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Why CB Kelvin Joseph Is The Best Pick Of The Cowboys’ 2021 Class

After night one of the 2021 , seemed split on the results.

Dallas took Penn State 12th overall, and while Parsons is a good prospect with excellent upside, were hoping the team could upgrade their depleted in the .

But that’s why there’s more than one round.

With their second pick, the selected Kentucky cornerback Kelvin Joseph, the player I’m most excited about seeing in the this season. Formerly the second rated recruit out of Louisiana, Joseph only played a combined 20 games during his collegiate career. Joseph sat out the as he transferred from to Kentucky, but put together some impressive tape when on the field in 2020.

Joseph finished the with five pass deflections and four interceptions, both leading his team. Joseph ultimately opted out of ahead of the regular season finale, and his Mark Stoops had some choice words for him, saying he can’t have Joseph out there “just standing around.”


“Maturity concerns” are constantly brought up during Joseph’s evaluation. And while there may be truth there, I have no insight into his personality. I’ll defer to the teams there, but I do think they played a part in him being a prospect.

On the field, Kelvin Joseph is an incredible talent. A first round talent if it weren’t for those off the field question marks. Joseph ran a 4.34 40 yard dash at his , and is fluid in his movements on the field. Joseph has good hips, feet, and incredible ball skills. He’s aggressive when the balls in the air, something which has been lacking in Dallas for a long time.

Kelvin Joseph lacks experience, and will need to prove himself in an NFL locker room. But as a cornerback, he’s exactly what the Cowboys need on the boundary. Kelvin Joseph has a chance to be an awesome corner for the Cowboys, filling a desperate need.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Throwup88 and Josh are right Parsons-and Joseph will be fine . Stop reading into these biased reports by angry prognosticators and haters of the Cowboys.
    Big Rick

  2. I dont understand the defense was trash last year not just the corner backs the LB the DT line the whole defense you think just one CB is going to fix that we drafted the best defensive player in the draft that can cover the whole middle of the field from sideline to sideline one corner back can’t do that CB only cover half the field we drafted a guy that can stop the run cover TE blaze and not make tackles 6 yard down the field and jump around like you did something that why people have problem with Dallas Cowboys fans bc most of them don’t know football I player LB and a middle LB should not be waiting on blockers to came to him he should attach shoot the holes not making tackles 5 or 6 yards down the field and one of the tall CB we drafted can be moved to safety like one of the guys said if the Cowboys moved up to get that one corner in the draft what do you think they would have had to give up draft picks they moved back and got another pick and still got the best defensive player in the draft and if Steven A. Smith was upside over the move saying it was good that made me happy and nothing for nothing after the two CB was pick I was saying they better pick that LB

  3. The only draft grades that matter are the ones given out after a few years of evaluating the selections. Right now it is all speculation. It looks like there is going to be a lot of competition on the defensive side of the ball. Quinn looks like he has a plan and hopefully he gets to start implementing it soon. Unlike last year this team needs to have every opportunity to gel quickly on that side of the ball.

  4. All I ask is that any of these players, new and old, be available to play and help the team win on GameDay. The DC have always employed some colorful characters, it only hurts when they’re not able to perform when needed. I’m not judging character unless it affects performance.

  5. If Joseph can stay focus, and the Cowboys provides him a mentor who will let him know his opportunity to not just to be the star in the secondary but along with diggs be THE cornerstone of the Cowboys secondary for years to come.

  6. I’m with you “throwup88” Parsons is gonna be a baller for us. Maybe LBs have a bias against them, as some don’t see it as a premium position worthy of a high pick. But we’re not talking just any LB here, This guy is a beast. He could be our best defensive player in year one. I like the Cox pick as well. Our future weak side LB where his great coverage skills will be valuable.

    A few questionable decisions obviously but all and all a solid draft.

  7. Overall I give Dallas a B for there draft. Parsons, Cox, Odighizuwa and Joseph seem like nice picks for us. Then Fehoko, Mukuamu, Farniok, and Bohanna were great picks for where they were drafted. I like Golston but not in the 3rd round. Ball ad Wright were bad picks at the time they were picked with better prospects on the board. I think the Wright and Ball picks prevent me from giving the Cowboys an A grade

  8. Line of scrimmage is where the game is won and lost! Period! If you can’t get to the QB or scare him then he will pick you apart and it don’t matter who you have on the corners! Our O-line was great….for a while and now they are beat up! Our D-line has been average or less for many years now! QB’s have all damn day against the Cowboys and yet the ownership can’t see this!

  9. Look Parsons will be great and Joseph should start but if we can hit on either of those 2 big 6’4 CB/DBs we may move one to safety.. granted big if still something to think about. Plus I believe the D line got stronger OSA may start and bohanna should push 1 tech for time and with the addition of cox we will either have the best quartet of LB in the league or we could look to trade one for a pro bowl safety IE Denver Simmons.. anyhow our Defense got a huge bump with some boom bust potential at key positions…. GO COWBOYS

  10. Agree James , how many 20 year olds do you know that are as mature as 40 year olds or older ? Doesn’t make sense and it isn’t a fair standard but that’s how ppl are , overanalyzing and overly critical

  11. I think people tend to forget just goe young these guys are when they enter the draft. Maturity issues are something 99.9% of us have experienced the difference is we didn’t have social media and talking heads dissecting our lives.

    I like both the Parsons pick and Joseph.

  12. Hopefully the Parsons-Cox combo works well together the way zeke and dak have when they’ve been 100% physically and mentally. As far as Joseph goes, if he doesn’t mature, it’ll be another wasted pick on a corner (chidobe, Claiborne, mike Jenkins, etc), which is why I hate when the team picks corners And rather the team pick studs near the LOS instead, so opposing qbs don’t have time to expose said corners (and they will get exposed eventually!!)

  13. Per PFF , Micah Parsons is the best LB prospect since Luke Kuechly, WTF is with you ppl and Parsons ? Why do you guys hate him ? I don’t get it



  14. I think Jabril Cox is the best pick of this draft!! We should’ve went corner in the 1st round!! We did lose out on the top 2, but we could’ve moved down and got one of the other 2!!or we could’ve moved up a couple spots to make sure we got our top corner!! But I think Kelvin Joseph is one of the top corners in this draft…. Talent wise, but those other problems he has is what scares me!! I just hope he changes his ways now that he’s in the NFL!! If he does then we’ll be good to go at corner, if not we’ll be in the same situation as last season!!

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