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Dallas Cowboys 2020 Training Camp Preview: Guard & Center

Perhaps no two positions on the ' roster are more blended than and . With several of our players have flexibility between both spots, which is a big part of the value to the team, we're going to cover them together in this next part of our series.


's last March was a true shocker. His recovery from the neurological disease that cost him the was one of the best stories of last year. We expected Frederick to be back even stronger and further removed from the issue in 2020.

But Travis decided to move on from football and left the Cowboys with a major hole to fill on the . There's also the ongoing question mark on at ; is the 2018 2nd-round pick really the long-term answer there?

Thankfully we still have as the ever-steady presence at and perhaps the single best player on the entire Dallas roster. He does a lot to keep things solvent in the middle of the offensive line even when there's uncertainty and issues elsewhere.

Dallas doesn't lack for options in 2020 as they try to solidify the other two spots and their interior line depth. They've recently invested draft capital in and , plus paid to keep and . These moves will make for some competitive and intriguing training camp battles.

Connor McGovern
Dallas Cowboys G Connor McGovern

Guard Pre-Camp Rankings

  1. Zack Martin
  2. Connor Williams
  3. Connor McGovern
  4. Adam Redmond
  5. Cody Wichmann

Center Pre-Camp Rankings

  1. Joe Looney
  2. Tyler Biadasz
  3. Adam Redmond
  4. Marcus Henry

Interior O-Line Competitions

Connor Williams is practicing but not at full speed as he's eased back in from ACL surgery. Williams tore the knee ligament in last year's game and went on . This has created 1st-team rotation right now between him and Connor McGovern during practice.

Even if WIlliams was fully healthy we might still be seeing this rotation and a competition between the two Connors. It was rumored last year that if McGovern hadn't had his pectoral the coaches were considering him to start over Williams, or at least get a real crack at the job.

Williams shouldn't be dismissed, though. He's only entering his third season and has been transitioning from a college to a guard during these first two NFL years. It is more likely that he will keep the job to start the season, but with McGovern not far from getting a look if Williams struggles.

Joe Looney is starting camp as the 1st-team center, which was the expectation since Frederick's retirement. He performed adequately in 2018 as the starter and was good enough to help Dallas make the .

Still, rookie Tyler Biadasz is an intriguing option. Had he been drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round he would be seen as a more legitimate contender to the job, and there are many who feel that he was a steal when Dallas got him in the 4th Round. It might be harder for Tyler to take on the job right away given the impact on rookies, but he could also threaten the starter throughout the seson.

There's little doubt in the top-five players to make the Cowboys' roster at these positions: Martin, Williams, Looney, McGovern, and Biadasz. Dallas may not keep more than those five for interior line depth, especially with Offensive Tackles , Cam Erving and all having some position flex of their own.

One guy who could press the issue is Adam Redmond, who's been with the Cowboys for two seasons as a versatile G/C backup. With a mostly-new offensive , and particularly , you never know what a fresh set of eyes might see in players that the last staff didn't.

Also in camp this year are G Cody Wichmann and C Marcus Henry.  Wichmann was on the 2018 and then injured reserve last year. Henry was added to Dallas practice squad last October after he was cut by the Seahawks.

While both of these guys don't feel like more than camp bodies right now, I go back to my point about Redmond and the new coaches. Who knows what one of these guys could do to impress and make a surprising surge up the ?

That said, the safe money is on the aforementioned top-five players. Hopefully, those battle produce a strong starting three and solid depth to help the Cowboys compete in 2020.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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