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Are CBs Anthony Brown & Jourdan Lewis Fighting for Same Roster Spot in 2022?

The aren't lacking for options at in 2022. Between recent draft picks and returning veterans it's a large group that could lead to a tough cut before the regular season. Could that potentially mean veterans and are fighting for the same roster spot?

has two years left on his rookie deal while and each have three. Unless Joseph's legal issues take an unexpected turn or cause him to run afoul of , these three young corners should all be on the roster.

One spot at CB is generally reserved for , though he's really on the team as our ace. Still, if push comes to shove with the math at other positions, the Cowboys have given Goodwin limited reps at corner at times.

Last year all of these players were on the but with a few caveats to consider. Joseph didn't actually play until Week 8, spending the first part of the year on . Wright, while a 3rd-round pick, was used sparingly as a raw talent who needed more development time.

Things things may be different going into next season. Joseph and Wright will both have more experience and development. And now in later years of their contracts, Anthony Brown and Jourdan Lewis will offer the Cowboys more financial incentive to them.

Brown is entering the final year of his deal and offers $5 million in cap relief if released or traded. Lewis has two more years on his but would still give the Cowboys $3.47 million if cut after June 1st, pushing $1.17 million in dead money to the 2023 cap.

Cap space may not seem like a big deal in early September but it could potentially be rolled over to the following . And with the likelihood that a fifth cornerback may not even be active for a lot of games could that additional spending power for the new market ultimately be more valuable?

Dallas needed greatly Brown and Lewis' experience last year when Trevon Diggs was the only other corner they could trust. But depending on where Joseph and Wright are in their progress in 2022, could the Cowboys now feel freer to parts ways with one of their veterans?

While 6th-round picks are hardly roster locker, Dallas did acquire from Fresno State in last week's draft. He'd make a lot more sense for a spot on the bottom of the roster, not expected to dress every week, than an expensive veteran or a prospect who needs playing time like Nahshon Wright.

Lewis definitely feels like the guy who should be looking over his shoulder the most. After all, Brown was a full-time starter last year and proved a worthy wingman to Diggs.

But even if he starts getting edged out at cornerback, perhaps Jourdan would find another route to the roster as a backup . Lewis has been considered for this role before and there's a lack of depth there right now that could present him with an opportunity.

It's entirely possible that Dallas will go log at cornerback to keep all of these players together, especially with Anthony Brown becoming a free agent in 2023. But if the young guys have improved and the Cowboys don't want to stunt their further growth, parting with Brown or Jourdan Lewis at final cuts is not outside the realm of possibility.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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In no way these guys aren’t making the team. They are too good. AB is better than most rams think all they know is the thanksgiving day game lol


I posted on another site recently the question of who does the team feel can be effective slot corners beyond Lewis and Brown. They have quite a few lengthy perimeter corner options where speed and length get higher priority than change of direction traits. IMO this is the key factor of whether they would consider trading either Lewis or Brown.


I’m not on board with moving Lewis to Safety. He doesn’t have the wheels for Free Safety, and we already have plenty of Box Safeties. He ran a 4.54 in the 40 five years ago. I haven’t seen anything in his play that says he runs or plays any faster now.

I’m not a big fan of Brown as he’s so inconsistent. One game he’s shutting down his guy, the next he’s getting flagged repeatedly, the next he’s at least serviceable, the next he’s getting burned play after play. That being said, I would keep him around as a decent floor compared to the unknowns of Joseph, Wright, and Bland.

Brown can also play Slot CB at a serviceable level if absolutely necessary, though he’s better outside. If I was going to ask any of our CB’s to switch to FS, it would be Brown. Not many fans realize he ran a 4.35 40 at his Combine. Granted, that was 6 years ago and his play hasn’t really reflected that speed. I wonder if he could showcase that speed by playing further off the ball as a FS?

If the young guys all step up, maybe I’d cut Lewis. But, I’d try moving Brown to FS before that and keep Lewis as a decent floor Slot CB.


Aye , A. Brown has been burned more times than 50 Gonorrhea patients. Practice
Squad @ best ,, I can’t be the only one to noticed his mediocre play.

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