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Xavier Woods’ Recent Injury Raises Serious Concerns About Cowboys’ S Depth

The Dallas Cowboys lack of depth at the safety position is alarming.

Cowboys Nation, we may have a serious problem. The Dallas Cowboys lack of safety depth was already a pretty big concern prior to this past Sunday’s scrimmage, however, it’s probably even more so after Xavier Woods’ recent injury.

Xavier Woods exited the Cowboys scrimmage early due to an injury, which left many of us somewhat panic stricken. With already very little depth at the safety position, losing Woods for any length of time would be extremely detrimental for the entire defense.

Fortunately, it was revealed No. 25 sustained a groin strain that shouldn’t have any long-term effects. That of course is great news, however, it doesn’t lessen the concerns about the depth behind Xavier Woods. In fact, it only increases the brightness of the spotlight already shining on the position.

Throughout training camp the Dallas Cowboys have been mixing and matching their safeties and cornerbacks in the hopes of finding the right pairing with Xavier Woods. Now with Woods banged up for who knows how long, they have to continue to carousel players in and out to find the right combination.

I know what you’re probably thinking… Signing Free Agent S Earl Thomas would definitely help solidify the position. To that, there’s not an argument I could give that wouldn’t make that a true statement. Whatever reason though, the Cowboys don’t seem interested in going that route as of yet.

Sadly, that leaves the Dallas Cowboys between a rock and a hard place in my opinion. It looks as if they will stick with Darian Thompson, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, and Donovan Wilson as their safeties with Xavier Woods out while they continue to cross train CBs like Daryl Worley, Reggie Robinson, and Chidobe Awuzie.

If this is indeed the plan, the Cowboys are taking a huge risk that may or may not pay off. I don’t know about you, but I would feel much more comfortable if they sign someone who could solidify the position cough cough Earl Thomas, much like they did at defensive end with Everson Griffen. For now though, I guess we’ll just have to sit back and cross our fingers that everything will work itself out.

Are you concerned about the Dallas Cowboys lack of depth at safety?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Things will work out. I’m concerned about the defense as a whole. Our linebackers are good but corner and safety is a still brought up issue.

  2. Its a good approach, lets not jump to spending unnecessary money just yet. We have Groomed young safety. Let’s see if they will become stars.

      • Health, backup quality, unsettled/quality at LG, and unit cohesiveness.

        Tron’s injury history is concerning, especially since he’s already hobbled and missing time in camp. No doubt he’s one of the best…when he’s healthy. Unfortunately, his body has a lot of hard mileage on it and seems to be breaking down more and more often.

        The primary backup (Erving) is also hobbled and the guys further down the chart are getting torn up by rookie pass rushers (Anae) and guys that may not even make the team (Carter and Jackson). And that was before Hyatt and Knight got banged up.

        Maybe Connor Williams has improved. Maybe he hasn’t. Coming back from a knee injury and missing time in camp because of it isn’t giving me warm fuzzies about his chances of improvement over last season. If Tron, or someone else at LT, has to help the LG or can’t fully trust them to hold up in their area, it affects their ability to just concentrate on their primary responsibilities.

        All of the lost time by players across the line has hurt unit cohesiveness, but especially so on the left side.

        So, yeah, I also have a lot of major concerns at LT.

        • Fair concerns and valid points, but one could argue that despite your reasoning for maintaining cohesiveness, the ability for these guys to be moved around and play as varying units can also serve us well, particularly in the event that a long-term injury is sustained along the line.

          I’m just not in the “concerned” corner yet as I feel that so long as some combination of two of the three between Smith, Martin, and Collins are in the lineup, that we have enough talent and depth to still remain at minimal, an above average offensive line. I love the (seemingly) versatile makeup of this unit. If one of the big-3 aforementioned is lost for the year, I’ll step to the “concerned” side, but until then I’m comfortable with short absences from just about any of them. Continuity is big for the OL, but the starting 5 have played with each other long enough to get that back quickly … its not like one of them is a rookie. And I’ve stated before that if this line starts a rookie like Biadiasc, this is one of a few OL’s that could incorporate a rookie.

          As for safety, one more sudden injury and this unit becomes a big concern.

  3. Although I agree that the depth isn’t very good at safety, I personally don’t want them to pursue E.Thomas, “unless” it’s a one year cheapish contract, which I highly doubt he would sign. I think he’s a locker room cancer and as good as his play has been on the field, he’s not exactly young so there’s not much upside, at this point.

  4. Since the Giants picked up Logan Ryan already we need Earl Thomas to solidify the backfield. Opposing quarterbacks dont fear anyone we have now. He has 13 playoff games under his belt w one Superbowl. If we’re to make a deep playoff run we need that one player the opposing offense fears when they put the ball in the air.

  5. We need Earl Thomas, I don’t know what we’re waiting for. The safety’s we got in camp not gonna make it. We got a super bowl caliber team, but a weak spot at safety. Need to get him before he’s gon.

  6. We need to grab Earl good coaches can handle locker room issues. Make it incentive based contract. Wouldn’t hurt to have someone like him as it would instantly put us over the top. I think Earl would be fine as this is the team he wants to play for. I bet he would be a great addition look at randy Gregory or any other players we brought over who did well. Signing Earl to a 1 year deal maybe 2 would take us deep into playoffs. I’m worried about our def as a whole being switched to a 3/4 hybrid def who knows but they need to hurry before New England grabs him for pennies. Only weakness we have is safety maybe corner but outside that we are set on offense I’m worried about center other then that what could it hurt….

  7. I would not use our safety issues as a sign that we should bring E Thomas aboard. He has the same warts today as he had last week, and signing him now would reek of desperation. I’m sure the team performed a thorough/well thought out assessment on whether to sign him. I say stick to that decision. With that said it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we sign him. Something tells me Jerry just won’t be able to help himself.

  8. I don’t think anything will happen on the Thomas front until the league maybe has a better idea of his chances to keep the $10m Baltimore is coming after. If Thomas is able to keep that $$$, other teams will think they can low-ball him and the bidding war will start. If they feel like they need to cover themselves now, I’d rather see DAL go get a Tony Richardson, et al …

    … but then again, I didn’t see Griffen siging here either …

  9. The more time that goes by the more leery I would be about bringing in E Thomas. I know being a veteran he could become acclimated quicker. But with this training c being as condensed as it is and with so many of our positions (especially in the secondary) in flux to begin with, I would be very hesitant to bring in a complete newcomer and try to integrate them into the mix on the fly. My fear is the cowboys will start the reg season with a lack of cohesiveness and lack of practice time/reps with the starters. Obviously several players on the O line and in the secondary have missed a significant amount of time with injuries. Hopefully we get most of those players back soon and get them some reps with the rest of the team. Particularly worried about Smith/Collins health and deciding who is starting opposite Z Martin. Also sounds like Lewis might not be back for a while.

  10. Earl Thomas would be a great edition. I don’t think he’ll be much of a distraction because he knows he’s at the end of his career and he needs to make the best of it. Maybe the change will do him some good and playing for a coach that he know won’t put up with his crap might be incentive enough.

  11. Holy groin pulls Batman!
    I think Reggie Robinson will DEFINITELY move to Safety now and I hope our pass rush can keep opponents from snapping the ball, setting up and getting past the QBs first read!

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