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What Will Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Bring to the Cowboys Defense?

The Dallas Cowboys have done a good job building their defense this offseason. Rookies Trevon Diggs, Reggie Robinson, and Bradlee Anae could all see significant roles early. In free agency, they added veteran defensive tackles Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe to buffer their defensive front.

The safety position has been one of frustration for a while in Dallas. Xavier Woods has the keys at free safety, but with Jeff Heath going to the Las Vegas Raiders, the Cowboys needed an upgrade on the other side. They didn’t wait until the NFL Draft instead they signed veteran Safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to a one-year deal in free agency.

Clinton-Dix enjoyed quite a bit of success with the Green Bay Packers under new Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy after being the 21st overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. In 10 starts, Clinton-Dix played well enough to make PFWA’s All-Rookie team. His best season came in 2016 when he had a career-high five interceptions and was selected to the Pro Bowl and was named second-team All-Pro.

He would be traded to the Washington Redskins in October of 2018 for a 2019 first-round pick. Clinton-Dix recorded 66 tackles in his nine starts with the team.

Last offseason he signed a one-year, 5.5 million dollar deal with the Chicago Bears where he registered 78 tackles, five pass breakups, and two interceptions.

Clinton-Dix brings steady production to the safety spot for the Cowboys with 522 career tackles (87 per season), 33 pass breakups, 16 interceptions, 5.5 sacks, and four forced fumbles. More importantly, he brings versatility having played both safety spots so if Woods, unfortunately, misses any time he can fill right in at free safety.

Another important attribute of Clinton-Dix is his availability. In his six-year career, he’s started 90 of a possible 96 games.

The hope is that Clinton-Dix is a step up from the days of having Heath opposite Woods. He’s on a one-year deal so the motivation is there for him to prove himself and possibly earn another decent payday in the near future. Will he ball out in Dallas? Only time will tell.


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Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

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  1. He’s definitely an upgrade over Jeff Heath!! Even though I think he’s better at free safety, he’s still good at strong safety, and shouldn’t have any problems being better than Heath!! And there’s a possibility that he plays free safety and we move Xavier Woods to strong safety!! Either way, it’s obvious what he brings to the team, and that’s turnovers…. He has the same amount, if not more interceptions in his career than every single secondary player on the cowboys roster combined!! And that’s something our defense has been needing for a long time!! I can’t wait to see what he does for us!!

  2. If I recall correctly, he was being considered by Dallas in his draft class. He’s a quality safety who should bring solid play, serve as a knowledge bridge under McCarthy, get a couple turnovers, and hopefully earn an extension. A very solid signing that has been largely unheralded.

  3. Agree he’s more of a free safety due to his solid ball skills. Plus he’s never been known as a strong tackler, which isn’t necessarily what u wanna see from ur safeties. However if he can come up with some turnovers u can overlook that a little bit. Oh and he is in a contract yr which usually results in more motivation and production.

  4. Yep but I’m telling you with HaHa Clinton”Suckin” Dix in the backfield, our boys had better sign Jamal. That’s our only real option here.

    • First of all, you must not know much about football…. Clinton dix is a really good safety…. He’ll probably come in and take over the starting free safety spot from Xavier Woods!! And 2nd, we can’t SIGN Jamal Adams…. He’s signed with the jets…. We’ll have to TRADE for him…. And 3rd…. Trading for Jamal Adams is not our only real option…. As a matter of fact, trading for Jamal Adams is the dumbest thing to do…. The jets want way too much for him!! A 1st and a 3rd, or a 1st and Collins…. That’s way too much…. Plus we’d have to pay him top safety money on top of giving up all that draft capital too…. He’s just not worth all of that!! And you have got to be an idiot to think he is worth all of that!! The jets can keep him!! We’ll be better off keeping our draft capital and drafting a younger, cheaper safety in the 1st round of next year’s draft and then we can get another one with with the other draft pick that we’d be saving from not trading for Jamal Adams!! Getting 2 starting caliber players in the next draft is way better than giving up those draft picks for just 1 player!! You people wanting to trade for Jamal Adams need to use your heads…. He’s not worth it!! The safeties we have on the roster now will be just fine without Jamal Adams!!

  5. If there is a true competition, Dix may take over FS spot and Woods and others battle for other spot. Adams trade is very unlikely, but if so a Dix-Adams starting tandem will be a significant upgrade.

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