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Sweep incoming: The Cowboys Should Stay Unbeaten in the Division Again Next Season

The Cowboys did not lose a single game inside the last season, and honestly, they shouldn’t lose another one next season

The media has hinted at the fact many times that Dallas will finish second to the Eagles in the division. You can talk all you want about how much they lost and what it may do to them.

Did the Eagles get better, sure? Does anyone think they got 20 points better? Dallas took care of the backups at the end of the season, but on September 22nd, Dallas beat them 41-21. The Eagles are the only team I think could give Dallas a loss inside the division next season.

Washington now has . Seems like yesterday the media tried to say he was better than .

The Giants are a question mark. The new , they have declined 's fifth-year option. Don't expect Dallas even plays the starters near the end of the game in both. We may see suit up in the first matchup, but he always seems to get banged up and not even take the field when the second game rolls around.

Look, all I am saying is Dallas did not get so much worse than it should affect anything inside the division, fans can say what they want, but Prescott should own a share of stock in the East he dominates.

Winning in this league is hard. I harp on it all the time. has been the best signal  caller for the last five years, and his only Superbowl was when was the head coach. It is not easy.

Barring any to Prescott, the Cowboys will roll again and finish atop the East standings, and people will still find a way to discredit anything and everything about them.

The are an entirely different ball game.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Bob Stubblefield

I disagree completely, and the Cowboys have a real chance at finishing 2nd or 3rd in the NFC Least.

The Eagles are much improved, and Washington should be as well with a legitimate QB.

Dallas talks a lot about improving in the draft, and with “their guys”, but in the off-season they lost L’ael Collins, Randy Gregory, Connor Williams, and Cedrick Wilson, all “their guys”.

It’s not talked about much, but I think not signing Cedrick Wilson instead of the injured Michael Gallup was possibly as big as the other losses this past year. He was much improved, and had better stats than Michael Gallup, including TD’s, yards, and YAC, and also had a great rapport with Dak Prescott.

Also, the franchise tag would have been best used on Randy Gregory.

Until he can consistently catch the football, I also question Ceedee Lamb as a true number one.

After a tumultuous off-season including the usual drama from the Jones Family and the team, I see this team finishing at best 10-7.

As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I would love to be proved wrong, but they’ve been very consistent for 26 years now.

Cowboys fan

Washington should be much improved with a legitimate QB…. That’s about the dumbest/funniest thing I’ve heard all off season!! Carson Wentz is not a legitimate QB…. If he was he would still be playing for the eagles, but he’s not, he’s already on his 3rd team in as many years!! The only thing Washington has going for them is their defense and after last season, that don’t even seem to be much of a problem!! I can agree that the eagles are much improved, but they still don’t have a good QB!! You can’t win a bunch of games without a decent QB!! And as far as Dallas goes…. They’re not much different from what they were last year!! Losing Collins, Gregory and Williams wasn’t really a loss…. We have they’re replacements already, and they’re replacements are just as good as they are if not better!! The only losses we really had are Cooper and Wilson, and even though we lost them, I don’t see this offense getting much worse than they were last year!! With players like Washington and Tolbert coming in this year, plus Pollard getting more reps in the slot and in the back field, I think the production of Cooper and Wilson can be close to being replaced!! And as far as the franchise tag goes…. I think they made the right choice…. I think losing Gregory is a blessing in disguise, he was a big reason why we lost to the 49ers in the playoffs…. With his stupid penalties that kept the 49ers offense on the field, when they should’ve been punting it to us!! And then another big reason we lost that game was cause of Connor Williams and his holding and false start penalties!! And Collins wasn’t even playing much for us anymore…. Steele was the starter for most of the season!! So losing them 3 doesn’t affect this team at all, it probably helps us win more games!! And even if you are right and we finish the season at 10-7, I think that will still be a good enough record to win the East!! But as easy as our schedule looks, I think we win more than that…. Like I said, I don’t think this team is much different from last year, so I think we can win close to the same amount of games as last year…. So we should win at least 11 or 12 games this year!! Either way, I think we’ll be the first team to win the NFC East in back to back seasons since the eagles done it!!

Cowboy Fan Ed

I agree Bob with you about Cedrick Wilson! I think he will be missed more than we know! I just hope these new guys can come in and preform better than expected!! I really don’t think we will miss RG or LC that much but only time will tell!

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