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Week 14 Preview: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Football Team

The (8-4) will be headed to D.C. this Sunday to take on the Washington Football Team (6-6). It will be the first divisional game since week five for the Cowboys and will be the first of four games to wrap up the season for Dallas in the final five games.

Dallas has lost three out of five while Washington has pulled off four in a row to become relevant in the playoff picture. If the Cowboys win this game, they will be in first by three games in the NFC East with four to play, all but locking up the division.

The good news for Dallas is is 7-1 in his career against Washington.

Washington will not be an easy out, though, as they have played very well the past month on both sides of the ball. Defensively, they have not given up more than 21 points in their last five games and have not allowed more than 310 total yards in that same span while accumulating nine and four turnovers as well.

On , Taylor Heinicke has played very efficiently and not made many mistakes, only throwing two interceptions during the Washington winning streak. Heinicke ranks first in several advanced statistics since week nine, including EPA+CPOE composite, EPA/play, and while completing 79.3% of his passes.

The 79.3% completion percentage is overwhelmingly good. However, Heinicke does play close to the vest and excels when throwing the ball 10 yards or fewer. He is just the 20th ranked per PFF when throwing the ball 20 or more yards down the field, though. It will be imperative for Dallas to stop the short .

The for Washington has also been producing as of late as they have run for over 100 yards three of the last four games, and in two of those games, the Washington offense eclipsed 150 rushing yards. The run blocking for Washington has been stout as they lead the entire NFL in run-block win rate at 77% throughout the whole season.

Washington is no stranger to the Cowboys. He shredded the Dallas last year to a tune of 243 yards and four touchdowns over two games. He will look to repeat those performances on Sunday against a somewhat beleaguered Cowboys rush defense. Dallas has let up 715 yards on the ground at a clip of 4.7 yards per carry over their last five games.

This could be a doomsday scenario for Dallas as Washington will try and establish the run on Sunday. They average 29.5 rushes per game on the season, and over the last three games, Washington has averaged 37.7 rushes per game. The Football Team has averaged almost 3 minutes and 45 seconds per drive since week 8, which is the most in the NFL. Stopping the run on early downs will be critical for the Dallas defense.

The Cowboys will be getting back and barring any setbacks, and returned last week against the . The return of these three players should help Dallas in their attempt to stop the Washington rushing attack.

However, it should be asked how big of an impact Gallimore realistically makes, as he will be playing his first snaps of the season. There is a good chance he will be on a pitch count.

The addition of Gregory should help this out that has already been playing well, averaging 2.7 sacks per game over their last three games. Washington has allowed five sacks combined their past three games and sport a pass-block win rate of 67% on the season, which is fourth-best in the NFL.

Another huge matchup to watch for is on . McLaurin is a true number one receiver and can cause the Cowboys fits. Although Diggs has nine interceptions on the season, he has allowed the eight most catches in the league of any with 47 and only has a 59.6 coverage grade per PFF.

When the Cowboys are on offense, they will need to be very aware of their two heavy hitters up front defensive tackles Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne, who have combined for nine sacks on the year and do a great job clogging up the middle on the run game.

It will be a test for the interior of the Cowboys that has struggled as of late. The battle between the two Washington studs and and left will prove vital in deciding the outcome of this matchup.

may have to play a more significant role on Sunday as is questionable with a foot . Zeke has been hobbled as of late and has not been playing well. He only has 143 yards in his last four games, averaging only 3.17 yards per attempt in that span.

Washington holds the sixth-best rushing success rate on defense and allows just 91.3 rushing yards per game, the third-best in the NFL. So there could be some more struggles for Zeke come Sunday.

Dak Prescott will probably have to win this game for Dallas. If Prescott is afforded time in the pocket, though, he should be able to carve up this Washington defense. On the season, Washington is allowing 7.1 yards per pass attempt, the sixth-worst completion percentage against at 68.36%, and the second-worst quarterback allowed at 105.0.

Ultimately, if Dallas plays up to their potential, they are the better team and should be able to escape this game with a win and lock up the NFC East.

Dallas 27, Washington – 23

Kevin Rice
Kevin Rice
I'm a 32 year old life long Cowboys fan from New York. It's fun growing up in enemy territory. College basketball and March Madness fanatic. Lover of thrillers and comedies. Follow me on twitter @CowboysCC9

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Ethan L Chazin

You fail to mention Trysten Hill also returning. So for the 1st time all season we have our entire starting 1st rotation D line in Tank-Gallimore-Osi-Gregory, with all back ups (Armstrong, Watkins, Gholston) having significant playing time/experience. Couple that with blitzing Jourdan Lewis and Kearse, and Parsons being able to roam at LB and I think that is enough to force Heinicke to make some bad throws/pressure into poor decisions. He’s only middling when pressured and his avg pass is paltry 6 yards.


On paper, Cowboys are the better team. MM should not give the hot WFT anymore incentive, with his win prediction. Dumb, he should know better, not necessary.


GOD I HATE MMC FOR MAKING THAT PREDICTION, I like the outcome, just not him fortune telling that ahead of time, can’t help but wonder now if we gonna take an L vs. Washington now cuz our whole team probably gonna sleep on them SMH


THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN THE NFL if you think you gonna wipe the floor with another team just by showing up, then you’re in for a RUDE AWAKENING, I WISH YOU’D JUST SHUT THE HELL UP MMC

Ethan L Chazin

I like it! MM is old school, and Jimmy Johnson would say the same thing. Let’s be real, do you think him saying what he did has any bearing on…well…ANYTHIN? No, what DOES have a bearing…Tank, Osi, Gallimore and Tank lining up for the 1st time all season, Zeke and TP banged up, all 3 WRs getting 10 days of rep with Dak, our O line getting more continuity together, Jourdan Lewis blitzing, Micah Parsons getting to be used in the best situations, Jayron Kearse blitzing. Our LBs being garbage besides Parsons. All our coaches back from covid. In other words…it’s the football stuff that matters. And this team needs to be ON POINT in a hostile stadium to come out with a V and lock up the East at 9-4!!


Yeah i do think it does, IF THE TEAM COMES INTO A GAME THINK YOU GONNA ROLL WASHINGTON (who’s on a hot streak that started with them beating bucs) THEN YOU’LL BE HUMBLED, this is what happened earlier this season after we got a BIG HEAD from all the W’s early on,

The coach’s mentality is a reflection of the team’s mentality, in this case it isn’t good, plus Jimmy did that AFTER HE WON A SB(he said it vs. Washington oddly enough, in 93, he won his first SB in 92), MMC hasn’t done anything for us, NOW HE ACTING LIKE HE’S SOME JIMMY JOHNSON, and you good with that ? You lost me

gary b

I’m inclined to side with Ethan on this one. If this team’s play is in anyway determined by an innocuous comment by the coach, then we got big problems.


It isn’t the comment necessarily that I find a problem with, it’s the mentality that i find a problem with, this is what got the Bucs when Washington beat them to go on this win streak, it’s what got the Rams in several games after beating the Bucs, the Bills thought they could just roll the Jags and they blew that game too, we lost games cuz we got BIG HEADS and thought we could just blow other inferior teams out the water, these team’s got BIG HEADS and they took L’s,

What do you guys think MMC is saying to the team behind the scenes? If MMC and our team thinks like what Ethan said “we got Tank, Osa, Gallimore, and Gregory all together” and our “WRs got 10 days reps with Dak”, then I can almost guarantee we gonna lose this game, Washington is alot more dangerous than you guys give them credit for, idk if it’s cuz y’all liked to think as cowboys fans we’d wipe the floor with all our divisional opponents or
y’all just don’t have enough respect for a NFL team, but ultimately, i hope our team doesn’t have the same viewpoint but by MMC’s comments, it sure sounds like it does……….


A HC’s job is to keep the team in check, to keep them from overlooking opponents THEIR JOB ISN’T TO BE A HYPE MAN LMAO


I guess i found MMC’s role on the team, he doesn’t contribute to the offense, or defense, and he’s crap at clock management, but HE’S A GREAT HYPE MAN

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