money to use elsewhere, and also possibly not winning the big one. As far as Wilson goes, I like what I see. He appears to have the necessary tools to make a very good NFL QB in time.

    I understand losing out on a Parsons is distasteful.
    I really like him as a center piece for our D. If we keep DP, I like Parsons as our first pick.

    I agree with you about the FAs, should be very picky there. I remember years back when Philly loaded up on shiny FAs and were thought to be almost unbeatable, until it all fizzled out.


    This team has been a dumpster fire since Jimmy Johnson with a couple of good years sprinkled in thanks to Jerry Jones and now his son, Stephen Jones. Now they are going to destroy their QB situation with Dakota Prescott. This should have been done 2 years ago. QB’S are very hard to come by. Now you want him to sign a contract in the best interest of the team when you could’ve did this and got a discount then. Instead you sign Zeke to a massive contract and that is biting you in the ass and your money is short. You, Stephen Jones are going to lose this battle.