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Cowboys Players That Couldn’t be Stopped In Madden

With the cover of 23 being brought about this week with the legend John Madden recapturing the cover, his passing on December 18, 2021, shocked the world. Madden the game has always been my favorite game from when I was a kid to now. I still play the game in my free time.

Over the years, Dallas has had many players I enjoyed playing with online against others. I started playing madden when I was just a kid, around 7th and 8th grade. I knew plenty about the game of football, but not nearly as much as I do now. I have three players from around Madden 2007 to Madden 2022 that I had the most success using.

Terrell Owens

was incredible to use in the early Madden games. He was one of my favorites when he played for the Cowboys. Those early games had so many glitches that you could use to control the players.

Owens was one of the six wide receivers ranked 97 overall, the highest in Madden 2007. It was so hard to him. Every play I ran involved throwing the ball his way, and he somehow came down with it.

Dez Bryant 

I used in a very similar way to Owens when I played with him. I would take Bryant and move him to the slot on my game. Doing so would match up with the opposing team's lower-end . Bryant always seemed to get open.

I had four or five plays that I ran for him every time I was on . I even used him in some run plays. I loved being able to throw up the X every time I scored a touchdown with Bryant in Madden.

Tony Pollard

Madden 22, I use more than I use . Pollard fits with the scheme I like to run in the game. His catching is only a 68, but he has 93 speed and 94 acceleration. He is hard to catch when you get him into space.

Pollard has become one of my favorites in the game. I play mostly Madden Ultimate Team. You can level up a custom team with different tiered trading cards to the highest possible, competing against others online. My Pollard card is currently 99 overall, and he is so fun to play with. I can't wait to watch him in action this season with Elliott.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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