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Cowboys are Showing Supreme Confidence in Randy Gregory and Aldon Smith

Coming into the , the had needs at corner, safety, and slot receiver. and Reggie Robinson were both steals in the second and fourth rounds of the draft and are welcomed additions due to the departure of . Veteran was signed in March to pair with starter Xavier Woods. The absolute steal of the entire draft was Wide Receiver CeeDee Lamb who fell from the heaven's to the Cowboys at 17 in the .

However, there's another need on the roster at the right spot. The fact that the Cowboys didn't address it that much in the draft shows that they are confident that and will perform at a high enough level to complement coming off the left .

Gregory has had a long and bumpy road since being drafted in the second round in 2015. He showed some promise during the preseason but would suffer a high ankle sprain in the season opener vs the . After missing four games, he would return in Week 7 but wouldn't record his first professional tackle until Week 10 vs the . He would end the season without a sack but did manage 16 pressures.

In February of 2016, Gregory was suspended for the first four games of the season due to violating the league's substance-abuse policy. A few months later, he failed another drug test and checked himself into an undisclosed treatment facility and was removed from the team's roster. With another 10-game added, Gregory wouldn't be eligible to return until December. After failing yet another drug test Gregory faced an additional yearlong suspension on top of the 14 games he was already going to miss.

He would play in two games and record his first career sack vs the . Gregory had high hopes he could play in the postseason, but on January 5, 2017, he was suspended for the and at least one season after missing a scheduled drug test. On July 17, 2018, Gregory was conditionally reinstated which allowed him to report to and meetings. He met with the league in August after it was reported he suffered a substance abuse relapse but no disciplinary action was taken.

Gregory showed just how much potential he had during the 2018 season. In 14 games, he recorded 25 tackles and six (second on the team) and two forced fumbles in a backup role. The Cowboys went 6-0 in games in which Gregory recorded a sack. In February of 2019, Gregory was suspended indefinitely for violating the league's substance-abuse policy. In April of 2019, the Cowboys extended Gregory through the 2020 season. In March of this year, it was reported Gregory was applying for .

Now, Gregory is focused on taking advantage of yet another opportunity in the NFL. In an exclusive conversation with Patrik Walker of CBS Sports, he expressed his return wouldn't be short-lived.

“I will be back this year,” Gregory said. “Difference is, I'll be back for good this time.”

Smith, took the NFL by storm as the seventh overall pick of the in 2011. He broke Hall of Famer 's rookie sack record as he totaled an impressive 14. Smith would be named Defensive Rookie of the Year by Pro Football Writers of America and finish second to Von Miller for the Associated Press NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award.

In 2012, Smith became the fastest player to 30 sacks doing so in 27 games, breaking Hall of Famer Reggie White's record who did it in 28 games. He finished with an unreal 19.5 sacks which gave him 33.5 sacks in his first two seasons.

Smith came out with guns blazing in 2013 with 4.5 sacks in his first three games. However, on September 20, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana after a single-vehicle accident. He would voluntarily enter a rehab facility and put on the non-football list. After missing five games, Smith still finished with a solid 34 tackles and 8.5 sacks for the season.

Unfortunately for Smith in 2014, he would serve a nine-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse and personal conduct policy. In August of 2015, Smith was released by the 49ers after his third DUI .

In September of 2015, Smith signed a one-year deal with the then Oakland Raiders. In November, the NFL issued a one-year suspension to Smith due to a hit-and-run three months earlier.

Smith would re-sign with the Raiders in April of 2016 and applied for reinstatement in October. However, there was no reinstatement and Smith missed the 2016 and 2017 seasons. The Raiders released Smith in March of 2018 after a domestic violence incident.

In March of this year, it was reported Smith was applying for reinstatement. In a shocking move, he signed a one-year deal with the Cowboys in April. A week after with America's Team, Smith spoke with Jay Glazer of about his long road to getting his life back in order.

“It's been a whole lot of soul searching. It's been a journey filled with ups and downs,” Smith said. “And during the process, during the journey, there's been some self-inflicting wounds. But in the process, I came out with a better understanding of who I am and what I want for my life. It gave me a greater appreciation for the game I'm blessed to play.”

2018 was a particularly hard year for Smith as he hit rock bottom.

“I didn't have a lot of value for how I thought about myself,” Smith said. “I was sleeping under a car for some nights because my sickness took me there. And I had a home to sleep in. But I was in such a dark place that I didn't see myself deserving anything other than that.”

Now Smith hopes to inspire others by his road to recovery.

“I believe that with the platform the NFL
gives players and particularly me with the things that I've gone through and things I've learned, it would give me a chance to help out others.”

Gregory hasn't played since 2018 and Smith hasn't played since 2015. However, if Smith can somehow be half the player he was years ago, and Gregory regains some of his promise he showed when he was last on the field, that combination could give the Cowboys a much-needed boost on the right edge. Factoring in and rookie the Cowboys have a lot of bodies to play with to compliment Lawrence coming off the left edge.

With the NFL no longer suspending players for positive marijuana tests under the new Gregory has a great chance of being reinstated, and I don't see a situation where Smith isn't as well.

It's a lot to ask of Gregory and Smith with both having spent so much time away from the field. The hope is, however, that the right structure and guidance with the Cowboys can rejuvenate the careers of these two extremely talented pass rushers.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Chuck Wright

Do you not realize the Boys drafted Bradlee Anea in Round 5, a guy with a 3rd round or better grade? You said they didn’t address it. . . . they didn’t address it with a high pick but got great value in the 5th.

Smith hasn’t played football in 4 or 5 years, Gregory in 2. I suspect right end will be done by committee in 2020.

Jonathan Greco

Clickbait, we all know that Dallas has Lawrence entrenched at one side and having Smith/Gregory/Anea on the other side and using one of the three to spell Lawrence when he needs a breather, is more than enough.

Only reason for these shit articles is clickbait, I have to tell myself to stop clicking on articles when I see Insidethestar on it.

Matthew Lenix

Simply adding Anae in the draft isn’t addressing it that much. That’s one player, and he’s all you’ve added on the edge in the offseason. I clearly stated how long both Gregory and Smith have been away from the field and that they’ll be in a rotation with Crawford and Anae on the right edge.

George Smith

One of the four players compeowill emerge as the RE.

Pete Stanakis

Anae WILL start,the man’s a bonifide rush beast and THEE perfect complimentary chess piece opposite DLaw! I say Gregory and Smith give Anae a breather not the other way around. Nolan and McCarthy drafted this kid ,also,they have no affinity to the other two…..this defense will thrive on something we haven’t had the past couple years, TURNOVERS! Bank on it.

David Anthony Corvino

I believe Anae will do a pretty good job, but it won’t be just him. Tyrone Crawford will do his usual adequate job. If Smith and/or Gregory fail to make the team, I don’t think it will be that big of a deal. And actually, UDFA Ron’Dell Carter is a pretty good DE to have on the roster. He could surprise people.

Now that I’ve said that, the Cowboys will release Crawford and pick up Everson Griffen!! Ha!

Matthew Lenix

“Clickbait” that you obviously can’t stop reading with your “I have to tell myself” statement. I’m sure you won’t be missed, toodles!


What are the official days that Gregory and smith will be reinstated if godell reinstates them?


I agree this anea DE looks to fit the bill at RDE BUT he is a rook so I think aldon smith is gonna suprise some people and gregory ,well we all know what he can do IF he can stay on the field,,,all in all as a cowboy fan I couldn;t be happier the way things panned out before, during, and after the draft so far and we also FLUSHED out the genius garret and the genius marrinilli along with giving cooper flush the ticket out the door!!! jus sayin big mac mcarthy has the arrows going in the right direction!!!


So trying to see where Crawford and his 9 million price tag fits in.

Martin Marin

With this money pay Clay Matthews and Griffen and solve edge and LB issues.


I’m gonna make a somewhat bold prediction. Aldon Smith will be starting by mid-season if not sooner. Of course if they get reinstated. McCarthy is actually one of the key reasons Smith is a Cowboy..chance meeting in a gym in Cali


the writer said they didn’t do much in draft to address the RDE hole…he didn’t say the team didn’t do anything. They drafted a guy in 5th round with 3rd round grade. It is fair to say the team should not expect Anae to come in and have an immediate pronounced positive impact given the learning curve most rookies face entering the NFL. I am more interested in what the status is with both players’ reinstatement in the league. I understand that the league is dealing with so much but it sure feels like Goodell is using both players as a chance to stick it to Jerruh. I sure wish one writer would do a bit of research and attempt to get an actual … you know… answer!!!

Stephen gregory

Randy Gregory, the human dumpster fire that some people still think is the guy knocking it out of the park in his college days. Professionally? 28 games, 45 combined tackles and 7 sacks. Spent more time on suspension than on the sideline suited up. STILL on suspension and has been for the last two years. But, people glow about him like he is a potential HOF player in the making. Hey, we all have free will. He decide, for those who don’t think you can get addicted to marijuana, that smoking weed was a better deal than making tens of millions of dollars over a relatively short professional athlete career opposed to a lot of us who work our entire lives and maybe make a million total. The only thing Gregory is is well rested. I wish they would just cut hair with him, already. Brady and Witten are playing for new teams and they are two of the best all time at their positions. But, year in and year out, we keep having the idea of Randy Gregory making a huge impact trotted out before us like it’s the first time we’ve ever been told that. Enough! Be gone already! My 2 pennies.

David Corvino

I can’t disagree with you Stephen. There is a great deal more to a championship player than just athletic ability. In fact, Athletic ability isn’t always their greatest strength. Intelligence, willingness to work more than anyone else, desire to be a champion, never quit attitude, etc., are what I want to see in a player.

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