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Arrival Dates set for Dallas Cowboys 2020 Training Camp

After lots of discussions about proceeding with training camps during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL has officially informed all 32 teams of their expected arrival dates for 2020 training camps. The Dallas Cowboys and 29 other teams will all be welcoming their first group of players this Tuesday, July 21st.

A league-wide memo went out this morning from Troy Vincent, the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the league office.

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NFL clubs just received this email with reporting dates.Training camp is on.

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Cowboys rookies will report to training camp in Frisco on Tuesday, July 21, according to a league memo distributed today (via @TomPelissero). Quarterbacks and injured players arrive on July 23. All other Cowboys veterans report on July 28.

The Chiefs and Texans will begin reporting earlier than other teams as they are scheduled to begin the regular season on Thursday Night Football.  All other teams will be playing that Sunday or later.

For the Cowboys, this means that Tuesday will be one of their earliest opportunities to work in person with some of their 2020 rookies. While players have been able to attend meetings and training sessions via web conferencing, they’ve missed the usual work from rookie camp, mini-camps, and organized team activities.

On Thursday, Dak Prescott, Andy Dalton, and other quarterbacks will be able to come and start preparing for camp. Extra time is allotted to QBs so they can help facilitate the practice time for their teammates.

This is at least a positive step toward the 2020 season taking place. We’re still anxious to see if the actual games will take place according to schedule, and there is reason for skepticism. We’ve already seen two weeks of the preseason cancelled, and more is subject to change.

But for now, we’ll take this news for what it’s worth and hope for more good developments to follow.

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Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. Across the US, many millions have gone to work throughout the last months. Healthcare providers, grocery workers, the people who keep the lights and water and phones working. The wonderful and dedicated police have done their underappreciated work . The people who pick up the trash have gone to work. Farmers, truckers, and first responders have all gone to work plus many more. As soon as allowed, the wait staff and chefs, the baristas and bartenders all went to work.
    Really, what we have seen is the groups who call themselves elite are the ones most in hiding : media, Hollywood, sports.
    The minimum wage grocery stocker has been at work all this time .
    Somehow, I think the millionaire athlete with a staff of assistants and medical professionals and the high perks sports media can survive if that grocery stocker has .

    • Far too short-sighted of a view Mr. 44. It’s about the spreading of the virus and it’s greater impact. All those professions noted are essential and sports are not … pretty simple really. This isn’t about athletes being cuddled or protected. I’m sure most all of them wish they could play right now. Just so happens that those you finger as elitists are also in industries with which people gather in masses, hence the inherent dangers.

      This seems a veiled attempt to discredit athletes who’s livelihood seems to put your own into such a light that you feel they are to be called out for some reason (true to your negative vibe here). Why not also call out the musicians, the orators, and the like?

      Sports have been doing what is right in easing back and ensuring protocols. We may not like all the methods being used, but to suggest they are being pampered or too precautionary speaks ill of your long vision.

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