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Week 18 Preview: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Commanders

In the season's final week, the Cowboys plan to travel to Washington to take on the recently eliminated . As of now, all the games for this week are on as scheduled. Thoughts and prayers are continued for Damar Hamlin.

The Cowboys, 12-4, have a slim chance of capturing the East crown and a tiny possibility of gaining the No. 1 seed and home field throughout the .  

The Cowboys can win the with a victory Sunday and an Eagles loss to the Giants. A loss from the 49ers would also jump them to the first overall seed. 

The Giants can not change their playoff seeding, so don't expect many key players to suit up. Both games are in the afternoon window, so I am sure someone on the Cowboys will have their eyes on that game. 

If Philly controls the matchup and has a sizeable lead, it would be great if the staff pulled the starters after the first half. 

With all that said, the possibility is still open. said resting players, at least for the entire game, would not happen. “There's too much to play for,” Jones said yesterday.

We all want the first-round bye and the division title, but we must be honest with ourselves. There is a very slim chance everything bounces the Cowboys' way.

Washington has benched again (shocker). Both Taylor Heinicke and rookie Same Howell are expected to play. Howell took the first reps in practice this week, and will start on Sunday. 

The Cowboys faced something similar to this a couple of weeks ago against the Texans. Let's hope they are plenty prepped for both players taking snaps.

If the Cowboys are going to play all their starters, let's hope they attack it like a playoff game. practiced yesterday for the first time since missing last week's game. The scored 27 points in his absence last week, but we can see the extra element he brings to that side of the ball.

I would keep active just in case they keep him on a snap count, but with the Cowboys releasing yesterday morning, we may see more snaps from T.Y Hilton in preparation for the playoffs next week.

I give credit to the for bringing him in. He has been excellent thus far.

I expect the Cowboys to control much, if not all, of this game. Washington wants to win, but they are playing for jobs next season, nothing else. Although unlikely, the Cowboys are playing for a division title with some help and a No. 1 or 2 seed.

If Dallas does pull the starters at half or the end of the 3rd, I still think Dallas will roll to a 29-16 victory.

As a football player, I can't imagine how most of them feel as they prepare for this week. I hope everything turns out okay for Hamlin and that others around him and the NFL can get peace of mind.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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