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Bradlee Anae is Making Noise in Training Camp

The Dallas Cowboys got a healthy infusion of rookie talent in the 2020 NFL Draft. As expected, first-rounder CeeDee Lamb is already showing signs of being a dynamic playmaker to go along with Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, giving the Cowboys potentially the best receiving trio in football. Second-round pick Trevon Diggs is starting to show why some had him mocked to the Cowboys in the first round as he looks to lock up a starting role at cornerback.

There’s a third rookie, though, Bradlee Anae, who shockingly fell to the Cowboys in the fifth-round is starting to make waves in camp and secure his spot on the 53-man roster.

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Cowboys working on end of game situations and end Bradlee Anae had back to back sacks.

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I suppose it’s not surprising, given the hype, but it’s very fun and encouraging that CeeDee Lamb and Trevon Diggs have easily been the best rookies at this camp.Behind them, I think the two Utah guys, Bradlee Anae & Francis Bernard, have been the other most impressive rookies.

Anae brings a big bag of tools to the Cowboys pass rush. The most impressive just might be how much of a technician he is with his hands. He extends his arms to keep offensive linemen at bay, chops violently with his outside arm and rips through to bend the edge, and sets up linemen with an outside pass rush before spinning inside to apply pressure. He’s literally a jack of all trades.

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it starts with the pass rush. this was as miserable as Dak has been in the pocket in a week or so. I charted sacks by Everson Griffen, Bradlee Anae Tank & LVE (blitz) as well as a couple from inside pressure.and what happens in these situations? bad throws

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Bradlee Anae tuning up the backup tackles during camp was probably the easiest prediction of all time. #Cowboys

What’s unique about Anae is not only can get after the quarterback in a 4-3 but he can stand up and play outside linebacker in a 3-4. New Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan scheme fits his skill set perfectly as it’ll focus on three and four-man fronts to keep opposing offenses off-balance. Also, it will feature a designated pass rusher position which could be a spot where Nolan uses Anae in certain situations.

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Good day getting after the passer for Cowboys edge rushers Aldon Smith, Everson Griffen, DeMarcus Lawrence and Bradlee Anae

After losing Robert Quinn and his 11.5 sacks from 2019 the Cowboys have added some premium talent at defensive end with Aldon Smith and Everson Griffen (and hopefully a reinstated Randy Gregory) to complement DeMarcus Lawrence. If Anae continues to progress he could very well be making plays on Sundays as a part of an extremely formidable Cowboys pass rush in 2020.


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    • I agree. I think it’ll be a challenge for him to get snaps with Tank, Aldon, Everson, Crawford early on, but I believe he’ll work his way into the rotation, especially if Crawford is forced to take more snaps at defensive tackle.

  1. It seems like every year the rookies are the greatest thing since sliced bread until the lights come on and most are just there for a while

    • The thing you need to realize about Anae is that he already is a refined pass rusher. Understands hand usage, angles, and setting up the pass rush. He plays the run well too. It’s rare to find a fifth round pick that was as productive as he was.

    • A couple big differences between the two.
      1. Bradlee Anae was one of the most productive and polished pass rushers in the NFL Draft this year but fell due to testing. A lot of people tested poorly at the Combine this year with the change in schedule for TV.
      2. Bradlee Anae was a fifth round pick and not a first round pick.

  2. Only time will tell how this will play out on Sunday when it really counts. But I believe this a instrumental role of having Will McCray on our side and it is beginning to really show on his part and deservingly so!

  3. Partly out of necessity and partly out of it being the position he is most suited for at this point in his career, I look for Crawford to play more at the 3-tech. He’s always been strong vs the run and he can provide a little push up the middle as well. That frees up our pass rush demons to pin their ears back and get after the QB. Despite the optimism, obviously not all of our draft picks will be a hit. But Anae could be one of many steals to come out of this draft. I don’t wanna oversell it, but this could be one of our best drafts in recent yrs. though we won’t know that till down the line some.

  4. Now that Garrett is gone we should see a much more polished defense and an offense that is Super Bowl material. For the first time in years I’m really excited about this Cowboys team!!!

  5. This all sounds great until JJ let’s the fans in the palace and the spread of COVID 19 ruins everything. The all mighty dollar will get the best of JJ and screw it up.

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