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With Brady Retired, Where Do The Cowboys Rank In The NFC In 2022?

With the recent news that Tampa Bay is retiring after a historic 22-year career, that opens room at the top of the . The Buccaneers won the last year and finished second in the conference this year. With Brady now out of the picture, it gives hope for the to make a claim as the top team in the NFC.

Even though the Cowboys finished the 12-5 and won the , they were bounced out of the by the at home.

After looking like a true contender for the Super Bowl in the first half of the season, they could never regain that consistency in the second half despite finishing third in the conference. Things should be looking up for the Cowboys in 2022 in terms of the other competition in the conference.

Now with Brady retired, the Bucs will not be able to replace him with someone even close to the same level of play that he was giving them. Assuming that they cannot replace him with a top quarterback, they should not be as much of a contender for the Super Bowl as the previous two years.

When looking at the other contenders in the NFC, they have questions in the that could hurt their chances in 2022.

The , who finished 13-4 and secured the one seed in the NFC, do not know if their Quarterback will be on their team going into next year. Aaron Rodgers is the difference in the Packers being a favorite in the NFC compared to them completely falling out of contention with unproven Love taking over. They also have multiple key , including star .

Another team that had Super Bowl aspirations last year was the who finished the year 11-6. Even though the record looks really good, they started the year 7-0 and slumped to the finish line by going 4-6 to end the season before getting demolished in the Wild Card Round. Despite having an elite quarterback in , their Kliff Kingsbury does not seem able to lead his team when it counts the most.

The one team that seems to have no problems is the team that is representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, which is the . They have gone all-in for the next couple of years to win a Super Bowl by trading away all of their first-round picks and not owning their own pick until 2024. They have also made moves to acquire QB and LB , while also picking up WR No matter the outcome against the , the Rams will be the biggest threat to the Cowboys in 2022.

So, this leaves the Cowboys in a spot where two of the top teams over the last couple of years could be in line for a down year meaning there is more of a chance for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys do have some key free agents of their own including WR , TE Dalton Shultz, and DE . But, they were able to keep as their DC and still have the number one overall from last year.

If there was ever a time for the Cowboys to finally break through and reach the NFC Championship Game, and hopefully the Super Bowl, that window seems to be as open as it has been over the last handful of years.

Brandon Krikorian
Brandon Krikorian
I am a junior Dean's List Student at Quinnipiac University where I'm majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Sports Studies. My passion has always been sports and it has only strengthened over the years.

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Chuck Wright

So gotta put the Rams (as least for 2022) #1

San Fran #2 Though who is their QB in 2022?

Green Bay? #3 with Rodgers, without him?????

Zona #4 right now

Dallas no better than #5


#1 Cowboys
#2 LA Rams
#3 San Francisco
#4 Cardinals
#5 Bucs
#6 Packers
#7 Saints

(This assumes Rodgers leaves Green Bay. If he stays then they move to top 3)

Cowboys have 6 easy wins in the division where they’ve dominated. Also they have one of the best draft scouts around so despite their late picks, they can make some noise again as they did last year.
Finally, Dallas will have an urgency and an edge after last year’s disappointment which LA won’t have, not to mention LA’s tough division.
The only pluses for LA over Dallas are the chemistry they already have and their harder schedule prepares them well for the playoffs.
But Dallas will face some tough #1 teams in 2022 and be more “battle tested” this time around which is one more advantage.
Furthermore, Dallas’s toughest games are against the AFC so their NFC record should be dominant and win them tiebreakers.


Relying on attrition of other teams to allow us to succeed does not bode well for a team thinking of championships! How about working harder toward our goal while plugging up the holes in our own game?


Like the analysis RicketyJS.

If GB retains Arod, then GB may edge out LA.

SF, who is the QB?
DC, unfortunately for us fans, DP appears to be regressing. Certainly not getting better. Plus if Wash latches on to a good QB, they may make some noise.

Obviously, clearer picture after FA and draft.

Kent Munn

We just lost that terrible performance.. it’s pro bowl weekend and we’re talking Super Bowl. Definition of insanity!

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