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What Dez Bryant’s Departure Could Mean For La’el Collins

It's still way too early to know whether or not the decision to part ways with was the right one, but one thing is for sure, the is definitely going to look different in 2018. I'm not just talking about not having #88 in the lineup any longer or who is expected to replace him. I'm looking at the bigger picture here.

Now that Dez Bryant is no longer a member of the Dallas Cowboys, the need to draft one of the top wide receivers in this year's draft class has significantly become more apparent. In fact, it may just jump to the top the list.

Before Bryant's , I thought the Dallas Cowboys biggest needs in the 2018 was finding a starting caliber left , followed by , and then . Now, I think finding a new takes a backseat unfortunately.

A lot of have been salivating over the idea of the Dallas Cowboys drafting either , , or for months now. I know I'm certainly guilty. I'd actually fallen in love with the idea of seeing one of these prospects making the Cowboys dominant once again.

Unfortunately, I just don't see the Dallas Cowboys taking another offensive lineman with one of their first two draft picks any longer. Finding a starting caliber linebacker and wide receiver have likely jumped the top of the list.

D.J. Moore
Maryland WR

Hopefully, this has been the Cowboys plan all along because they believe they already have their starting left guard on the roster. No, I'm not talking about or , who they signed in , I'm talking about .

I know La'el Collins has recently said he would prefer to stay at right , but he may be asked to move back inside out of necessity. It's a position he's already played for the Cowboys, and looked pretty good there. Of course, it was a somewhat small sample size.

It's all about putting together the best offensive line possible and Collins' move back to left guard could do just that. would take over for Collins at and , and would man their usual positions.

Ideally, the Dallas Cowboys would probably prefer to draft a new left guard so that they don't have to reshuffle their offensive line. But, finding a prospect who is capable of stepping in immediately after the first two rounds is going to be difficult.

The departure of Dez Bryant could end up having an impact on La'el Collins more than any other Dallas Cowboys player in 2018. It's probably not going to be the biggest ripple effect #88 has on the Dallas Cowboys, but it does look like it changes their draft strategy and potentially their offensive line.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys move La'el Collins back to guard?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Saul Molina

With there first two picks they need to get two of these players will hernandez,vita vea,calvin ridley dj moore Courtland Sutton roquan smith,trumaine Edmunds or derwin james I know the last three are trade up’s just saying know one else for your first two picks


I think you are assuming that releasing Bryant automatically means there is a need for a #1 WR…..I don’t see it that way but who knows how Jerral thinks today or tomorrow.


I think that even if they had kept Dez they needed to get a #1 wide receiver in this draft. With his release, the need is greater. However, whether that pick needs to happen at 19 or at 50 is up for debate, given the apparent WR depth of this draft.


I don’ think they should have moved Colins to RT in the first place since he’s been a guard for years. Trying to move a guard outside and make him a tackle after he had already shown well at guard in 2016 before injury, while simultaneously taking your swing tackle (Green) and make him a guard after he had shown himself capable at tackle in 2016 is probably one of the more bone-headed decisions this coaching staff has made, and that is saying a lot.

That said, I think it is a mistake to try and move Collins back to guard. He was coming in to his own in 2017 at RT; let him finish. The constant shuffle can be worse than getting someone acclimated. Look at Byron Jones. Find a spot and put them there. The Cowboys seem so intent on flexibility that they are sacrificing quality, and they are under-performing.

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