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Cowboys’ DE Dorance Armstrong Getting Lost in the Shuffle?

Why is nobody talking about DE Dorance Armstrong?

There’s currently a lot of excitement surrounding the Dallas Cowboys defensive end position, and rightfully so. Dallas’ mix of veteran and youth talent has a lot of Cowboys Nation salivating over the possibility of putting together a dominant pass rush. However, Dorance Armstrong is often left out of the conversation. Why is that?

It’s easy to forget about Dorance Armstrong with all of the intriguing, talented youth on the roster and the potential returns of both Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory. But still, I think it would be unwise to overlook Armstrong. Despite being somewhat lost in the shuffle, Armstrong is still arguably one of the better DEs the Cowboys have on the roster in my opinion.

Just last year Armstrong was a training camp standout who proved his worth. He allowed the Dallas Cowboys to bring DeMarcus Lawrence along slowly to start the season while he continued to rehab from his offseason shoulder surgery. That’s the value he provides as a solid backup, and someone whose arrow I believe is trending upwards heading into the ever important and pivotal Year 3.

Dorance Armstrong
Dallas Cowboys DE Dorance Armstrong

Now, I don’t expect No. 92 to compete for a starting job or anything like that. I think he will once again be D-Law’s primary backup, but that’s not a bad thing. I have more confidence in him stepping in as an emergency fill-in than anybody else on the roster. That’s why I think it’s a little odd he’s still getting lost in the shuffle somewhat amongst the Cowboys DEs.

I guess it’s understandable though. Everybody’s more intrigued with the unknown right now. Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory’s return is definitely more interesting to discuss. As is Tyrone Crawford being a potential salary cap casualty. Oh, and let’s not forget about second-year players like Joe Jackson and Jalen Jelks or rookies Bradlee Anae (5th round) and Ron’Dell Carter (undrafted).

It’s easy to see why Dorance Armstrong has become somewhat of a forgotten man. He doesn’t exactly scream headline news right now with little going on. I however think that will change once training camp gets underway though. I think he will once again be a camp standout, catching the attention of the new coaching staff like he did with the previous one.

Dorance Armstrong may not be the DE you’ll be paying particularly close attention to throughout the rest of the offseason and that’s okay, but don’t be surprised if you hear his name mentioned on more than one occasion. In fact, I believe he’s going to emerge as one of the Cowboys better pass rushers when all is said and done.

Do you think Dorance Armstrong is getting lost in the shuffle?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Dear Brian–i like this article..i know Bryan Broaddus was high on Armstrong coming out of Kentucky..
    i believe as a jr or sophmore ( which ever one was second to last year playing at Kentucky ? )..he had 10 sacks..then the next year either injury or Broaddus said he was playing out of position?…plus it can take a couple of years for DE’s to get their feet under them in NFL…would not surprise me if Armstrong
    became a “force” for Dallas

    • Thanks for commenting Robert. I think it’s going to be a little difficult for Armstrong to become a “force” as you put it playing second fiddle to DeMarcus Lawrence. Coming in and giving D-Law a breather and as a potential injury fill in if needed and not having a dramatic hit in production is what I’m expecting/hoping for.

      • But Brian you also closed by saying he is going to be one of the team’s better pash rushers when all is said and done … therefore, he should be a force,because if he’s better than any combination of Gregory, Smith, Anae, etc then he should be approaching 10 sacks? You don’t leave one of your better pash rushers just to get the scraps from Tank.

        • I think he will be one of the better pass rushers but I just don’t know how often he’s going to get on the field. There’s still a lot of unknown about how Mike Nolan and Jim Tomsula plan to do play the DL.

        • Robert, FYI Dorance didn’t attend Kentucky but played @ Kansas. DA will be in a battle this year just to stick with competition from Carter, Jackson, Jelks, Anae Crawford, and Gregory? Not mentioning the Starter DLaw and maybe ASmith. DL, along with secondary, backup receivers will be great battles to watch in camp. Even 3rd RB will be interesting. Can’t wait.

  2. Dorrance Armstrong does not make many headlines, so it is easy to forget about him. However, he’s played in 30 games over his first two seasons, which says something about his ability. So, yeah, I think he can easily be lost in the shuffle as far as media hype goes. But, he won’t be lost in the eyes of the coaches. Having said that, the possible pass rushing combinations the Cowboys have amassed for this year are truly exciting! DeMarcus Lawrence, Aldon Smith, Randy Gregory, Joe Jackson, Jalen Jelks, Ron’Dell Carter, Bradley Anae, Dorrance Armstrong, and Tyrone Crawford! Wow! It’s too bad they will probably only carry 6 DEs. It is next to impossible trying to figure out which 6 it will be. I think Crawford is the one with the “If-Then” stipulation attached to him. If there are injuries, then Crawford makes the team. If Woods does not sign, then Crawford makes the team. His future is tied to the entire defensive line. I think he is a good rotation player for the entire defensive line. He can line up at any of the positions and do a better than average job. I do think the Cowboys have the playmakers to outshine him though. That, and his salary put him on the bubble. Armstrong, on the other hand, has quietly done a respectable job as Lawrence’s backup. His salary minus the signing bonus is the same as Antwaun Woods ($750,000), so his value based on salary is very high. This is a numbers game in many respects, so the young cheap talent have a leg up compared to an older veteran costing ten times as much!!!

  3. This article literally says absolutely nothing. It just recaps what the Cowboys have done and then says “but hey keep an ear out for this guy!” Garbage.

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