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Will Hiring Dan Quinn Drastically Change The 2021 Cowboys Defense?

Just about nothing went right for the in 2020.

Under first year , the Cowboys looked to move from their more traditional single high (and occasionally two high) philosophy to a more complex quarters coverage philosophy. The goal was to be more multiple, more unpredictable, and tougher for offenses to read.

You'll remember that even Jets Sam Darnold was saying how simple it was to determine what the Cowboys' was doing in 2019, stating “they kind of do what they do.”

The result of the change, though, was chaos early on. Linebackers unable to meet gap responsibilities, cornerbacks and safeties blowing coverages, and big plays getting allowed all over the field.

Last week, the Cowboys fired Nolan, and have recently announced they are hiring former Falcons for the defensive coordinator role. But while any change on the defensive side is welcomed by , what exactly does Quinn's hiring mean for this unit in 2021?

Let's start with the positive outlook. As Charles Robinson mentioned on Twitter, Dan Quinn was probably the most prestigious candidate for a defensive coordinator job this . His defenses in Seattle were always top notch, helping to coach them to a victory in 2013. He's also earned the respect of a ton of great players around the league, such as former .

Quinn will also just be the defensive coordinator this time around, unlike in Atlanta. He doesn't have to focus on the head duties, and can pour all of his time into the defensive side of the ball. That will help a lot.

What exactly will be changing with this defense, though?

Well, for starters, they are likely getting back to simplicity. Quinn is famous for his cover 1 and cover 3 schemes, stacking the box to allow his front seven to one-gap while his cornerbacks and safeties have clear responsibilities on the backend. Dallas will be in a single high look most of the time, meaning they will have numbers in the run game upfront, and are tasked at stopping the big pass play in the .

Because of the new emphasis on passing in the NFL, two high safety defenses have become the preferred choice of NFL Twitter. And the community has even said that, basically, doesn't matter.

Run defense, or lack thereof, mattered a lot for the Cowboys in 2020 though. became the constant target of criticism as he was out of position, or unable to fit the right gaps in Nolan's scheme. Quinn will make it as simple as can be for him and when defending the run, and this will help take the load off their shoulders a bit.

This isn't to say there won't be stunts or slants upfront, or that the Cowboys won't blitz at all, but when Quinn's defenses were at their best it was single high coverage with his front four getting home.

That leads to my main concern for this 2021 defense.

The “best” (in my book, at least) is single high safety, +1 in the box, with the players upfront who are able to create pressure without bringing extra blitzers. Quinn had this in Seattle and they were dominant. He didn't have this in Atlanta, and they were mediocre.

Football isn't that simple of course. A lot of other factors played into the success levels of those Falcons defenses. But what's going to save this defense at the end of the day is the ability of their players.

So, do the Cowboys have the horses to win in this scheme?

Surprisingly enough, I think they are a much better fit for Dan Quinn than they were Mike Nolan. And it's probably the most talented bunch of players at key positions that Quinn has had in a couple seasons (see: ).

Under Quinn, the best finish for the Falcons defense by DVOA was 17th. Most years, they fell between 17th-19th. This is far from an elite unit of course, but mediocrity and timely stops is all this team is going to need to be good.

The Cowboys , specifically their passing offense, has a chance to be incredible in 2021. They don't need their defense to be an elite group, they just need it to not be terrible like it was for much of last season.

Don't allow big plays, get early leads, and let DeMarcus Lawrence and rush the passer.

That's the formula to success under and Dan Quinn next season.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Greg S Gulick

I have been asking all year, but even more since week 11, “Why hasn’t Bradlee Anea touched the field” all year now? It doesn’t seem that Bradlee is Quinn’s “type of guy”. I read many stories, some on this site, saying how, “we had a great draft.” “We were lucky to get him in the 5th round.”

Simple question did we waste the year not playing one time, or did we waste the pick??


Well the scheme will fit better i think , it fits D Law better for sure in a 4-3 defense than what Nolan was running with a 3-4 defense , 4-3 is also most of the time better at stopping the run than a 3-4 at least through the gut anyways because of the fact that you have 2 DT in on 4-3 where as you have just 1 in 3-4 , and he runs a cover 3 on the back end which has 3 deep zones so that means that you’re not gonna get a lot of deep throws unless it’s blown coverage , plus this type of D i think will benefit D Wilson and Diggs as long as they can have zone discipline , because with zone you got more chances to pick off the football if it looks like you’re on a man but back off of him and go to another man , this hire also i think gives me the idea that they are FOR SURE gonna draft either CB Surtain or Farley in the 1st round as these 2 could fit right into his system as you need real athletic players to play this type of defense

William Jennings

I think it’s funny we got a guy who couldn’t finish games this year and win games. Hmm

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