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TE Kyle Pitts Could be the Next Jason Witten for the Cowboys

It's rare for a player to provide the kind of production, stability, and both on and off the field like did with the . For the better part of two decades they didn't have to give a second thought to the position because of him, but now have the tough, if not impossible, task of finding his long-term replacement.

As things stand right now the Dallas Cowboys have a solid duo of TEs in . Sadly though, neither one of them have done anything to date proving themselves worthy of remaining with the organization long-term. In fact, neither of the two might not have a future in Dallas beyond the .

As you probably know already Dalton Schultz is entering a contract year and becomes a at the conclusion of the season. It's unlikely he's in Dallas' future plans, leaving Blake Jarwin as the hopeful long-term TE. And yet, the way his contract is constructed he could possibly be released after the 2021 season if he fails to produce.

The Dallas Cowboys can actually save $4.25 million with only $2 million in dead money by designating Blake Jarwin a pre-June 1 cut. To me that signifies either he produces this year after coming off an ACL or he could be looking for a job elsewhere. That doesn't exactly signify long-term solution to me.

So what are the Dallas Cowboys to do? Do they let things play out with Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz and hope things work out or do they look for someone else to stabilize the TE position like Jason Witten did? Honestly there is no right or wrong answer, however, they could be keeping their eye on a particular TE in the 2021 to be that next stabilizing force.

Helllooo !!!

Kyle Pitts
TE Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts is as talented of a TE prospect we've seen in quite some time and a large majority of are salivating over the idea of the Dallas Cowboys drafting him with the 10th overall pick. Adding him to the weapons already has at his disposal in Dallas' aerial attack would make them virtually unstoppable.

At 6'5″, 240 pounds the 20-year-old former Gator TE has the intangibles to be the next Jason Witten for the Dallas Cowboys. His age and talent could help stabilize the position for years to come and give the Cowboys a mismatch weapon that strikes fear in opposing defensive coordinators around the league.

It would be almost unfair to put Kyle Pitts in an with , , and in the passing game and in the . That could very well equate to the best offensive unit the NFL has ever seen. Sadly though, this could be just a pipe dream for many of us.

Because Kyle Pitts is such a rare generational talent there's a good possibility he could get drafted well before the Dallas Cowboys are on the clock. It's rumored both the and are highly interested in him, but if he somehow slips past both of them Dallas should jump at the opportunity to put him in a Cowboys uniform.

Yes the Dallas Cowboys need more defensive help, but you simply can't afford to pass up on a true blue chip player like Kyle Pitts. After all, they've already done a pretty good job of addressing some of their biggest defensive needs through and would still have nine draft picks to use in the hopes of upgrading the further.

All of this of course depends on whether or not Kyle Pitt somehow slides to the Dallas Cowboys in the first-round. If not no harm done. They simply stick to their board and draft accordingly. But, if he is somehow still there they can't pass up on the opportunity. His talent and ability to stabilize the position for years to come is something they simply cannot pass up on.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Unless Gallup or Cooper are traded for CB help and/or Dallas signs Adoree Jackson (doubtful – too good and too expensive) I can’t see picking Pitts. I am a Gator fan and would love to have Kyle Pitts. There is only one football, though, and tons of need on defense.


Agreed Brian on Pitts , he’s this year’s Ceedee Lamb , if he falls to you , you’re hard pressed to pass him up , even if it isn’t a glaring need .

I doubt he will though , he’s one of 3 players in this draft who are imo surefire hits , Philly will have blowed it again just like the last 2 years when they had a chance to get Jefferson and Metcalf at WR , doubt they’ll make that same mistake again but you never know

Juan Hermosillo

Name a previous 1st round TE that’s made a big impact on their respective team? There isn’t one, therefore, Kyle Pitts isn’t a for sure thing in the NFL. OJ Howard, TJ Hockenson, Eric Ebron, Kellen Winslow, Jr. How have they panned out?


TJ Hockenson got stuck with the Lions , you wanna brag about them ? They wanting to tear everyone’s knee caps off now XD XD XD

Ebron has been decent

OJ can’t stay healthy

Yes they’re busts every year , at every position (Bet I could name just as many QB busts , or more ) , but I can almost GUARANTEE you Pitts won’t be one of those , and he 100% wouldn’t bust if he’s on our team


Drafting Pitts would fix the red zone. Philadelphia will take him so that the Cowboys can’t.

Gary b

I think Pitts is much more highly rated then any of those TEs Juan listed. I would be shocked if the Eagles didn’t take him. He’s just the type of pass catcher the inaccurate Hurts really needs at his disposal. Good hands and big catch radius. Unless the Eagles surprise and go QB Pitts is their guy.


Strickly hypothetically…….how far and at what cost would it take to move up to get Pitts? …..I believe we have 10 picks this year…..


Would you trade up ahead of both eagles and falcons and take him away from eagles especially??? I think I would maybe give a couple Comp picks? I would if not too expensive.. Would you Bryan?

Jason B

Wrong, wrong, wrong….Go Surtain, especially now that Farley is dealing with health issues. There’s a TE you can get in the 2nd or maybe 3rd round, depending on how the draft goes, that I believe will be much better than Pitts….his name is Brevin Jordan.

Get the DB first, especially since there’s no DT that’s worth a top10 pick. If they sign Hooker, then our secondary would be set. If one of the stud safeties falls to us in the 2nd round nab them and hope Jordan is there in the 3rd. If no stud safety is there in the 2nd, take Jordan. It’s a no brainer, we NEED to sure you our D first.


Jarwin will be fine. The best unit the NFL has ever seen was Pearson, Hill, Johnson, Richards, Dupree, and Dorsett with Roger Staubach at the helm.


If Pitts is there at 10, take him. Chances are he wont be so cant continue to fantasize about what-ifs. The offense is already stacked at skill positions. Need defense and OL depth.

Gary b

We can’t afford to squander this #10 pick. We HAVE TO get a high impact player regardless of position. Who knows when we will be picking this high in every round again. We can’t pass up a superior talent to reach for a player at a position that is perceived as more of a need.

I like Surtain but he isn’t considered a blue chipper necessarily. He’ll likely be good but will he be great? There are only only a handful of prospects that are considered “can’t miss ” types. To me those are:


Voke Mise

It’s definitely a pipe dream. He will not make it past 7th likely not past 6th but there is no scenario in which he drops far enough. This guy just ran a 40 in 4.4 and was already a consensus top 8 pick. QB goes 1-3 most likely as Miami likes to trade back and has Ts & just signed WR Will Fuller to go with Devonte Parker so will pass on Chase now. Atlanta makes sense for QB or best player available which is undoubtedly either Sewell, Chase or Pitts but Chase isn’t a need for them. Then the Bengals just signed RT Riley Reiff and are now looking at Pitts as well as Chase/Sewell but then the Eagles come on the clock and the choice is Chase or Pitts who’s still available. If not Miami(likely picking 8th or 9th) now takes him. Same scenario works without trade back and Detroit is looking for a “WR” which Pitts essentially is, he’s like Claypool a true WR/TE hybrid freakish speed for the size. Outside of Trevor Lawrence almost every expert has Chase, Sewell, Pitts in some order following maybe Wilson gets thrown in there. It would take a trade up and I believe the Cowboys have too many holes to force a trade up for a pass catcher when they have 3 good ones. More realistic would be hoping Patrick Surtain III is still on the board. Which is likely. Let’s say Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, Lance(#3 Carolina) go 1-4. 5th is Pitts 6th is Chase 7th Waddle 8th Smith(Miami) 9th Parsons 10th Surtain III. Even if they aren’t dead on that’s a lot of the guys going to go too 10 unless Smith or Parsons slide but even then you have Miami or Carolina picking at 8 and if it’s MIA they have Howard & Jones at CB, Carolina has more pressing needs like QB. Denver just signed 2 good CBs. Surtain is almost certain to fall in the cowboys lap.

Gary b

U did ur homework Voke Mise good job! The one thing we know about the draft is that it’s unpredictable and it rarely goes exactly according to predictions. Should be interesting.

Gary b

So Voke Mise- if Surtain isn’t available what do u think the cowboys will do? What do u think we should do?

Tom G.

I’m one hundred per cent with you Brian. Pitts would be an unbelievable addition to the Cowboys Offence and would be there for many years to come.This would make the Dallas Cowboys an absolute offensive juggernaut and the pride of the entire NFL. Dan Quinn will take care of the defense and add some good players to that side of the equation but you still have to put points on the board. And I’m damn sure Dak would be thrilled with the decision.

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