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WATCH: CB Israel Mukuamu Emotional When Getting His Draft Day Call

The is a celebration of sorts. While analysts and fans agonize over each pick, trying to understand the team's thought process and the player's fit with their favorite team, the players themselves are reaching their long-awaited dreams.

Newest Cowboys was a good reminder of those dreams being realized. The former South Carolina standout was taken by the Cowboys in the of the , and his reaction to the call was one for the ages.

Given he's a sixth round pick, it could be an uphill battle for Israel to make the final roster. But the Cowboys cornerback room is thin, and Mukuamu brings much needed length and press-man ability with him.

After this video, I know all of will be rooting for Israel Mukuamu to make the team this Fall.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Love that. That shows me something. This kid will bring it. The passion is there!!! Can play CB AND Safety. Great late pick.

Our draft improved toward the end. Third round maybe stalled a little bit, but overall, some really good picks.

Jim Camero

Love the passion! Im rooting for the kid big time.


I agree. The third round could have made this draft an A but there were some reaches there for sure that may come back to bite them. I am still shocked they did not package some of those picks to get THE guy instead of a bunch if guys.

Cowboy Fan Ed

Man if all the players were as humble and thankful to have the opportunity to play a game that they love and make an unbelievable living at the highest level possible just how great would this sport be! I hope this young man stays humble and thankful for the GOD given privilege that he has been given! I also like the fact that he thanked the Cowboys for drafting the best DB in the draft ! Most guys (not all but most )that I’ve coached or played with through the years…. that has self confidence usually know that they can back up what they say! Hope this fellow is another Deion Sanders!

KeeKee Oscar

I’m rooting for this kid!! So humble and appreciative for the opportunity. I pray he makes the final cut. I will purchase his jersey. Let’s Go Cowboys!!

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