3 Reasons Everson Griffen Doesn’t make Sense for the Dallas Cowboys

    The are getting back to the facility this week and it's looking more and more likely that a season will occur and that will start on time. As they continue to look at their roster, right is still an area they could use a veteran presence in the wake of 's departure for the Chicago Bears.

    There are a couple of players in the market that could make sense, but the one that everyone seems to be the most on board with is former Defensive End .

    It makes sense. Griffen has been one of the most productive pass rushers in the NFL over the last four seasons and newly hired defensive assistant for the Dallas Cowboys was his during that time.

    Here at, our own Matthew Lenix recently wrote that the Dallas Cowboys should make the move to acquire Everson Griffen. While he could be a fantastic addition, I don't think he'd be a slam dunk. Here are three reasons why.

    1. Age

    In 2020, Everson Griffen is going to be 33 years old. Eventually, age catches up to every player in the NFL. Turning 33 this season, Griffen is right in the time frame for which players historically experience a drop off in production.

    Per Pro Football Reference's database, there have been 63 occasions where a defensive end in age 33 or older since 2010. Of those 63 seasons, only 22 times since 2010 has a player recorded at least five during or after their age 33 season. Of those 22 occurrences of at least five sacks, 15 of them were accomplished by six players who had multiple seasons of at least five sacks.

    Only nine players since 2010 have recorded a season with eight or more sacks during or after their age 33 season.

    Back in 2013, Tyler Schalter from Bleacher Report analyzed at what age each position experienced a production drop off based on Pro Football Reference's “Approximate Value,” which attempts to measure production across all position groups.

    “After a 's seventh year in the NFL, his time is very, very short. Look at the huge drop-off in qualifying starters from year seven to year eight, and from year nine to year 10. The decline flattens for a while, as the best defensive linemen can stick around a very long time, but the quick development, long plateau and quick decline is obvious.”

    Tyler Schalter, Bleacher

    Now, this doesn't mean that Everson Griffen will experience a similar drop-off, however, the production tends to drop off as you hit 31 and 32 years old.

    For reference, JJ Watt has the highest Approximate Value for a single season since 2010 at 22 during the 2014 season. He followed that up with an AV of 21 in 2015. 's best season came in 2017 when he had an AV of 14. Everson Griffen's best AV came during that same when he had an AV of 15.

    Since 2010, there have only been six occurrences of a player in their age 33 season or older recording an AV of 10 or better. Calais Campbell and are the only two to do so in the last four seasons.

    Generally, sacks can give us a good measure of production from the defensive end position and Everson Griffen has been one of the best pass rushers the last four seasons. However, the reality is the production generally drops off in sack totals as well. Since 2010, only 12 players aged 32 or older were able to record a 10 sack season. Only five players in the last ten seasons were able to record more 10 or more sacks during their age 33 season or older.

    Entering his age 33 season, it's certainly possible that Griffen bucks the trend set before him. Unfortunately, historical data points to the likelihood that Griffen could experience a drop off in play and production.

    2. Young Depth

    Just a few weeks ago, I took a stab at the projecting the Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster. In that projection, I left off Dorance Armstrong and a ton of people were surprised. With the assumption being that gets reinstated, the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of players to put on the edge. I simply had a hard time finding a spot for him.

    How much more difficult would it be for the Dallas Cowboys to keep their youth on the edge if they were to add another to the defensive line. Players like Armstrong, , , and already have an uphill battle to make the roster.

    New Defensive Coordinator Mike Noland and haven't had an opportunity to get on the field with these players yet to figure out what they have. Adding a player like Everson Griffen would make it even more difficult to evaluate down roster players. Griffen would likely get a lot of the first-team snaps, which would push and Randy Gregory to the second-team snaps, therefore pushing guys down the roster even further.

    The Cowboys already have several older, veteran edge players on the roster in DeMarcus Lawrence, , and Aldon Smith. Griffen could be a solid addition, but they need to see what they have in some of their young guys as well.

    3. Why isn't He Signed Yet?

    Everson Griffen doesn't appear to be in any hurry to take a contract at this point. He and Jadaveon Clowney are the only two legitimate pass rushers available and the free agent market has stalled out on them. It would be hard to believe that they haven't received any contract offers since opened up back in March, so it stands to reason that they're waiting on the right team to come and offer them a sizable one-year deal.

    There's a reason that Everson Griffen isn't signed yet. It could be money. It could be the shutdown of the league caused by . The thing is though, teams have done their due diligence on these players and have opted not to sign them. Of course, teams get things wrong all the time, but teams always need , so why aren't they going after one of the better pass rushers left on the market?

    The Dallas Cowboys can afford it. The question is, at what price would it be feasible to do it?

    We've seen in the past some of these veteran one-year deals not work out, leading to a on cut-down day or early in the season. Nolan Carrol stands out. The downside to taking on a lot of veteran contracts is if the team has to move on from the player, the risk of adding dead money to the cap.

    If the Cowboys were to sign him to a deal and it doesn't work out, the dead money would apply to the already uncertain 2021 . With the possibility of decreased ticket and stadium revenue, there's the possibility of an uncapped year in 2021 or at least stagnant salary cap growth.

    The Dallas Cowboys can absolutely afford him, but as he enters the twilight of his career, it may not make sense to pay him what a good to great pass rusher should get on the open market.

    ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

    The Dallas Cowboys still have question marks at right defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys. Adding someone with his experience and production would help alleviate any concerns the Cowboys might have there. The hope is that Aldon Smith, Randy Gregory, and Bradlee Anae would be able to provide what they need at right edge. But as Smith and Gregory have been out of football for some time and Anae is a rookie without minicamps and , Griffen makes a ton of sense for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Given the drop off that a vast majority of edge players experience at age 32 and 33, Griffen would have to be the exception to the rule for it to work out.

    John Williams
    John Williams
    Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.


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    I get your reasons against, but IMHO, RIGHT NOW, he would be the second best DE on the team.


    You are correct, and that’s why I’m torn about this one. Simply put … as a fan with no financial consideration in the game I say go get him. But as a prudent thinker with a longer term mindset, I say stay the course.

    Let’s just say you go get him for $8-10 million, then cut Crawford. That will likely be a one-year deal. Now say he produces similarly to Quinn. You better hope he’s the “one guy” that is going to take this team to the Championship (and he’s no Haley!) because you won’t be able to pay him want he wants next year, and now whoever will assume his role will have been robbed of some reasonable number of reps in both practice and games. And all that is assuming he’s more than a rotational piece still (which I have questions about).

    Now, what if Aldon Smith becomes the player he once was (or even 90% of that). And let’s say it take him 8-games to reach that point. Will Griffen now being reduced to a spot rotational player who takes reps from the younger set still be your difference maker?

    And if you believe he is that “one guy” to make a difference on this defense, why are people clamoring for Jamal Adams? Are we really at least “two guys” away?

    My two cents … and I feel similar as it relates to Clowney. They’d both help this team be better this year (no doubt!), but probably be gone after that?


    Great article. Tired of having Conner denigrated. He was showing great promise last year.

    Having said that, ACL tears are tough. In older days, they suggested a full year before truly back to yourself. Hope he/they don’t rush back just to make sure no one fills the spot, and then continue the harsh judgment routine because he isn’t 100% by August. We have the luxury of surplus at the position. But once he’s fully back, judge at that time on his true merits.


    Hey John, what’s up with Randy Gregory. I understand two Fridays ago, the Commissioner had a deadline to make decision on re-instatement or not for Randy Gregory. That would help to resolve if Griffen should even be a thought anymore.
    Thanks BG

    Gary b

    Not sure if any safety in recent memory has warranted a contract like J Adams is seeking. Maybe E Thomas in his prime . That’s why u rarely see a safety go real high in the draft. As for Griffen agree with VAM he’s automatically 2nd best DE I’M skeptical A Smith will have impact people are hoping for after 5 YEARS out if the game. Same with Gregory who knows what these guys got left in the tank. People forget R Quinn had fantastic yr last season opposite Lawrence do we really feel confident we have someone on the roster that can duplicate that production….if not we’re in trouble.