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Will Dak Prescott Outduel Russell Wilson in a Shootout?

The pieces are in place for an instant classic between the and the next Sunday. Both teams have faced each other three times since 2017, including a 24-22 playoff showdown which the Cowboys won while the Seahawks have taken two wins in the regular season.

But this time, things are different for the two teams. This time, it feels bigger.

On one hand, is playing his first season under a not named . With and at the wheel, talks about a contending team have surrounded America's Team since last January.

Prescott's wide receivers unit is widely considered one of the NFL's finest. He's coming off of a remarkable performance in which he led the Cowboys to a 40-39 win over the Atlanta Falcons by scoring four total touchdowns and passing for 450 yards. Although he scored three of his touchdowns through the ground, his performance could've been his best ever as a passer.

On the other hand, was finally handed the keys to the Seattle Seahawks' . All we talked about Pete Carroll being a “establish the run” truther. We complained and complained about the fact that the Seahawks should be a pass-first team since they have one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

Fortunately for Seattle fans, Carroll listened. The Seahawks have been way more aggressive on first and second down by letting Russell throw the ball and boy, has #3 taken advantage. Through week 2, Wilson has completed 52-of-63 pass attempts for 610 yards (9.68 yards per attempt) and NINE touchdowns.

While is the face of the NFL right now, Wilson is on a mission to let us know he hasn't gone anywhere. In fact, with the Seahawks betting on the this year, we might be in for Russell's best season to date. And that's scary.

When the Cowboys' faces Seattle's passing game, it's hard to imagine them finding an answer. Rookie Trevon Diggs is rising as the #1 on the team but he's far from great. is solid but he's not consistent enough (not to mention he hurt his hamstring versus the Falcons) and with on , there's just not much to feel good about the defensive backfield.

The in Dallas has also been a disappointment despite the signings of and . If you look at Next Gen Stats' pressure rate, you'll find the Cowboys are barely above the league average. This could improve as the season goes on and the plays games in which they're not behind on the scoreboard right out of the gate.

If the Cowboys are going to beat the 2-0 Seahawks, it'll likely have to be in a high-scoring shootout between two great quarterbacks. Can Dak Prescott's offense outduel Russell Wilson's on week 3? If Dallas comes out turning the ball over in four of the first five drives like they did against the Falcons, I don't think so. Wilson & Co. won't let that happen.

But if the Cowboys take care of the ball, they should have a legitimate shot at upsetting the Seahawks on the road. Prescott was near-perfect after that ugly start to the game and carved up the Falcons defense with different receivers.

racked up 100 yards on six catches, caught six balls for 106 yards while caught a touchdown pass as he had nine receptions for 88 yards. 's numbers came in at only two catches, but one of them was a huge play in the team's final touchdown drive.

This offense, despite the early turnovers, turned into the unit we all expected to see in 2020 on route to a 40-point performance. And this is without and La'el Collins. With a top receiving unit, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys should keep the game close against a Seahawks' pass defense that has ranked 32nd in the NFL while allowing 8.64 yards per attempt.

As Dak Prescott continues to solidify himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, he has a big chance of engineering an moment by leading his team to victory on the road against Russell Wilson in what could become an instant-classic shootout.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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If Cowboys can repeat the same level on offense as Falcon game, then yes Prescott has a good chance of besting Wilson. But that is a big if. Sometimes after a big win there could be a letdown. Let’s hope that does not happen.

Unrelated, one of the best all time running backs, Gale Sayers, died at 77. Maybe the most exciting player ever. If you younger fans never saw him, youtube him. He was extraordinary.

Gary Doc

seahawks by 20

Gary b

Yep Gale Sayers one of the most electrifying players to ever strap it up. Also a prolific kick returner as well. Too bad knee problems cut his career short. But his body of work stacks up against any of the greats. Seahawks/Cowboys both have weak secondaries so it should be a high scoring game. Difference could be they don’t have a Zeke and we do. But Wilson is playing out of his mind.

Cowboys fan

I really think we have a good chance to beat the seahawks this week!! Since they have the worst defense in the NFL, it helps us a lot!! If we can put up 40 on a team with a good defense then we can keep up with Wilson and his last place defense!! I think this game will come down to who’s defense plays better!! But that’s just my opinion!!

John Williams

I hope so. It’s going to be a shootout and the Cowboys can’t afford to give the Seahawks any short fields like they did Atlanta on Sunday.


The pass rush improves as the secondary improves. Opponents offenses are getting the ball out in 2.5 seconds.

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