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Will The Cowboys Buy or Sell at The Trade Deadline Next Season?

Everyone has their on where the Cowboys will finish after the . With the up for grabs, by the , Dallas could be eyeing a veteran to improve its roster or could be -riddled, looking to sell off assets.

If I had to guess, as long as stays upright, the Cowboys should be looking to buy at the deadline, but what would they be looking to add?

As we sit here in May, just two weeks removed from the , Dallas still has plenty of time to see how the rookies can fill the voids they lost this .

Yes, they signed guys like Jr. and added through the draft. They will have plenty of depth on the . should return for them at some point as well.

The spot I think they could keep an eye on toward the middle of the year is adding more depth inside the receiver room.

They should be just fine with , , , and rookie who I think will make an impact from the start. The lack of depth is why I could see a move coming from this side of the ball.

Everyone knows how physically demanding the game of football can be. If one or maybe two of its offensive playmakers go down due to injury, they could be looking for a cheap trade option to help relieve some pressure.

Nonetheless, I expect the Cowboys to make a move before the 2022 season hits the trade deadline, but it may be a touch early to tell where that move might be. I would not hold out for a huge splash but rather something small to fix the issue when that time comes.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Matthew W

Good one ‍♂️Not! I strongly disagree, Mr. Jones has his fingers on everything… Land this is the biggest problem. Mr. Will McClay should be the GM, but then, he is not, which is still yet another problem created by Mr. Jones. And Mr. Jones is done adding any talent to this roster either by Free Agency with the exception of maybe a couple more camp body scrubs, or any by Trade, he’s just done. This is the sad reality of the Cowboys way of business in this area. They are letting the rest of the League pass them by. Cowboys Fan since 1970 and I can see the hated Eagles taking this Division back maybe not this year with a little luck but definitely by next year, and the Giants will be in 2nd by next year. The Cowboys window is closing because of some recent bad decisions and their inability to keep up with NFL roster building trends.
3 immediate things they could you.
1A. Promote Mr. will McClay to be a true GM, and not a part time one like Mr. Jones.
1B. Let Mr. McClay get to work.
2. Resign RB Tony Pollard before that blows up in their face.
3. Sign Free Agent LB Anthony Barr on a 1 year deal.
4. Sign the best OT for this team that is left on a 1 year deal for decent depth.

Melvin Scott Edgmand

Smh another internet gm on how the cowboys should run thier business. What frustrates me is the lack of job opportunities that the nfl had failed to address when it comrs to all you super smart internet GM’S. your all just so talented with your thought provoking comments. Hopefully one day the NFL will realize the mistake thier making and hire a genius such as yourself to led thier teams to multiple suoerbowls. Can’t wait you should be excited

Matthew W

Internet GM? So just like the person that wrote this article and also yourself included. Thought-provoking? It must have been for you to even make a comment on it. I wonder when the NFL it’s going to hire Comment Police, so people like you actually get a job. Then you can make sure that only comments you agree will be posted

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