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Cowboys have plenty of options to explore at wide receiver this offseason

Happy Sunday, . With the in full swing, we all have heard the so far meaningless buzz around this team.

The team playing games with us, like they are going to make a big time splash and surprise us all. Well, lets take a look at what is sitting at their disposal if they truly wanted to give us a reason to cheer.

Friday morning the released two-time Pro Bowler . He just makes sense for this team. No ego, knows his role and does it well. He was more than likely cut from the Vikings because they have possibly the best wide out in the game right now, . The Vikings saved some money doing so as well.

Cowboys have Plenty of WR options to explore this offseason

He said he wants to play for a contender, and the Cowboys are just that. He would instantly be the second best guy in the receiving room, behind .

Another huge name to keep an eye on is . One of the best in the business right now. His relationship with the has been shaky lately. He was seen hanging out with former Cowboys receiver .

Hopkins noted to all the Cowboys fans that he heard them talking about him, and seemed very interested in what the team has to offer.

The Cowboys would have to for the superstar wide out, but could make it work. The problem is, honestly, he doesn't do much for them right now.

Hopkins doesn't help their lack of speed on . And he'll be 31 in June. With that said, I still think he could be a high-end No. 2 WR for the next two years or so.

How about that guy we spent the end of the season talking about? seems ready to make his return.

Beckham worked out in Phoenix the other day. He looked good. He looks recovered from that ACL tear. Reports say the Cowboys did not send anyone to watch him.

Still, the interest is there according to those close to the team.

Dallas didn't have anyone in attendance, but team owner told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that it didn't mean Dallas planned to remove itself from the Beckham sweepstakes.

Reports said he's seeking a $20 million dollar contract. PASS. Not worth it. 

The Cowboys need to clear the cap space first before they try to make any of these moves.

We saw the lack of receiver help doom the Cowboys a year ago. Nobody outside of Lamb could make an impact consistently.

Its always fun to dream of a situation where the Jones family make another blockbuster move and trade for a star, or sign someone.

Wishfull thinking, i know, but us fans have to try and speak it into existence.

This offense is going to look a bit different with calling plays. It will boil down to if they have enough fire power.

I am still concerned with , but holding out hope he returns to form in 2023.

Lamb said it best, you can never have to much ammo. He was vocal about adding to the offense, hopefully the Jones family heard him.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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