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Why the Dallas Defense will Dominate NYG on Monday Night Football

Despite struggling offensively, the are 2-0 heading into against the .

2-0 is well… 2-0 but in their week two win against the , the Giants averaged just 3.8 yards per play. That is worse than the Cowboys' atrocious performance in week one against Tampa Bay. They have also struggled to protect with a young allowing eight already this season and 26 total pressures.

The Dallas should be able to dominate this game as they did last week against the Bengals. Going against another struggling offensive line, & Co. will be waiting to feast yet again.

Forcing Jones to beat them with his arm is also key. Historically, Jones is careless with the football and his arm talent is inconsistent.

In 11 games played last season, Jones threw just 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions and has yet to throw a touchdown this season.

Jones has shown throughout his career that he will give you an opportunity for a turnover at some point throughout the game. In addition to his interceptions, Jones fumbled seven times last season and in 2020 he lost the ball 11 times in 14 games.

Especially if the Dallas defensive front can wreak havoc around the line of scrimmage, then opportunities for turnovers and a complete takeover of the game will present themselves.

It's just a matter of taking advantage.

Where the Giants can beat is you on the ground. seems to be back to his old self rushing for 164 yards in week one and another 72 yards last week. Daniel Jones is also the most underrated running in the and the Giants' runs the best when he is using his legs effectively.

If New York gets it going on the ground, it limits the Cowboys' pass rush ability to pin their ears back, and long, sustaining drives become inevitable forcing Dallas to get away from what they want to do with offensively.

Plus, if the Giants are able to play with the lead, it's going to be tough for Dallas to play catch-up with a backup QB.

With the Cowboys' defensive front and their opportunistic , the Dallas D has a real chance to dominate on Monday Night Football. If they can contain Saquon Barkley, take advantage of a struggling o-line, and force Danny Dimes to make plays with his arm then I like Dallas' chances to move to 2-0 without .

Evan Starr
Evan Starr
Lifelong Cowboys fan raised in North Texas. Tony Romo is a hall of famer, Dez caught it, and we are still America's Team.

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