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WAS 25, DAL 3: New Week, Same Old Weaknesses as Cowboys Drop to 2-5

The Cowboys lost QB Andy Dalton to a concussion but had already lost the game before that point. Ineffective defense and offensive miscues once again put them in a big hole early and Dallas could do nothing to get out of it, losing 25-3 in their first meeting against the Washington Football Team.

Dalton left the game in the 3rd Quarter after taking a blow to the head while sliding. Linebacker Jon Bostic was ejected and could be suspended, appearing to blatantly target Dalton’s head with his forearm on the hit.

This brought 7th-round rookie Ben DiNucci into the game. While he did enter last week’s game against the Cardinals briefly, DiNucci didn’t attempt a pass on that drive and finally got some real playing time today.

Unfortunately, the rookie had to play behind the same obliterated offensive line which has plagued Dallas all season. The Cowboys’ offense was barely functional all day, giving up six sacks and generating just 142 total yards.

DiNucci only attempted three passes despite entering the game in the 3rd, connecting on two of them for 39 yards.

Things weren’t any better on the other side of the ball. Washington was the NFL’s worst rushing team going into Week 7 at just 82.2 yards per game, but Dallas surrendered 194 yards on the ground today.

The Cowboys are in freefall at this point, and how much is due to missing talent, lack of motivation, or ineffective coaching is up for debate and speculation. But with things going from bad to worse, eyes keep looking to Jerry Jones and questions are mounting about how much longer he can stomach this debacle.

Other Notes

  • DeMarcus Lawrence and Everson Griffen each had sacks today but otherwise the Cowboys’ pass rush wasn’t very effective. It was disappointing to see no real sign of Randy Gregory on the field today, even though he was active for his first game since the 2018 season.
  • Trevon Diggs had a couple of pass breakups but was the culprit on a 52-yard touchdown pass to Terry McLaurin early in the game. Diggs let McLaurin run by him for no apparent reason and with no backup, making for the easy score.
  • CeeDee Lamb dropped a few passes today and has struggled more than most since Dak Prescott went down. It was wet today in Washington but these looked more like poor plays from the WR than issues from the rain.
  • Speaking of securing the ball, Ezekiel Elliott got through the day without a fumble. He did tip a pass into the air which led to an interception at the end of the first half, but Dalton’s throw was egregiously behind Zeke and more culpable for the turnover.
  • Dallas drops to 2-5 and now has their first loss in division play. They’ll head to Philadelphia next week for a game which could allow them to jump back into the division lead, or perhaps fall too far behind given the current state of the team.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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  1. Ok another week and it’s the same old story ! Washington is the worst or one of the worst teams rushing the football and we make them look like a Super Bowl contender! It’s past time for MN to step away from the DC job and get somebody in there that can fit the talent to a scheme that will work! Also we can’t point a finger at the QB when he is running for his life and still getting the ball out but guys are dropping passes! The pass that went off Zekes hands was a little behind him BUT it touched his hands and if it touches your hands it should be caught!

  2. It’s time once and for all for Jerry Jones to fire himself and his family and finally hire a true GM for this franchise. After all, he cans he alone has put together this debacle in Dallas.

  3. The Cowboys looks lifeless the past 2 games without Dak. He is our unquestioned heart and soul. We need to lock him up this offseason. Interesting point is lets say we cant recover and were in position to draft a QB. Would you rather take Dak or Lawrence/Fields? Imagine the ransom a trade for that pick would have

  4. Overpayed players and players were released from old teams because of some reason, such as Poe, Dalton, etc. Defensive coordinator must be fired now and give a Mc Carthy till end of season if “some” changes are shown.

  5. This season is over. It is sad to say but the only thing worth playing for at this point is draft position. This team has no chance to be competitive. Whatever the outcome of Dalton’s injury he should never see the field again. The rest of this year should be spent seeing what we have in Dinucci. This team is colossally bad any more wins will only push the Boys closer to that middle ground where it is hard to make any difference for your team. There will be many holes to fill again next year unfortunately.

  6. Amazing how the season went south so quickly. Thinking about how most were saying how good the draft went. The expectations were pretty high. But downward spiral started earlier than most even realized. It began with those FAs – starting and maybe best DE Quinn, starting and maybe best DT Collins, starting and BEST CB B Jones, starting S Heath, etc) that we let get away, had a huge negative effect on our DEFENSE. Then the incoming FAs – McCoy injured for year, Poe stunk from the get go, Canady opts out, Worley just bad, Dix cut, ETC, – that had maybe a bigger negative effect on our DEFENSE, because NONE worked out. The injuries during the year of course are a big part of our woes, but IMHO, this horrible year started early on.

    And don’t forget last year when people were calling for Garrett’s head, and were giddy when he got fired. Well, 8-8 is looking pretty good right about now.

  7. As VAM said they were moves that I didnt understand, Jones let go DT Collins and instead of pay him they brought two first rounds from Carolina who weren’t any cheap but both we’re released for being The worst defender against The rush last year, they brought Canady Worly and FA Dix instead of paying Heath that sign for LV for justo 3MM?? Dix was released, Canady out and Worley as was showned against Cardinales sucks really bad

  8. Well what’s done is done. Completely agree with you Todd. What do we have to lose playing Dinucci. For obvious reasons we know Dalton won’t be back next yr. We need to see what Dinucci can do if anything. Play the young guys so we can see who can play and who can’t, so we can make moves accordingly moving forward. It’s hard to get impact players drafting in the middle of the pack each yr.

    Justin I agree Dak is the heart and soul of this team. Name another leader on this team? As he goes we go and when he went down the team lost all hope. What does that tell you about his value? We would need to pick in the top 5 to have any chance at Fields (Lawrence will go #1). QBs coming out of college are always hit and miss. All u have to do is look at the recent ones that went high to know that. I’m not saying we should discount that option, but just know the risks.

    VAM I agree back in the day Wash. would have been made to pay for that cheap shot. But I see it as an indictment on this team and where they are right now. No passion no fire and most importantly no hope.

  9. this team is in major trouble. There gonna go down as the worst defense ever and thats saying a lot.. They are poorly coached and have no motivation which I find despicable as a fan, I would get rid of 3/4 of the team. Might as well start the second string and see what you got

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