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Cowboys “Leading Contenders” To Get Earl Thomas, But Should They?

So you thought we would get to the regular season before discussing again? The are reportedly moving on from Thomas, per 's Adam Schefter. has had issues with teammates this , to the point in which he was sent home on Friday after fighting with teammate Chuck Clark on practice.

According to CBS reporter Jason La Canfora, the Ravens' council told team decision-makers that they would actually prefer not having Earl Thomas on the team due to the situation and his conduct.

Some conflicting reports about the ' interest in Thomas have emerged in the last few hours. While NFL Network's Jane Slater reported on Saturday that the team hadn't even discussed it.

But now, Adam Schefter is reporting the Cowboys are the “leading contenders” to go after him.

What sounds the most logical, is what Ian Rapoport is reporting on . The trusted reporter is clarifying that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in targeting Thomas if he's released, but not if they have to give something in return via trade.

Regardless, it seems like the Cowboys-Thomas question isn't the same as it was an ago. Before, we were asking ourselves “is this really possible?” Now, after two teams have moved on from him in bad terms, the question seems to be “should they really get him?”

It's not easy to be convinced about a player who's had issues with his last two teams, but we know Thomas' talent is special. We've seen players who leave teams on bad terms before shining on another one.

The Dallas Cowboys do not have a good situation at safety. is not the answer at the position and while there are some exciting young players like , , and , the truth is they're going to have issues this season.

Not to mention, the room is also filled with question marks. How good will be as a rookie and how fast will he develop? Is not as good as we hoped or were his talents wasted by the old ? How will fare in a contract year?

There's not a weaker unit on the team other than the defensive backfield. The Cowboys are serious contenders. As such, it wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world to go after Earl Thomas and get an All-Pro caliber player before the .

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Earl Thomas is an over 30 guy who is years past being special and is a locker room cancer.
No, no he is not a positive in any way .

Robert Williams

You sir don’t know shit about Earl Thomas. He is the missing link this year. He grew up a Cowboy fan.
So watch your mouth about Earl Thomas

Mark L Foreman

Earl Thomas is a competitor in the truest form. He works harder than anyone that will go into “The Star”. Earl gives his team every ounce of effort and commitment. The two events that most people bring up, although they are true, are not what does or will define this young man. As far as the guy that says he is a cancer in the locker room…in reality that is the furthest thing from the truth. If there is a problem with Earl it’s that he outworks everyone on his team. There is never an off day; he practices as hard as he plays and that’s a problem with lots of players, they don’t work in practice they tolerate practice. Earl will be the example you want in that locker room..the Cowboys have two players on their roster, Cameron Erving and Blake Bell, that know what it is to win a Super. Earl Thomas will make everyone on that team better. He will lead in practice by example…The Cowboys will be a true Super Bowl contender if they decide to sign him.


I’m generally against signing “problem children” of other teams, BUT, considering the “issues” the Boys potentially have in this defensive backfield, with the right deal he might be worth a risk. But only for cash, I wouldn’t drop a single draft pick for him.


Its a No Brainer….Earl Thomas is a special generational player, you just can’t pass on a player like this, especially given our issues in the secondary. We need to jump on him and do it right away before Niners or Philly go after him

Rey Estefens

The Cowboys are a desperate franchise at this point they’ll pick up anyone despite character issues we’ve known this for years. unlike other sports camaraderie is so important in an NFL locker room and if they sign this guy it will back fire once again.


My heart is saying, “Yes, go after him” due to the fact we need an upgrade in safety position (back filed) as well as he is over 30, but still got that veteran experience and talent. Just a little nervous though on his conduct issues.

David Hayes

Yes pursue him. More importantly no one should kneel while the national anthem is playing. There should be a moment after the anthem where everyone is allowed to kneel. This would solve
the problem.

Stephen gregory

I like the way you think.


I was so mad at Jerry & Stephen couple yrs back when we didn’t trade for ET. Then broke leg and a yr later and we are back at the same question, except no trade! Could he be a cancer? Maybe! Could he make a huge diff in a young unproven secondary? Absofreaknlutely!!!!! IMO sign ET and see what you get. He may feel at home being in Texas and may be lights out! Take a chance JJ!

Gary b

If a talent like him is being run off by two teams, that’s a definite red flag. One of the positive trends cowboys have been showing recently, is staying away from this type of signing/player. With alot of young impressionable players and this team trending up , would be very leery of adding him to that equation. Plus and maybe most importantly he is past his prime. If anything sign him for ONLY 1 yr then u can cut ur losses. This yr is feeling like it could be our best chance for a Super Bowl, so I say go for it sign him (at a reasonable price) for 1 yr only ! All this dependent on whether he is even cut to begin with.

Gary b

Okay didn’t click with me that we would inherit his big contract. Doubtful he would be willing to redo his contract and give up alot money (even for the cowboys). Armed with that knowledge it’s an emphatic NO especially at his age and with his baggage.


He was released by the Ravens. That contract is voided.

If anything, he might take less to play in Dallas since there was offset language in his contract with Baltimore, so he’s going to make his $10 mil this year, regardless.


Baltimore used language (“conduct unbecoming ….”) as their official cause for his release. They are going after the $10 million owed him.

Cowboys fan

If he’s cut we won’t be inheriting his big contract!! We can make him an offer at whatever price we want!! The only way we inherit his contract is if we traded for him and that’s not gonna happen!!
He’s been cut by the ravens now so either way we won’t have to inherit his big contract!!


Give him a one year deal for 2020-2021. See how it goes.

Darryl Turbeville

I say “Bring him On!. Too BIG of an opportunity to pass up!!!

H City

He is a local player. His favorite team growing up and even now is the cowboys. It’s like a dream come true for him. He will be on his best behavior because all his life he wanted to be a cowboy. I bet you his mother and the rest of his family are big cowboy fans. A black mother is a very powerful person in her son’s life. She will get him right.


Can’t believe there’s actual talk of not signing Thomas. He falls in the Cowboys lap for the 2nd time and they better get the BLEEP out there and get him. Its been 25 years people. This guy is a perennial all pro and one of the greatest safties to play the game. Ya hes acting up because he wants to be a COWBOY HELLO. He would bring GREAT leadership to this young defense and dare any WR to come a strolling across the middle.

Larry Johnson

Perhaps and I know this is reaching but maybe this has been his way of getting cut loose so he can be a cowboy. Everyone knows football contracts are team friendly and screw the players. And being a “problem “ in the locker room is a proven way of getting cut. So I’m just saying


High risk, high reward. I say let’s roll the dice and do it.


Lest we forget, the “bad terms” he parted ways with Seattle involved problems with money, not problems in the locker room. We can probably look at his issues with the Ravens as an aberration. The Cowboys have enough alpha dogs in the locker room to keep him in check (hopefully). Let’s do it!

Tommy Davis

Earl Thomas is 31 years old, has definitely lost a step, he’s too slow to effectively play the center field position in the secondary, is questionable as to whether he can play strong safety and has a terrible attitude which the Cowboys don’t need. Earl Thomas is not the same player as the Earl Thomas of yesteryear which also is a reason his past 2 teams cut him. The current crop of safeties the Cowboys have are pretty darn good, Woods, Dix, Worley, and Donavan Wilson who is going to be special.


One has to wonder,did he do whatever it took to get to the point where he can sign at will with his favorite team?


I dont see any problem with signing Thomas to a 1 year prove it deal. If he acts out again then you just release him. But if he plays up even close to the level in Seattle then its a huge reward for us

M Miller

Exactly. Simple, to the point. Contractual language to protect the team, and “Voila”, another piece to complete the puzzle.


Not certain I know what the Cowboys “should” do regarding signing Thomas, but I would suggest that if they do sign him, then despite everything they’ve said to date, they don’t like their current safeties. Why get this guy when 3 of your 4 safeties are already on one year deals? Add another to the mix, and whoever they cut will be whoever they never trusted to develop.

If you elect to sign Thomas, you do so with every intention that he starts. So now he’s blocking somebody’s development. I just hope it isn’t Wilson.

Hank Larison

He’s not a problem child. He left the Seahawks because they wouldnt pay him then flipped the coaches off on National TV after he was seriously injured. Can’t blame a guy for that. One fight w another player is going to happen as well. If the Ravens are letting him go because of that they are idiots. This guy is a stud and and wants to be in Dallas. Pull the trigger and sign him!

Gary b

The thing is he’ll probably want at least a 3 yr deal. With his age/injury history/baggage, I would be really hesitant to even give him 2 yrs and unless he gives the cowboys a
REAL sweetheart deal, wouldn’t sign him at all. There’s a reason why the Ravens were willing to cut him and absorb a 15 mil cap hit. By the way reports are that he was basically voted off by the players themselves…what doe’s that tell u? Do we want that around our team?


Take a flier on him, don’t think he’ll hurt us at all.. I think he can help us get back to the NFC Title game


I say get him superbowl


They have already dropped the ball with not signing Dak 2 yrs we have a chance at Earl again..We don’t know the particulars of what happened with that fight in practice at Bmore but we fo know we can surely use him.Jerry sign him to 1 year show us deal and evaluate him accordingly from there…don’t drop the ball again.

gary b

Think u guys trying to conveniently “explain” away his character issues are looking at it as a win at all cost situation. The Cowboys have been moving away from that philosophy, with good results recently and need to stick with that approach. Part of our past stumbles were Jerry impulsively bringing in guys for the wrong reasons, hoping he could “reform” them and the talent would fix everything. I disagree that the cowboys have enuf alpha dogs to keep him in check. This is a relatively young team that is beginning to assume a solid identity. Not sure we have the guys that could check him if he comes in acting like a punk. That crap worked in Seattle cuz Carroll ran a really loose ship, but we ain’t about that here. I don’t want him polluting this team/culture we are trying to build here in cowboy land, especially for 3 yrs. The Ravens let a so called talent like that go with NO compensation AND ate 15 Mil in cap space and he was voted out by his teammates….and that’s the type of player we want? If he wants to be a cowboy so bad. let him sign for a “prove it” year then go from there!


I think most the folks who are saying DAL should sign him are saying just that … a one year deal. Then re-assess. Many feel this is a Super Bowl or bust kind of year because lots of folks think Dak either sucks, or he may be gone. So many players on 1-year deals, etc. and if all those players play well and we win it all, most of them will want their $$$ and be gone (Prescott, Griffen, Clinton-Dix, Aldon, Awuzie, Lewis, Poe, Woods, Looney, and now even Thomas?).

I don’t think I want him signed, but if you told me today that the Jones’s don’t intend to keep these other guys around, then I might be inclined to say “go for it”?

Dexter Redd

Go get Earl Thomas he is a playmaker and top dog safety in the NFL. Let go Cowboys Superbowl bound let go!!!!!!

Rick Hayes

Earl is the talent the Cowboys need even for the young talent at the position. This guy is a game changer we need in our backfield in Dallas. He left Seattle over money… Come to Dallas Earl!

Todd Harris

I say sign him to a 1-2 yr team friendly deal. If he don’t want to, then don’t sign him. If he does, make him understand that he needs to outplay all the current safeties already on the team. His past accomplishments mean nothing today. If he beats them out, then it’s a win for the Cowboys. If he doesn’t, cut him and let him go

Gary b

Some people are just assuming he is coming to the cowboys. He’s a FA and will have other suitors throwing money at him. And players usually chase the money. I would not get into any kind of bidding war for him at all, nor would i sign him long term. How the cowboys play this could be very telling. In the past Jerry hasn’t been able to resist the risky but “shiny” new player. However lately cowboys have assumed a more intelligent /thoughtful approach. Let’s see which wins out in this case.


As for Jerry, this better be a call made by McCarthy! If McCarthy wants him, I’m okay with it … but if Jerry forces Thomas onto the roster against an opposing McCarthy … well, don’t get me started!

gary b

If he signs with us, doubt it’s because McCarthy wanted him…just my opinion. We already have A Smith who has a long rap sheet, Gregory who has been suspended several times, Elliott has been suspended and Trysten Hill who has had issues dating back to college. Can we stand to bring another into the locker room? This isn’t the 90s Cowboys who were a strong/tough veteran laden team that could absorb Charles Haley and his issues. This team is trending up in my opinion, and I wanna make sure it stays that way.


This team is eerily similar to those teams in terms of age and leadership (though not in the defensive side so much). But Haley was in Johnson’s hands and it didn’t matter what the team makeup was. If Jimmy wasn’t going to be able to make it work, he would recognize it and would have done something. Not sure McCarthy wields that power now, but I’m not concerned about Thomas infecting this team culture. If he doesn’t come in and get on board, he’ll just get cut again. It would be a mistake on Thomas part to come in here and think he’s the Alpha …

Mike Del Grosso

Back in the 90’s, when our Cowboys were winning Super Bowls, there was a STUD and PRO BOWLER safety named DARREN WOODSON. Nobody even close to his skills and talent on this current roster.
No brainer! Of course, you bring aboard Earl Thomas if you are serious about winning the Super Bowl.

Gary b

Our Leadership compares to 90s cowboys? That team had some very very strong personalities and veteran leadership, in addition to J Johnson who was no shrinking violet. Not sure who our strong leaders are per se. But who knows what went on behind the scenes there. I think Haley was bipolar but he helped the cowboys win two SBs and JJ was known to give his stars alot slack. Remember Irvin and the white house?

Gary b

If Thomas signs on for one yr McCarthy might agree to that. If he signs for longer than that, then Jerry J imposed himself and went back to the dark side. But the more rumblings I hear out of the Ravens (like how all the players hated Thomas) and McCarthy talking about “locker room chemistry” leads me to believe they take a pass on Thomas. But what do I know.

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