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Cowboys are “Homegrown,” but is this Effective?

As we move into the , members of the Cowboys' are receiving calls and requests from other teams around the league. Specifically, has reportedly been contacted by the to interview for their job.

Some of is obviously wondering why this would be a big deal, considering how disappointing the Cowboys have been two of the last three seasons. Yesterday, Jason Fitzgerald of tweeted out a list of the top-10 most “homegrown teams,” with the landing at number five.

Homegrown means that the player was drafted — or signed as an — by a particular team and they remain a member of that team today.

Basically this shows that the Cowboys have placed their focus on building through the , rather than paying for or negotiating trades with other teams.

This seems good, right?

Well I think it is “good,” at least to a point.

It's important to practice smart team building, and finding talented players throughout each round of the draft (whether it's in the first or Xavier Woods in the sixth) is critical.

It is also important to not overpay during , or give out contracts which will stop you from paying the good players you draft.

But at the same time, if you plan to sort of ignore free agency and only focus on the draft, you better hit on those picks. Particularly those picks in the first two rounds.

We all know how risky the Cowboys tend to be with those picks, and the selection of in round one last year remains questionable.

An obvious issue with the Dallas Cowboys right now is their depth. They are a top-heavy roster with some of the best players in the league leading the way. However, as you get past the top 7-10 players, the roster does get a little shaky.

This isn't terribly different from anyone else around the league, but it is worth noting the absence of one can shake this run to the point they can't stop anyone. Or the absence of their , no matter how great he is, can render the entire ineffective for three straight weeks.

Of course, there will be a drop off from and to their replacements, but the fact that the units fall apart without those players is troubling.

This all starts at the top.

In the front office, the Cowboys have avoided adding veteran depth to their roster. Sure, they signed guys like and , but neither of those guys were even on the roster for most of the . And both were disappointing when they did get the chance to play.

Then there's the staff.

The Cowboys' offense is clearly very personnel dependent. Their offense isn't anything too hard to prepare for, as Broncos Vance Joseph alluded to back before week two, but it is hard to stop.

Or, at least it was.

When the Cowboys are healthy and have their stars available, they don't need to rely on strong schemes or “creative” play calling. They were simply better than most of the defenses they faced. They were able to line up and win. But when Tyron Smith is injured, is suspended, and needs to prove himself further, the offense sputters.

So, while remaining homegrown and keeping continuity within your franchise sounds great, knowing when to look to the outside and make external moves is an important part of team building as well. Balancing these two effectively is hard to do, but is the mark of a great front office.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Brad Bochette

Couldn’t agree more as far as the coaching goes. Teams like the Patriots and Steelers lose players for various reasons just like we do. Somehow, they are able to overcome those losses and remain competitive. We either need coaches to coach the replacement players and have them better prepared, or we simply need to have better replacements. It is very frustrating to be a fan of this team but I will continue to stand by them as I have since 1975. I wish the Jones clan would get out of the football part of the business and hire someone who is a football man to run the personnel portion of the organization.


I agree with you The Jones Family really want to be “Football People” and its sickening cause obviously its not helping us on the Field. We are a improved version of the Cleveland Browns cause we produce the same results at the end of the Football Season. But Hey at least as Fans we can brag that we’re the Most Valuable Franchise

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