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Which UFAs Have Best Chance to Make the Cowboys Roster?

You may not be aware, but the have been excellent over the years at finding undrafted players to come in and play prominent roles. Just last season in 2017 they had nine undrafted (UFAs) start at least one game. La'el Collins (16), (8), Cole Beasley (4), (3), (2), Byron Bell (2), (2), and (1) all went undrafted and had to scratch and claw their way to earn playing time. Who's next?

Despite the success the Dallas Cowboys have had finding UFAs in the past, this year will be a lot tougher for any of them to make the roster, let alone earn much playing time. That should be considered a good thing because the Cowboys have a deep roster from top to bottom without many open spots up for grabs.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at the UFAs the Dallas Cowboys brought in after the completion of the to see how many have a chance to actually make the roster. Like I said earlier, it's going to be tough, but there are a few candidates capable of earning a roster spot this season.

CB/S Kameron Kelly, San Diego State

Kameron Kelly
Dallas Cowboys DB Kameron Kelly (Jake Roth- Sports)

Kameron Kelly (6'2″, 204) is a versatile who has played both and during his time at San Diego State. He was projected to be a mid-round draft pick by many draft analyst, but unfortunately didn't hear his name called in any of the seven rounds.

Kelly fits the mold Kris Richard likes in his . He has the size and length to be a press corner and is physical in run support. However, his best chance to make the Cowboys roster is probably as a safety. The Cowboys need more depth at the safety position, which happens to be where Kelly looks the most comfortable in my opinion.

CB Charvarius Ward, Middle Tennessee State

Charvarius Ward
Dallas Cowboys CB Charvarius Ward (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Charvarius Ward (6'1″, 198) has taken a long route to get a shot at making it in the NFL. He started two years at Hinds Community College before making a name for himself at Middle Tennessee State. In two years at Middle Tennessee State, Ward had 21 passes defensed and 2 interceptions, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to get drafted.

Again, Ward fits the mold Kris Richard likes in his cornerbacks because of his height/length. He is still developing as a player and probably needs more time to improve his craft before he can be relied upon, but his speed and measurable's give ham a chance to stick around on the Cowboys roster. The cornerback position is crowded, but he has a fighting chance to catch the attention of the staff.

FS Tyree Robinson, Oregon

Tyree Robinson
Dallas Cowboys FS (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Tyree Robinson (6'3″, 199) is yet another height/length defensive back the Dallas Cowboys brought in as an . You might notice the trend here, but you can definitely see Kris Richard's handprint on the kind of he wants in his .

Robinson has already caught the coaching staffs eye and Bryan Broaddus', former Scout and Staff Writer for the Cowboys, a little already at the rookie mini-camp. He has a chance to make the team as a rangy , but really needs to add some muscle/weight to his slender frame. He also has experience at cornerback, but again, his best chance to make the team is as a safety.

TE David Wells, San Diego State

David Wells
Dallas Cowboys TE David Wells

David Wells (6'5″, 256) has a chance to make the Dallas Cowboys roster due to both Jason Witten and announcing their retirements. The position with the Cowboys is up for grabs and will be one of the more interesting position battles to watch throughout the remainder of the off-season.

Unfortunately, Wells isn't going to blow anybody away with his athleticism. He is a sluggish athlete and will have a tough time creating separation in the due to his heavy legs. He does have the size and competitiveness to become a good in-line blocker, which is probably his best chance of making the roster.

LB/QB Joel Lanning, Iowa State

Joel Lanning
Dallas Cowboys LB Joel Lanning

Joel Lanning (6'1″, 232) is probably the most intriguing undrafted the Dallas Cowboys signed after the draft. He started his career at Iowa State playing , but ended his collegiate career at because the team wanted more of a passer than a runner at QB. Being the team player he is, he switched positions without hesitation.

Lanning is exactly the “right kind of guy” wants on his football team. Lanning's best shot to make the Cowboys roster is on and as a reserve linebacker, but he can play other roles as well. I believe it was the who even worked him out at before the draft. I don't know exactly where he will play, but this is the kind of player you want to find a place for.

Do you think any of these UFAs make the Dallas Cowboys roster?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Kelly and Robinson have the only real chance from the UDFA group. Robinson more than Kelly IMO


i agree these two are legit, IMO. i’ve watched both players and think they have a real chance.

you left off osborne from OSU, i think he has a chance as well.


I didn’t leave him off, I’m just not a believer in him. Maybe practice squad, then try again next season


that was more for BM (about osborne)

i think he’s got some game to him, moves well, powerful, and finishes. could push one of the incumbents.

Chuck Wright

Watched Lanning play the past 2 years, don’t be shocked if he’s the 6th LB and pushes Covington off the team (my bet for 1st drafted player cut)

I think Kelly can be the 4th S and I don’t give Wells much of a shot unless they are just giving up on Rico.

So put me down for 2 of this years UDFAs making the club.


Cameron Queiro….Big10 school. 6’3″/215lbs. CB/S. I think he has the best chance.
DeQuinton Osborne. I didn’t think he could fit in the DL room because it was so crowded. With Maliek surgery, there is a small opening to show his talent. I like his motor and fierceness.
Cameron Kelly….agree with the article.
Lanning has a feel good story. To go from QB to LB and perform the way he has. OLD school – playing offense and defense. He just has a great team attitude that may turn the coaches heads.
That is the order I see of those who might make the roster.

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