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Cowboys Confirm Big Plans for LB Jabril Cox in 2022

Even since the Cowboys re-signed and , speculation still abounds regarding additional talent they could acquire at . But based on comments yesterday by , Dallas may not be making anymore major investments this because of their confidence in second-year prospect .

Sorry to you who still hoped for , or those targeting Georgia's in the . If what Jones said about Cox is any indication then the Cowboys are probably done with the top of their LB .

Last season played on half of the Cowboys' total defensive snaps, 10th-most on the team, despite missing three games due to . He officially started five games and was essentially a pseudo-starter in others based on overall playing time.

But with Neal going back into and reportedly wanting to return to playing strong , a role firmly held by in Dallas, his spot remains wide open in the defensive mix. And while Dallas did re-sign Leighton Vander Esch a couple weeks ago to a one-year deal, speculation has been rampant that the team could pursue Bobby Wagner to reunite him with former Seattle DC .

Stephen Jones shared the 's view on that idea as well:

One factor here may have been the presence of Jabril Cox. If the Cowboys truly believe in his long-term potential, Wagner could have been seen as a progress-stopping move for their other exciting young linebacker.

Cox was a 4th-round pick last year who hit the ground running, standing out in the and in limited glimpses as a backup during 2021. But just as Jabril was really starting to make his presence felt during the regular season, an ACL tear cut his rookie campaign short.

Clearly the Cowboys feel good about where Cox is in his rehab and projected return to action. And based on what they saw last year, Jabril is seen as someone who can take those snaps that Keanu Neal had last year in rotation with Vander Esch.

This is welcome news to those who think Dallas needs to focus on their or with their early 2022 draft picks. Having a Day 3 pick from last year step into a significant role would be a huge win for the Cowboys roster overall.

Of course, Jabril Cox still has to prove that the ACL and inexperience won't hold him back. But the Cowboys' expressed confidence, already evident in some of their offseason decision making, means he should at least get every opportunity to show what he can do.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I still think bringing in Wagner for a year or 2 would only be helpful to be a mentor to the young LB’s and allow for a greater diversity and movement in their defensive schemes. 2 years 10 million?


We don’t need another overpriced LB on the downside of his career, especially a progress stopper . The offensive line is now a weakness if anyone has checked lately. I’ll take a big nasty guard that can move people out and another LT to do the same. Dallas spends very little to nothing on the DT position The only thing they have to show for that is err Triston Hill. Give me another big nasty dude up front and everything takes care of itself. Just remember the niners and the Rams ran right over and around Dallas the last two playoff games. It all starts upfront.

gary b

All good points. Build up the interior DL/OL. Do this and we don’t need all pro skill players


I still think they should pick a LB in 3rd or 4th round, insurance policy if for nothing else. They could wait until the 5th RD but that would be only for a backup/special-teamer.

gary b

I would still like to have Wagner, though apparently the cowboys have determined his asking price is too steep, or they are okay rolling with what they have at LB. They need difference makers on both sides of the ball, not a bunch of average players. I would give him BW 8-9 million.


It appears Wagner is not happening. On the plus side, I like what I have seen from JC. A steal in the fourth rd. Solid starter potential.

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