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WATCH: RB Ezekiel Elliott Looks Explosive In Offseason Workout

Having just finished his fifth season in the league, it feels like running back Ezekiel Elliott has been around forever.

Elliott came into the league an explosive, lean runner that could break off the big play seemingly at any moment. As he’s moved through his career, his contact balance and overall physicality have become his best strengths. He’s gotten more muscular, but at times has not had that same level of explosiveness we had gotten used to back in 2016.

This offseason, Elliott looks to be trying to get that back. Once again, Elliott was filmed doing an agility workout and looking as quick as ever.

J.Hicks on Twitter: “We Just Crafting Right Now!!!! @EzekielElliott #The3Way / Twitter”

We Just Crafting Right Now!!!! @EzekielElliott #The3Way

Back in March, a similar video was released, sending Cowboys Twitter into a mini frenzy. Hey, it’s the offseason, can you blame for them for looking for something to get excited about?

J.Hicks on Twitter: “We Just Getting Acclimated…..@EzekielElliott / Twitter”

We Just Getting Acclimated…..@EzekielElliott

Ezekiel Elliott posted career lows in yards per game and per rush, while also having a career high in fumbles in 2020. He failed to reach 1,000 yards rushing for the first time in his career (when playing a full season), and just seemed to lose a bit of that prestige he once had around the league.

But there were major hurdles for Elliott to face last season. We all know how dependent the running back position is on the surroundings of the offense, and the Cowboys offense completely crumbled around Ezekiel Elliott last year.

With the full unit back and healthy, Ezekiel Elliott looks primed for a bounce-back 2021 campaign.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. Lean ? Really ? At times. Even as a rook he was often heavy. He may have a good year. Hope so. But he is past having great years. Lacks quickness. Never was his forte but the straight line speed is not there anymore. Gonna have to muscle tough yards between the tackles.

  2. Realistically, I’m curious what a “bounce back” year would look like? What will the offense “need” from him? Yards? TDs? RAC? With 3 receives capable of 1000 yards plus Jarwin/Dalton it is fair to think he won’t see many stacked fronts. So I’ll ask…what are realistic expectations for a RB at his prime who is costing significant cap space. OH, and there’s this small matter of having a highly capable back up in Pollard!!!

  3. I would love he has a bounce back year. Still, I believe J Jones got mauled over this contract. No need to pay such an amount of money for the type of production the Cowboys are getting from him.

  4. That time or year where we all try to get hyped about stories of how good somebody looks in practice or otas training camp. Then when the season comes its like what happened? I thought there were doing good in practice lol!! Sorry but I think we have seen the best of Zeke in 2016. He can barely break tackles he won’t juke you and the break away speed well that broke away!!

  5. They all look good in flattering videos and choreographed pro days. Are we to believe these unprecedented 40 times? I would tack on 2/10 second to any of these pro day 40s. Just sayin

    And if Zeke is a top 15 back in the league that will be considered a success. And would it hurt him to break into the secondary every now and then? DTs are tripping him up from behind. Hopefully this coming season isn’t a carbon copy of last. RBs don’t usually get faster with age. But who knows maybe the covid threw him off.

  6. Don’t see the old EE coming back. Last two years should make that apparent. He was great his first three years, but no longer. Burst, and any elusiveness he had, all sub par. Long speed gone, and not coming back. I think he was declining before COVID hit.

    Did a fanspeak mock and RBs N Harris, T Etienne and J Williams were all available in 2nd round.
    IMO, Pollard is not a bell cow, and Dowdle is an unknown. May be tempting? But they won’t bite, as Jerry thinks EE is still an elite RB.

  7. VAM – I would love to draft one of those young talented RBs. Unfortunately the big dead money hit we would incur prevents us from breaking ties with Zeke until after the 2022 season.

    In other words we’re stuck with him unless Jerry wants go ahead and eat that money. We would be off hook for his base salary but still alot of dead money to eat.

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