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Could LB Prospect Luke Gifford Impact Cowboys’ 2020 Offseason Plans?

The have a lot of work to do throughout their roster this , and one position that definitely needs attention is . But as we consider what the team might do in or the draft in 2020, we shouldn't forget about prospect and how he might factor into their plans.

Gifford was an last year who broke out almost immediately in Dallas' first game, getting an interception and making other big plays against the 49ers. But his night was cut short with an ankle , and that ended up costing him the rest of the preseason as well.

But that brief flash of potential, along with his strong work during , was enough that Gifford made it past final cuts. Dallas kept him inactive for five weeks and then Luke made his regular-season debut against the Jets, playing mainly on .

Gifford never played a snap on last year, which isn't surprising given the young talent and veteran options ahead of him. He also suffered an arm fracture in which ended his season a little early.

So yeah, it's understandable if this kid isn't on your radar for next year. But there was a lot of excitement about Luke Gifford after just one quarter of preseason play, and clearly the team thought he was worth hanging on to and using in the regular season.

Given this, it wouldn't be surprising if the Cowboys plan to give him even more responsibility in 2020.

Will Cowboys Have to Choose Between LBs Sean Lee and Joe Thomas?
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Free agency could hit the linebacker position hard this year. While the top two of and are secure, all of the proven depth options are not under contract.

Sean Lee, Joe Thomas, Justin March, and are all set to be unrestricted . Dallas may try to retain some of them, but could they let somebody walk and trust that Luke Gifford can fill the void?

Another young LB prospect under contract is , and he and Gifford are both built to play the strong-side LB role if needed. Dallas may elect to allow these two to compete for that role rather than invest draft picks or cap space, which they have plenty of need for at other positions.

Right now you can't say either Covington or Gifford has a clear advantage over the other. If they are given that opportunity, it will be a truly wide-open competition.

Another factor here is how new intends to deploy linebackers in his scheme, and the types of players he's looking for to fill it. Gifford appears to have decent flexibility there, with the size to play outside but also the ball skills for an interior role if needed.

Of course there are red flags with Luke's inexperience and two in a single year. And given the concern over Vander Esch's neck problems, Dallas may be looking for some more polished depth in 2020. Gifford could wind up buried on the again.

However, given how the team handled him last season, Luke Gifford is clearly a young player that the team valued. If the new staff shares that , Gifford may wind up with a bigger role in 2020 than you expect.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I would give him a shot and see how it turns out hopefully he lives up to his potential


I Def think he deserves another legit shot. If he can just stay healthy. He seems like he has the build to be a rangy LB kind of like Luke kuechly. But let’s not get confused he’s no kuechly. Lol.


Akeem Davis-Gaither would be a great addition in the draft

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