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2023 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Pitt Safety Erick Hallett

One of the most instinctive players in the past few seasons in , Erick Hallett from the University of Pittsburgh, gave me a few minutes to talk about his college , his next steps, and what he likes to do to escape the game.

My — Erick is a man who has his priorities in place and will go the extra mile to achieve his goals.

Pat Schuster: What advice would you give players starting their college experience this August?

: Trust the process. Do the extra now, so you don't have to do it later.

Pat: At what age did you fall in love with football?

Erick: I would say early on, I played to be with my friends, but when I turned 14, maybe 15 years old I really started loving it regardless of who I played with on the field.

Pat: What are your official size, weight, and forty-yard dash?

Erick: I am 5-9, 198 pounds, and run a 4.42.

Getting to know NFL Draft Prospect Pitt safety Erick Hallett 2

Pat: How did you come to select Pittsburgh to continue playing? What school finished second?

Erick: Early on, I had strong feelings for both Tulane and Washington State, but then I was asked to visit Pittsburgh.

They wanted me to meet with the new , Randy Bates, and I liked what he had to say. So here I am, and I never regretted the decision.

Pat: What other sports did you play in high school?

Erick: I ran track and played some basketball.

Pat: What is your memory of your first starting assignment (as a ) against Syracuse in 2019?

Erick: Not a great memory as it was the game I received my first concussion, but I did start as a redshirt freshman, so that felt good.

Pat: If a scout asked for your best game film, which game film would you give him?

Erick: In the , I would say against Miami (two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery) and Western Michigan (two interceptions).

In 2021 I would say against Wake Forest in the ACC Championship game (two interceptions).

Pat: What are your thoughts on playing ?

Erick: I LOVE IT! It was a way to get on the field and play at Pittsburgh.

Pat: How was playing in the Hula Bowl this year?

Erick: It was a lot of fun playing with different people, learning some defenses, and meeting with teams.

Pat: Who is the player on the team we should keep an eye on for the upcoming season?

Erick: Marquis Williams, DB #14.

Pat: Who was the best player you faced in college?

Erick: from North Carolina. We had some friendly battles.

Pat: What current or former NFL player do you model your game after?

Erick: I always looked to for his play on the field. He played instinctively, and I feel his overall play on the field is very similar to my style of play.

Pat: How do you get away from football for a break?

Erick: I enjoy painting. It is something my mother introduced me to a few years ago. I also enjoy reading — another activity inspired by her as well. I like self-help books and am constantly looking for ways to improve myself as a player, person, son, and friend.

Follow Erick on Twitter as he prepares for the .

Pat Schuster
Pat Schuster
Lifelong Cowboys fan I currently live in PA with my wife and three amazing kids. In the past few years, I have interviewed close to 300 players prior to them entering the NFL. I have written for several publications, but all things always pointed back to the love of America’s team.

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